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    Sanity check on Intel NUC

    Hi guys! I currently do my backups to a NFS share on TrueNAS. But since the TrueNAS also sits in my home, I cloud sync it up to OneDrive from there. In the future I would like to switch to PBS instead, mostly just for fun of trying out new things. I have an unused i5 8th gen NUC and was...
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    Installation on Intel NUC7i5BNK fails/crashes

    Hi folks, I am trying to install proxmox on a Intel NUC7i5BNK. I am booting from an USB stick and I do see the welcome page where I can choose between different installtion methods. When starting the installation, there are some messages on the screen and then suddenly the Intel NUC seems to...
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    Proxmox Rebooting constantly on BOXNUC7I5BNK i5 NUC

    Hi There, I instal proxmox on an Intel NUC BOXNUC7I5BNK i5. After running a few VMS i find the NUC get hot and reboots. I assume this may be a driver issue? Anyone been able to fix this?
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    Proxmox Connection error - Timeout

    Hello, I'm really newbie here. So I bought yesterday a Intel NUC NUC8BEH I installed Promox 8.0.2 but meanwhile the installation I got the first problems the Monitor was only flickering... Then I restarted the NUC and installed 8.0.2. so everything was running well then I logged into the...
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    For Best Performance - Proxmox Cluster with CEPH or ZFS?

    After months of planning, I came to a conclusion to assemble 3 Proxmox Nodes and cluster them together. I'm mostly interested in Mini-PC (NUC Style) with dual 2.5GbE LANs but after building 32 Core Epyc Proxmox Node, I'm known to the performance boost with actual server hardware. Anyway, I will...
  6. S

    micro server Cluster with Ceph

    Hi All I am working on a proof of concept for a micro hosting requirement. The client requires hosting of many small VM's, about 30-50 of 2GB of RAM each and 30GB of storage each. CPU and disk Load generated by these VM's are very low. They are looking to retire their two old Dell R540...
  7. G

    Übertragungsratenverlust zwischen zwei externen Festplatten (Windows 11 exfat => Proxmox ext4)

    Guten Tag liebe Community, ich habe mir vor ein paar Wochen einen Intel NUC mit 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD und einem Intel Pentium J5040 für meinen Homeserver gegönnt. Auf diesem habe ich Proxmox installiert und unter anderem einen LXC mit Plex. Des Weiteren habe ich zwei externe 2.5 Intenso...
  8. M

    Intel Nuc 10th Gen i7 + 2TB NVME initial setup suggestions

    Hi, I’ve just ordered an Intel Nuc 10th Gen i7 (6 cores) with 32GB of RAM and a 2TB NVME disk to build my fist proxmox VE box. I’m going to install as additional package also the backup server since I can’t use a dedicated hardware for it. I‘m thinking about adding in the next weeks an...
  9. S

    New Kernel PVE-5.15.30-2 breaks iscsi connections

    Hey, so because in the other thread no one was answering and basically ignoring this fact I have to reopen a new one. So: with the new Kernel PVE-5.15.30 my iSCSI Connections breaks and cant be revived. only the with the "old" 5.13.19-6 kernel my iSCSI connections are working. I have currently...
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    Problems with my new Intel Nucs

    Hey there, I´m using proxmox now quiet a while and im exited and very setiesfied with the product. Im using it at home for my HomeLab (currently 8-9 VMs, no LXC). I was so satisfied that I bought 2 new Intel Nuc10i7FNK2 with 32 GB RAM and a Patrio P300 (128GB). But on the new Nucs the Nucs...
  11. S

    Proxmox 7.1-10 slow ISO upload

    Hello everyone, as mentioned in the german forumm section here ( I have a network problem with my Intel Nuc and the Upload/Download Speed of my Nic. I tried to transfer a Windows Server iso and its super slow...
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    Proxmox super langsamer Upload

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir heute meinen alten Nuc (7. Generation) als Proxmox Server installiert. Der erste Linux Server funktioniert auch schon und alles ist super. Ich hab noch 2 Windows Server 2016 Standard Lizenzen und dachte mir ich installiere mir diese. Doch leider dauert der Upload...
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    Given my modest hardware, what is the best HA configuration?

    Hello. About a year ago I started using proxmox on a small and cheap intel nuc with 8 GB of ram. I was so pleased that I bought a more powerful and more capable nuc node to start a cluster. I quickly realised that there is little difference between 1 and 2 nodes: the limitations were roughly the...
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    Probleme bei der Konfiguration

    Hi zusammen, seit heute habe ich nach Empfehlung einiger Personen Proxmox auf meinem kleinen Heimserver laufen. Es handelt sich um einen Intel NUC 8 mit Core i5, 16GB RAM und einer 1TB WD Black M.2 SSD. Bisher habe ich immer Linux direkt darauf installiert und alle Dienste auf demselben...
  15. Q

    GPU Passthrough on NUC (Windows 10 VM)?

    Hi all, I have an Intel NUC running Proxmox 6.3-2 and I am trying to spin up a Windows 10 VM. Based on my research so far, it looks like I need to enable GPU passthrough if I want the Windows 10 VM to take advantage of the system's GPU. But this would effectively lock the GPU to that single...
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    Iommu in NUC Kit NUC6i3SYH

    Hi there i have intel nuc NUC6i3SYH witj i3 6100u and 12gb of ram im trying to activate iommu so i can share the intel 520 to container so it can uses the quick sync t plex transcoding i tried everything with no luck anone was able to do suck thing?
  17. C

    Proxmox on two disks

    Hey Guys I am really new to proxmox. And trying to figure all out. My plan is to install some lxc on my Intel nuc for my home needs. I've got a Intel nuc with 2x 250GB SSD inside. How do I get the most of it ? Ext4 will use only one disk? Xfs with raid 0 ? (I know if one disk fail all is...
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    Proxmox NUC 10 NIC Issues

    Intel NUC 10 10i3FNH I'm trying to install Proxmox on my Intel Nuc 10. At first, I was having problems connecting to the UI server, but after deeper inspection I have no internet access over ethernet. I believe this to be a problem with the NIC, because it's a problem when I also attempted to...
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    GPU Passthrough for Intel NUC7i7DNH1E

    Hello, I probably should have asked this before I put it into use. However, I sawa post on the Facebook group for Proxmox about passing through GPU for an Intel NUC setup. I have setup a Windows Server 2019 VM in Proxmox 6. The server is setup headless and something like 6 workstations connect...
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    Proxmox Server Hardware EPYC 3251?

    I was going to build a Proxmox server on a Supermicro 5028D-TN4T which utilizes the Intel Xeon D-1541 SoC chip. However I am considering a AS-5019-FTN4 or a AS-E301-9D-8CN4. Both of these utilize the AMD Epyc 3251 Chipset. I know the AMD is Newer, but the Xeon D-1541 is tried and true. I'm just...


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