1. best way to add different sized disks with 9305-16i hba to proxmox? disks not showing in vg

    Hey all, I played around with proxmox a bit and originally had my 6 disks which range from 1tb to 2tb to 10tb directly connected to the motherboards sata ports, and I was able to create vg's with said disks, in the gui it says " vgcreate sda /dev/sda error: Run `vgcreate --help' for more...
  2. SATA Passthrough without RAID Controller IT Mode

    Hello, it is possible without RAID Controller in IT Mode several SATA hard drives to a VM like Openmediavault? Would this work with a SATA adapter?
  3. LSI SAS9201-8i (SAS2008) passthrough to FreeNAS

    Hello everyone, I've been fighting this issue for the last day with no success. I've tried all of the methods I found in threads on this forum with no advances. I'm trying to pass an LSI SAS9201-8i card to a FreeNAS VM. I've set the VM to q35 mode, the card to pcie, and tried all combinations...
  4. HP MicroServer Gen8 LSI 9211 HBA Passthrough (Proxmox 6.2)

    Hello all, I’m new around here and new to Proxmox. Fantastic work by all those involved, keep it up! I have been scouring the Internet and in particular this forum and the Proxmox subreddit, but cannot find a definitive answer on how or if PCIe passthrough works on the HP Gen8 MicroServer. I...
  5. HBA Wechsel

    Ich möchte bei meinem System vom Onboard SATA Controller auf zwei H310 im IT-Mode wechseln. Ich habe zwei RAIDZ Pools mit jeweils 4 Platten. Lassen sich die in ZFS Pools befindlichen Platten am OnBoard SATA Controller einfach auf die H310 wechseln? Oder zerstört mir dies die RAIDZ Pools?
  6. ceph osd from Direct attached storage

    have anyone experiences (performance, etc) proxmox with ceph but osd disk, deliver from Direct attached storage via Host-Bus-Adapter thanks.
  7. Passing Though an LSI HBA to VM.

    I'm looking to pass-though an LSI HBA (the 9207-8i) to a VM. I already have everything configured as far as IOMMU groups, VT-d, enabling IOMMU within Proxmox, etc. It's all ready to go except the fact that Proxmox grabs the HBA when the OS starts and I need it to remain free. The Proxmox...
  8. HP DL380 Gen 8 HBA not seen

    I have two servers I am trying to get going but Proxmox does not display the drives attached to the HBAs. They show up fine in the bios and in windows. They each have 2 P420i's sas controllers, each with a single disk tray and 12 drives. Anyone know how to get these seen in Proxmox? Thank you
  9. P420i in HBA mode = no boot ??

    Hello, I have a DL360p with a p420i controller in HBA mode. The server no longer boot on the disks. How to make it boot on the disks? Thank you
  10. [SOLVED] Expanding Volume Passed to VM

    I have an Areca raid controller that I was going to pass to the VM, but I'm having issues with it the VM not being able to reboot because it isn't "releasing" the card. I am going to look into blacklisting it on the host to see if that makes a difference, but I thought, maybe I'd just pass the...
  11. Can't Access Drives on HBA

    Had a working setup of SNAPRAID on an older machine. The drives where attached to an LSI2008 card flashed to IT mode. I moved the all the drives and the HBA to a newer machine that had a clean install of Proxmox already on it. Issue is now Proxmox will not see the drives at all. I am able to...
  12. Thoughts please: pull our the RAID controller and use onboard SATA for ZFS?

    Hi guys, We are running Intel servers with server boards (Intel S2600WTTR) that have a RAID plugin card (Intel RMS3HC080). Currently running in HW RAID 10. On top of that we are currently running ZFS in RAID0 ('one disk'). However, I suspect some locking issues and I want to reinstall one of...
  13. NPIV and vHBA in cluster

    My customer requested to configure a VM in Proxmox in the way similar it is in POWER (VIOS/AIX) systems, mean, a virtual FC host bus adapter should be created over two physical links with it's own wwn that should be transparently presented to FC switching fabric. I've found only few pages where...
  14. Promxox4.4: QM Status - Stopped for Passthrough of IBM1015

    Hi Guys, I am trying to passthrough my IBM1015 to Freenas10, crossflashed to 9211IT-mode without any ROM. However, I am unable to start the VM and don't have any useful error messages: root@pve:~# qm start 100 root@pve:~# qm status 100 status: stopped Syslog gives me: Feb 10 20:44:12 pve...
  15. PVE 4.2 ZFS RAID-10 or RAID-Z2 grub failure

    Hello folks, We are fighting to install PVE 4.2 on a brand new Supermicro with HBA and 5 SAS disks installed on It. Configuration is quite straightforward and all disks are seen at install time. First goal was to configure PVE on 4 disks in RAID 10 ZFS : I selected the four target disks and...
  16. General question on FC HBA

    Hi everyone I'm sorry that I'm asking this question in this forum, but I don't know where else I could get a answer to my question. I'm a newbie to FC HBA but we just got many servers from our clients that won't be used anymore. I wanted to build a SAN with 3 proxmox nodes. My questions are...
  17. Possible missing firmware for qla2xxx on Proxmox VE 4.1

    Hi: I have searched the forum, but couldn't find any post related to my problem on Proxmox VE 4.1. After installing Proxmox VE 4.1, I ran apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. During the upgrade process I received the following message: "Possible missing firmware...


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