1. M

    LDAP JSONSchema.pm

    Hallo, wir sind gerade dabei, PMG zu testen. Bei der Einrichtung "User Management" -> "LDAP" ist uns aufgefallen, dass es einen Fehler gibt, wenn wir unter "EMail attributes name(s)" ein Attribut mit "-" im Namen eintragen. Die genaue Fehlermeldung: ------ Parameter Verification failed. (400)...
  2. A

    Privileges propagation question

    Hi :) I have a noobish question about the propagation of privileges. I'm curious as to how it's currently implemented and if i'm doing something fundamentally wrong. I use LDAP and let's say i have three groups in LDAP, lets call them Admin , SemiAdmin and Developer for the sake of clarity...
  3. A

    How to configure HTTP PROXY for connecting to LDAP server

    Hi Community, We are trying to setup an LDAP server as a authentication source in PVE 8.0.4. The LDAP server is hosted on cloud and the PVE server doesn't have access to reach the LDAP server directly. We have configured an HTTP_PROXY under Datacenter > Options > HTTP Proxy on the GUI but...
  4. I

    using Proxmox VE as a cloud computing platform ?

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing grate. This is the second time I visit the forum for a last 13 years :) .Why, because long time ago I install Proxmom 1.3 cluster with a few nodes and it running well even now. I provide kind of "hosting service" for a local company and they keep data on my...
  5. I

    [SOLVED] ldap authentication fails (added '@pmg' suffix)

    i have my quarantine authentication configured to use LDAP or Ticket, and setup an LDAP backend (without groups). When I click on "Users of 'myldap'" in the Configuration/User Management, i can see all the users in a table DN Account Primary Email...
  6. F

    PBS 2.4 + LDAP with User Filter: TASK ERROR: filter parse error

    Hi, i tried to use a user filter at ldap configuration. https://pbs.proxmox.com/docs/user-management.html#ldap / https://pbs.proxmox.com/docs/configuration-files.html#domains-cfg states this would be a normal ldap search filter. when I am searching for Users with attribute accessTo=pbs-host...
  7. I

    Möglicher LDAP Bug in PVE 7.4

    Hallo, ich habe heute ein merkwürdiges Verhalten festgestellt, als ich eine Änderung in der LDAP Konfiguration gemacht habe. Der "Base Domain Name" wurde in eine andere OU geändert, also: ou=peng,dc=bla,dc=blub geändert in ou=tralla,dc=bla,dc=blub Wie sich herausstellte konnte Proxmox...
  8. D

    LDAP for admin users?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting LDAP auth working for admin users? (not just the Quarantine) I've been searching in vein for a couple hours now with out much success. (I have LDAP configured and users are showing up under the LDAP config)
  9. Z

    How to bounce unknown recipient / alias

    Hi - I'm trying out PMG with on-premises Exchange prior to a potential production deployment. Please excuse newbie questions... Is it possible to bounce incoming mail for unknown Exchange/AD recipients and recipient aliases BEFORE any spam processing (with an 'unknown recipient' message)? And...
  10. J

    2FA TFA LDAP funktioniert kurz nach Einrichtung und einen Tag später nicht mehr

    Ich habe aktuell folgendes Phänomen, ich habe eine Nutzerauthtentifizierung per LDAP eingerichtet was auch problemlos funktioniert. Nun wollte ich den Login weiter absichern und 2FA aktivieren was in erster Linie auch funktionierte .. also im Endeffekt 2FA angelegt über "totp" und den dann im...
  11. T

    Konsole wenn User mit LDAP angemeldet ist

    Hallo zusammen, sobald man über das LDAP Login angemeldet ist, kommt man nicht mehr auf den Nodes in die Konsole. Vermutlich da der User nicht auf der Linux Umgebung existiert. Gibt es hierfür ein Best Practise/Workaround (Damit man auch seine LDAP User in Linux nutzen kann?) Vielen Dank im...
  12. X

    how to LDAP cached db-files automatic cleanup ?

    the LDAP entries are synced hourly - the result is in cached db-files in /var/lib/pmg ('users', 'dnames', 'groups', 'mails', 'accounts', 'memberof') there are too many files here and i have free space problem I do not use a very large structure How can I clean this place automatically I am...
  13. S

    Mail Gateway tmp.db file about

    Hello there, What data does the accounts , names , groups , emails, member of, users files hold? I want to delete them, is it a problem? file extension is .db the directory where he put the file is /var/lib/pmg/ldapdb/ Mail Gateway versions : 6-1-3 Thanks
  14. T

    [TUTORIAL] Configuring FreeIPA LDAP server with Proxmox

    Hi, I was not able find on step by step tutorial on setting up the LDAP authentication for FreeIPA so I am writing this guide for someone like me who is unable to find the guide for this. Please feel free to add anything that I am missing. Step 1: Go to Datacenter -> Realms -> Add -> LDAP...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Evaluierung PMG

    Wir evaluieren gerade ProxMox Mail Gateway, um von MDaemon umzusteigen und scheitern noch an an der Übergabe des AD-Users via ldap. Lt. syslog wird am Ende immer noch ein @pmg an den AD-User angehängt. Eingabe: rp01 --> Systlog: user=rp01@pmg msg=no such user ('rp01@pmg') Eingabe...
  16. M

    Proxmox LDAP / AD with Azure

    Good morning, I have been trying to connect our Proxmox VE cluster to our LDAP service from Azure for a few hours now. The following problem has arisen, I am entering the data correctly, server & port are correct as well as SSL enabled. Under Sync options I have defined a bind user...
  17. M

    Proxmox LDAP / AD mit Azure

    Guten Morgen, ich versuche jetzt seit einigen Stunden unser Proxmox VE Cluster mit unserem LDAP Dienst von Azure zu verbinden. Folgendes Problem ist dabei entstanden, ich trage die Daten korrekt ein, Server & Port sind korrekt sowie SSL aktiviert. Unter Sync options habe ich einen Bind User...
  18. L

    Virtual users / mailbox aliases and PMG

    How does PMG handle virtual users and aliases? I've got PMG in front of Postfix. Postfix is looking up domains, users and aliases in MySQL. When domain is added in MySQL, I also add the domain in PMG with an API call to /config/domains. Does/can PMG know about the alias...
  19. H

    [TUTORIAL] How to join a Proxmox cluster to an Active Directory Domain

    This tutorial will walk through the steps necessary to join your Proxmox server to Microsoft Active Directory on a Windows 2019 Server. You will be able to sync your users and groups into the Proxmox Permissions Panel in the GUI, and log into the web console with active directory credentials...
  20. Q

    Active Directory Sync - user & group filter format?

    Hello, i am trying to figure out which format the "User Filter" and "Group Filter" of the Sync Option in the Active Directory integration should be!? I tried to define as DN notation, the official LDAP notation, also only define the an "objectClass", but nothing will accepted. The following...


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