instalation issues

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    Newbie on Proxmox

    Hello everyone. I would like to get started with Proxmox, but I have some doubts about the installation: - If I wanted to sell an HPE server (for a mid-range client, e.g., HP ML350 Gen10/Gen11, HP DL 380 Gen10/Gen11, HP ML 110 G10/G11), is there a list of compatible servers? I saw this list...
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    Proxmox Installation Issue on Dell R930 with H730P RAID Card.

    I have a Dell R930 server with 4x E7 8890v4 processors, an H730P RAID card (RAID disabled), and 512GB of RAM. I am trying to install Proxmox, but I am unable to get past the section shown in the attached image during both terminal and UI installation. Could you please assist me? I apologize as I...
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    Installation Fehlgeschlagen

    Hallo zusammen ich wollte Proxmox neu installieren und habe dazu im Internet nichts gefunden also habe ich das einzige erdenkliche gemacht und mit einen Boot Stick neu installiert nun ist mir aber klar geworden das ich denke einfach Proxmox auf das alte drauf installiert habe. Zunächst ich habe...
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    Resolution problem during installation Proxmox VE 8.1.

    Greetings everyone. I need help. Just readin some articles and not find to solve my problem. I have old server Supermicro X8DT3-F. When i start to install Proxmox via ISO, i have error resolution minimum 1280x1024. Trying another modes - nothing happens. Try add nomodeset to linux kernel...
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    Proxmox on a Dell Precision 7820 workstation

    Kinda new to Proxmox. Has anyone been able to get Proxmox up and running and storage configured on a Dell Precision 7820? I can get the OS installed with no problem, but the storage is my issue. I can't seem to get Proxmox to see my Intel VROC Raid 5 drive and if I try to use the drives...
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    Installing Proxmox V8.1 on Dell R720 Error pex-e18 server response timeout

    I am installing Proxmox on a Dell R720 and getting the error pex-e18 server response timeout after install on reboot. Does anyone have suggestions to fix this?
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    Vertical Only Mouse Movement on Proxmox 8 install on MBP 15" 2011

    Hello, I've been trying to install the v8 ISO onto my 2011 MBP 15" but when it comes to accepting the license agreement, I cannot get to scroll onto the accept button as the mouse only moves in the vertical direction. And to make it more confusing, I have to swipe on the trackpad horizontally to...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox 8 stuck on networking.service start on fresh debian bookworm

    Hello, I followed the wiki to install proxmox on a fresh debian 12. I was able to access webui and after the final reboot, it is stuck on "Job networking.service/start running". I had to remove quiet and add debug in grub boot. I have this error in the console : apparmor="DENIED"...
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    First time install. Cannot log in from browser.

    Built a machine for the purpose. ROG STRIX B550-F, Ryzen 7. First attempt to install I tried pve1.local for FQDN, and it gave me for an IP. Could not log in with browser. Did some research, got into the BIOS and enabled SVM, as default is disabled, and reinstalled Proxmox. For the...
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    Proxmox VE 7.4 (and prior) installation issues (Grub fails, no Web UI login)

    Hi, I have different problems with the Proxmox VE 7.4 installation on an Asus ROG STRIX B760-I GAMING WIFI with an i3-13100, 16 GB DDR5 Ram and a Samsung 980 PRO M.2 NVMe using an USB boot stick. I also tried all other proxmox versions down to 6.4 with the same or similiar issues described...
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    Proxmox instal error with Intel ARC A380

    Good day, Last several days I've been struggling to get proxmox installed. I chose the Intel arc a380 gpu for transcoding video streams, but so far it seems to be the problem. The error below seems to be the only consistent error that is coming up. I tried to find the solution on google but no...
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    Installation error - No Hard Disk found

    Hello, I am trying to install proxmox on Leonovo 7Y49 server with 2 harddisks. When I start installation I get error from proxmox window that there is no HDD. I tried to switch from RAID to AHCI but it didn't help. I am first time doing this.
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    Proxmox on R820

    Hello, I recently bought a server (R820) and when it was time to install the proxmox operating system it gave me an error, in the end I realized that I had used the rufus program and tried BalenaEtcher and after using it I I let open the installer and install it. But now it won't let me start...
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    First time install. Can’t connect via web.

    First and foremost, I appreciate any help you may give and please go easy on me as I’m a newbie and and trying to setup a homelab to learn more. Well, I haven’t even logged in yet and I’ve found a problem I do not know how to fix. This is a clean install on a clean drive. When I power on the...
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    proxmox installation issues on I9-11900K

    Hello all, and thanks in advance for any suggestions. Back in October I built myself a proxmox server using an I9 11900K on an ASUS z590-A gaming Wi-Fi, 128Gb oloy 3200 cl16 ram, 1TB intel 960 SSD, in a supermicro super chassis with redundant 1400W power supply's built in. I also have an Adaptec...


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