1. K

    [SOLVED] Trouble enabling IOMMU on Asus WS C422 with Xeon W2145 CPU

    Greetings from a newbie in Norway! I'm having a hard time enabling PCIe passthrough on my ASUS WS C422 motherboard with a W2145 CPU. I've followed the steps in the guide here , but no dice. VT-D is enabled in the BIOS. When I run: dmesg | grep -e...
  2. V

    Can't passthrough a Firewire/SATA PCI card to Windows 7 VM

    Hi! So as the title says I'm trying to passthrough the PCI card to a Windows 7 VM. This card has both a Firewire controller as well as a SATA one. I have the two controllers bound to vfio, IOMMU is enable, the drivers for the controller are blacklisted and I have followed the official tutorials...
  3. T

    IOMMU enabled but not detected

    Hello all. I just started tinkering with proxmox, and am trying to pass the integrated graphics to an Ubuntu VM. I can't quite get it to work, so I'd like some help troubleshooting what's wrong. This is running on a Minisforum TH50 (cpu: i5-11320h). Essentially, I've tried every method I can...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough issue

    I've been having this GPU passthrough issue with HP Proliant dl380 g9. The GPU is passed through to vm, but after installing drivers it either bootloops or freezes the guest. Both q35 and i440fx chipsets were tried. CPU is set in host mode. PSU's give sufficient power, server only consumes 250w...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Proxmox IOMMU Passthrough crashes host

    I am building a small home server with Proxmox. In my system i have installed: Asus A520m-k Ryzen 5 Pro 5650G 1x SATA Controller (via PCIe) 1x PCIe to M.2 Adapter with an NVME Drive Now I want to setup a NAS, where I want to virtualize TrueNas Core. I want to passthrough the SATA Controller...
  6. F

    PCIE Adapter despite no IOMMU

    Hey, I am currently running a Ryzen 9 5900x with a Asus X570 Steel Legend, which afaik does not support IOMMU Is it possible to pass through a gpu to a windows 10 VM using a PCIE x16 to usb adapter despite not having IOMMU? Thanks in Advance
  7. K

    IOMMU passthrough HDD

    Hi, I want to learn Proxmox. Did a fresh install to bare metal. Installation and VM creation are successful. Now, trying to Passthrough HDD to VM (Freenas installed). failed to make it work. I have gone through many tutorials, forums, etc to implement/configure IOMMU. But no success. Getting...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] PCI passthrough on old hardware, IOMMU shows enabled, but can't use it

    I'm pretty stuck here. I'm using old laptop hardware, with a i5-4200U, which does support VT-d and virtualization in BIOS, but i can't get it to work, while following the tutorial here: When I try to add a PCI device to a VM, i get this message "No...
  9. L

    Pci passthrough - iommu

    Hi, evaluates Proxmox but having some issue with passthrough devices. I have followed below instructions but once enabled the machine gets really slow. Webpage stops responding, can show login promt if not timed out, SSH barely works. Local login on machine works but is very slow. KVM uses 100%...
  10. E

    IOMMU issue Dell Inspiron 3880 Desktop

    Hello ProxMox community I am running ProxMox VE 7.1 on the computer below Dell - Inspiron 3880 Desktop 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700 Intel UHD Graphics 630 The Issue I am facing I have these steps to enable IOMMU 1. added the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT"="quiet intel_iommu=on" to...
  11. E

    IOMMU setup problems

    Hello, ProxMox community, The problem I have recently purchased a Converged Network Adapter (NIC) Intel 82576, and I am having problems setting this up. When I start up Proxmox, the computer isn't connecting to the internet. When I am in the BIOS, the NIC lights up as it's receiving data but...
  12. H

    Iommu ID persistence

    Hi all, Very sorry if the topic is already adressed (pun intended) I read the documentation of Iommu and this behaviour doesn't seems to be covered (or incompatible jargon) Is there a way to ensure that IOMMU device adress shifts along with hardware changes? IOMMU id's seems to be arbitrairy...
  13. D

    PCIe Passthrough

    I have seen the many threads but I promise I'm a special case here. I have Proxmox VE installed with ubuntu and windows VM which I have two different tasks. Long story short I can physically see my graphics card as a passthrough option but once I go to initialize the VM doesn't work. I have...
  14. T

    GTX 1050 Ti passthrough for Gaming / CUDA VM

    I want to make a VM on my Proxmox Server (Dell PowerEdge R720) that handles some CUDA computing pools that I participate in, and remote gaming when I am not home. I have managed to get the device passed through with everything working, however I have some problems so far. When using LatencyMon...
  15. D

    GPU PCIE Passtrough - Nvidia High Definition Audio Device available -> no Audio Device

    Dear Proxmox community I'm getting mad with my problem. Therefore I am now turning to the International Forum, in the hope that you can help me. I have the problem that I cannot get one of my Proxmox servers to output the audio signal via HDMI from a GTX1080TI graphics card connected via PCIE...
  16. D

    GPU PCIE Passtrough - kein Nvidia High Definition Audio Device im Gerätemanager -> Keine Audio Ausgabe über HDMI

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Gemeinde, ich beisse mir grad seit Tagen an dem o,g. Problem die Zähne aus. Kurz ein paar Infos zu meinem Vorhaben: Ich habe mir nun Proxmox auch auf meinem Hauptrechner installiert, weil ich es einfach praktischer finde in VMs mit verschiedenen Systemen arbeiten zu können...
  17. S

    Please Help with IOMMU

    Hello, I've been trying to get PCI passthrough to work in order to use my GPU in a VM. Im using an AMD FX 6300 cpu on a asrock 790GM-HDV MB. In my BIOS there is no AMD-V option but there is a Virtualization option that is enabled. I've looked everywhere and it seems like my CPU should have...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Configuring Proxmox for PCIE passthrough NVIDIA GeForce 9600

    Hiya Before I get too into the weeds.. I've been following various guides how to pass through graphics cards to windows VM .. some success but still getting this Code error 43 in Windows Device Manager. So before I go any further I wanted to check if anyone knew .. can I even use this card for...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] GPU-passthrough issue, stuck at: dmesg | grep -e DMAR -e IOMMU

    I've followed a youtube video, didn't work, and as I followed the wiki instructions slowly step by step I realized that the problem is that there's no DMAR-IOMMU output in dmesg. If i try "dmesg | grep -i dmar" there's no output If i try "dmesg | grep IOMMU" there's this output: [ 1.059328]...
  20. L

    Are these Problems a deathsentence for my motherboard? Proxmox 2080ti Passthrough on 9700k & Z370P-D3

    Hello everyone, i have been trying different guides (beginners guide on /r/homelab, craftcomputing, proxmox official) with my 9700k on a Z370P-D3 running a fresh proxmox 7.0.8 to pass through my 2080ti. However, proxmox still shows “No IOMMU detected, please activate it. See Documentation for...


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