1. M

    Raid mit 6 HDDs

    Hallo ich habe folgende Hardware: AMD Epcy 7401P Asrock Rack EPYC d8 2t 8x32gb 2133 mhz RAM LSI 9361 8i 1GB 6x6tb Dell Sas 12G 7200rpm HDD Leider erziehen die Konfigs nicht die werte die ich gern hätte. 1: JBOD und ZFS Raid 5 -> 2GB Read 270MB Write 2: JBOD und ZFS Raid 10 -> 2GB Read 38MB...
  2. G

    Any easy way to spindown ?

    Hi, i'd like to know if there i any way to use spindown easily in proxmox ? I'm running a vm with TrueNAS and i gave him basically all my disk and the whole server at best consume 80w wich is quite a lot and i really want to try my best to drop down the consumption. But after seeing some article...
  3. L

    Best ZFS Configuration for 12 18 TB HDD Drives?

    I am thinking about what zfs configuration to use. I think RAIDz2 would be great because its 2 drives for tolerance, but some people were saying not to use it with more than 10 drives, do you think 12 drives would still be fine? Thank you!
  4. O

    Seagate tools (Seatools) bootable install

    Hello, my question is rearding installing seatools bootable in a vm and let it access/see HDD's. I have 2 zfs mirror pools where my vm's are installed, and one for the backups . i want to install seatools bootable but the problem is that it will only see the partition size i specify during the...
  5. K

    partition hdd directory

    Hello, I need help guys. I have a separate 500GB HDD drive, I created it as a Directory through the GUI in ext4, created one partition /dev/sdc1, but did not find how to make a second partition /dev/sdc2 in the GUI. Is it possible to split a 250GB Directory disk into 2 partitions and how to do it?
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Mount HDD nach Proxmox neu installation

    Hy Leute Hab mal eine kurze frage ich möchte Proxmox neu installieren. Hab alle VMs und LXC auf einem HW-HDD-RAID-10 der EXT4 formatiert ist gesichert. Hab den HW-HDD-RAID-10 über dir Proxmox GUI EXT4 formatiert und eingebunden. Proxmox selber liegt auf einem SSD-RAID-10 den möchte ich...
  7. N

    Forming a 10Tb WD Ultrastar DC HC330 hard drive (part: 0B42266 and 0B42305) in Proxmox does not work, but ,in Windows10 formatting works.

    I can't format my hard drive in proxmox. It gives an error (file attached below). The latest current version of the proxmox update has been installed. But when running in Windows 10 through the disk management partition, formatting in ntfs format works correctly. Files on the disk run without...
  8. C

    Unable to format the disk (and wipe the disk in proxmox)

    I am not able to use an enterprise hdd in my dell server. When I try to wipe the Disk through PROXMOX ui, I get this error. error wiping '/dev/sdg': 209715200 bytes (210 MB, 200 MiB) copied, 14.6273 s, 14.3 MB/s Server: Dell Power Edge r730XD Controller: HBA330 Version: Virtual Environment...
  9. S

    SMART error notification but no SMART error on test

    Hello, on my PVE I have a USB HDD connected for Backups, ISOs, Templates and such... I just replaced an old drive with a *brand new* 4TB Seagate BarraCuda HDD in an external (powered) USB3 enclosure. Today I received an email notification with the subject "SMART error...
  10. J

    How to configure ZFS, 3 drives total - 2 + 1 hot spare

    Hello, I am quite new to proxmox, but enjoying it so far. I currently have 3, 2TB SATA hard drives, and I'm trying to set them up in proxmox to be in a RAID where there are 2 main drives with 1 as a hot spare, so if 1 drive fails the hot spare will replace it until I get a new drive. So this...
  11. T

    Moving HDD from VM to container

    I have a HDD mounted to a VM (Plex server). I would like to re-create my Plex server as a container. When I set up a bind mount, rather than seeing my two folders - media_library and MetaData, I see: dump images lost+found private snippets template. The HDD is a directory in ext4. Here is...
  12. A

    New Drive shows the incorrect size

    I just bought a new drive the capacity is 12TB but the drive size shows 2.04TB. I am not sure if it's a hardware thing, I have a Dell Poweredge r410. Please help. // EDIT: It now is using GPT but still shows up as 2TB. //
  13. P

    [SOLVED] Disk Error?

    Hello, I use a MiniPC as a proxmox backup server. I have a 2.5 inch 128GB SSD connected via a USB3.0 adapter. The operating system is installed on it. And I have an 8TB USB hard drive connected for the backups. I know this is not the best solution, but it has worked for me for over a year...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Disk Problem?

    Hello, I use a MiniPC as a proxmox backup server. I have a 2.5 inch 128GB SSD connected via a USB3.0 adapter. The operating system is installed on it. And I have an 8TB USB hard drive connected for the backups. I know this is not the best solution, but it has worked for me for over a year...
  15. A

    Proxmox, Jellyfin with 1 boot SSD and 1 media HDD

    I understand most people care about backup, hdd failure etc. I will also care about those in future hopefully. For now, I just want to experiment an experience proxmox for 2 things as follows: 1) Have proxmox set up in ssd, all ISO, VM will be stored in the SSD. This part I think I can achieve...
  16. A

    Mdraid 10 / LVM / Ext4 vs ZFS Raid 10 with 4 HDDs (spinning disks)

    Hello everyone, We have a Raid 10 server with 4x 2Tb HDDs (spinning disks). The installation runs well with MDRaid 10 and LVM-Thin/Ext4. Overall, it's a static file server that's part of our CDN infrastructure. The question now is whether ZFS can take the place of MDRaid without compromising...
  17. P

    HDDs still spin down despite hdparm -S 0

    Hi there! I'm struggling with a recent issue. Apparently this hasn't been an issue before as the HDDs have been running 24/7 since I started running proxmox close to 9 months ago. My HDDs spin down after about 15 minutes of inactivity. This means they are spinning down and back up anywhere from...
  18. X

    Disk configuration for my new homelab

    Hello community, I am pretty new and noob to Proxmox and ZFS and trying to setup a new homelab. Here is my configuration for it 1xNVME 1TB 4xSATA HDD 4TB each CPU: 12th Gen Intel i5-12400 (12) @ 5.600GHz RAM: 64 GB (planning to upgrade to 128, but not in the nearest future) My motherboard...
  19. O

    Proxmox Host and Guest Freeze on High Guest IO

    I have a Windows guest (Windows Server 2022, also happened on 2019) with: 80GB of memory (Host has 128) 30 processors (2 sockets, out of 32 total) SCSI Hard Disk Attached (ZFS RAID 0 was configured on install, not after) Network Speed of ~20MB/s The guest works beautifully with everything else...
  20. M

    .tmp: Cannot open: Permission denied

    Hello, I tried to create a backup of all VM by adding an external USB HDD to the system, mount them at /media/backup. Afterwards I started the backup via GUI. I am able to see that the backup finished (it reached 100%) but afterwards the tmp file failed. INFO: 95% (171.3 GiB of 180.0 GiB) in...


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