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    Problems with Proxmox VE 8.1-1

    I'm not really looking for support here because I have everything working now with 8.0 and that's enough. I'm more writing as a 'bug report' of sorts. I have purchased a new box intended for use as a router/firewall/etc with Proxmox VE at the top level. i7-1265u, 64Gb DDR4-3200 RAM, 1Tb main...
  2. N

    Proxmox VE installer does not see SSD drives

    Hello, I want to try out Proxmox VE on a small Lenovo M900. I have my 64GB USB 3 stick flashed and all is good. The computer has two SSDs - one with Windows Server and one that's wiped (it had Ubuntu and I am able to boot just fine). The issue is that when I go to the actual installer, the only...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] On Proxmox Debian 11 guest net installer has no image

    I could not figure out which forum part to put this into. But when making a Guest where i put in the "debian-11.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso" there is no image when choosing either "Graphical Installer" og just "Installer" I need to run "debian-11.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso" for an alternative Debian...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] No VGA during installation on HP Z230 SFF

    Installer (Proxmox VE 7.1 ISO Installer) does not load on an old but working HP Z230 SFF. I've tried different vga=791 type of modes combined with or without nomodeset but nothing seems to work. I see the grub menu and then either nothing or X does not start. When I try to configure a custom...
  5. P

    Proxmox Installation schlägt zu Beginn fehl / Schwarzer Bildschirm

    Hallo zusammen, Ich bekomme Proxmox leider nicht zum laufen. Nach dem Installation-GUI, wo man die Installation starten kann, bleibt der Bildschirm schwarz. Es sollte auch nicht am Boot Stick liegen (Rufus und etcher habe ich beide ausprobiert sowie zwei verschiedene USB Sticks). Wähle ich...
  6. A

    Does the graphical installer support advanced ZFS setups for VDEVs and SPAREs?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to setup a new server containing 8 HDDs, of which 2 will be used as SPARE and 6 to create 3 RAID1 VDEVs added to one and the same pool in the end. The graphical installer is able to create ZFS with different RAID levels and seems to detect based on the chosen level and...
  7. C

    Keyboard and mouse input not working with PVE 7.0 Installer and HP iLO4

    Hi, I'm trying to install PVE 7.0 on a HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen8 with the iso mounted through the HTML5 console. I can start the insttaller fine but the mouse is really sluggish and as soon as I move my mouse outside the virtual console, I cannot interact with the installer anymore. So any mouse...
  8. A

    no network interface found with QLogic FastLinQ 41264

    Hello all, I tried today to install Proxmox Backup server on a Dell PE R740. It was my first try at it. It stopped wit 'no network interface found'. The server has a QLogic FastLinQ 41264 with two SFP+ ports and two Ethernet 1 Gg ports. The problem has already been reported for such cards with...
  9. H

    [SOLVED] Installer failure, "Installation aborted - unable to continue"

    We have a few Huawei servers (1288H V5) that was going to run Proxmox. However the installer 6.4 does not work on these. It ends with Installation aborted - unable to continue This seems to happen just before the Installer Gui is about to start. Searching the internet reveals this is a problem...
  10. S

    Proxmox VE with cryptsetup on ZFS

    Hello Proxmox friends, I created a installer script to (automatically) install Proxmox VE with cryptsetup on ZFS using debian live image and debbootstrap. You can find it here: Maybe it might be useful for someone here. Cheers, stackcoder
  11. X

    [SOLVED] Installer displays only upper left corner

    Hi, I am new to the whol vm and server world and need your help to get into it. When I am trying to install proxmox (6.1 and 6.2) I get a properly displayed install screen. When I chose install, the console opens up and does something. When it executes all prompts I get into the configure...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] PROXMOX INSTALL | error: unknown filesystem.

    Guten Abend, Ich habe mir am Gestrigen Morgen drei mal einen ProxMox install USB-Stick erstellt. Doch bei jedem mal, wenn ich in den installer booten möchte, werde ich in den GRUB RESCUE-Mode versetzt und mir folgendes angezeigt : 00...
  13. G

    Problems installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in KVM

    I have tried to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server in a KVM machine on a recently updated Proxmox 5.4 host, but after entering the IPv4 address manually, and hitting "Save" the installer instantly restarts. Tried different hardware configurations (E1000 vs. VirtIO-net, disconnecting the adapter...
  14. M

    Installer gives black screen after GRUB

    Hi, When I'm trying to install Proxmox on a new build (Fujitsu 3644-B motherboard, Intel i3-8100 Coffee Lake, 32GB ECC RAM, C236 chipset, Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics) it's giving me a black screen after the initial GRUB boot loader. I would expect there's some incompatibility with the...
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Bug in installer: Devices > /dev/sdz partition creation fail

    Hi, I have identified a bug in the installer: if the target device is > /dev/sdz, e.g. /dev/sdaa, the installer fails in the step to create partitions. Regards
  16. M

    Installer: Unable to get device for partition 1

    Hi As my small devhost I've choosen an Intel NUC 6I5SYH, because of its ability to have 32GB RAM. It seems ideal for my purpose. I have two disks in the box: One SME951 NVME SSD card and the other is a Samsung SSD HD. I want to install proxmox on the nvme card and use the SSD HD as my data...


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