1. T

    JBOD HBA pci passthrough crashes host

    I have an older server: supermicro motherboard x9drx+-f that I'm running proxmox on. I have a similar older jbod that is connected via an adaptec 8405 raid controller. I'm attemping to pass the JBOD to a TrueNAS VM on the server using PCI passthrough but when I start the VM it crashes the whole...
  2. S

    Persistent HBA Error Logs on Two Nodes - Seeking Assistance

    Hello everyone, I'm encountering an issue with two of our nodes that both use the same Host Bus Adapter (HBA). Recently, they have begun to consistently log error messages, which are cluttering the journal. Here are examples of the repeated error messages: ``` Apr 04 02:28:05 pve kernel...
  3. S

    Boot Probleme mit H220 HBA Karte

    Ich habe einen DL380p Gen8 HP Server mit einer H220 HBA Karte verbaut, da ich meine Festplatten direkt ins Betriebssystem durchreichen möchte. Das installieren von Proxmox im zfs RAID 1 funktioniert ohne Probleme. Es werden auch alle Festplatten erkannt, jedoch wenn ich den Server anschließend...
  4. S

    ZFS Offline Every Reboot

    Good afternoon! I am fairly new to Proxmox, and ZFS in general. I went through configuration the other day on the latest available version of Proxmox (8.1.3) and have been having an issue at every boot. It seems that the ZFS pool I created goes "suspended" once the system is rebooted. The Pool...
  5. N

    “DXE--Legacy OPROM Initialization..”

    I am trying to use Proxmox with an HBA for PCIe pass through (TrueNAS). I configured the BIOS according to this guide, got Proxmox to work, added my first two drives to the HBA, and could see and add data to them. After I added my remaining 4 drives, it outputs: Asmedia sm1064/116X Sata...
  6. O

    PCIe Passthrough & IOMMU issues

    Hi all, first off, I'm a noob and gradually learning this stuff, so thank you ahead of time for your patience and help with getting me through this Secondly, I promise I've spent days researching the answers myself before creating this thread. I've followed the guides, the official docs and I...
  7. W

    First installation - storage best practice for OS, VMs and Data in one server

    Hi there- this is my first Proxmox install, so maybe one of you could give me some guidance or point me to a good resource concerning storage organisation. I researched it but did not come to a full conclusion yet: So I am about to get a decent server with at least 8x SAS/SATA in HBA mode (no...
  8. W

    downsides of using Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 in HBA mode - ZFS

    Hi peeps, I want to setup a new Proxmox machine and I am looking at buying some refurbished HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 which sports a Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 RAID controller. I plan to use ZFS as base file system and read that the said controller takes the role of a HBA for all non-RAID...
  9. H

    Need Help Optimizing NVMe SSD Performance on Proxmox

    I have a setup that I believe should be capable of much higher read speeds than what I am currently achieving, and I'm hoping the community can help me troubleshoot and get the most out of my hardware. Here are the details of my setup: Hardware: HP ML350 Gen10 CPU: Xeon 3106 1.7GHz (single...
  10. G

    Stuck at EFI stub

    Hi everyone, I've been using Proxmox for a few years now and I've been extremely happy with it. I'm making a new deployment on a Dell Poweredge r530 Server and I'm having some strange problems. I had previously used Proxmox 7.4 with no issues at all, however a fresh Proxmox 8.0 install is giving...
  11. U

    Configuration HBA SAS FlashSystem 5015

    hello gentlemen, I have an SR650 V2 server connected via 2x SAS/HBA cables to each node of an IBM FlashSystem 5015. I do all the storage configuration, making the volumes available to the host (SR650), but it is showing duplicate volumes: What configuration should I perform to recognize in...
  12. I

    Netapp HBA support

    Hi, I'm running a single Proxmox server. It's a HP 380 Gen 9 with the latest BIOS. Now I got my hands on a NetApp shelf, with HBA and QSFP cables to hook it up. HOWEVER. Whenever I try to boot the server with the HBA installed, it goes no further then "initialising RAMdisk" The Server does go...
  13. M

    Mini-ITX motherboard & HBA not seeing all ten Sata ports

    Hi all, I'm building my second (mini-ITX) node to replace my old NAS. But having a problem with the Gigabyte B550 Aorus elite ax v2 only recognising five of the ten Sata ports on my HBA, and oddly the onboard Sata is not seeing HDs also with the HBA installed. ELIATER PCIe SATA Card 10 Port...
  14. Z

    Proxmox boot stuck on: "mpt3sas_cm0: overriding MVDATA EEDPTagMode setting"

    Hello everyone, I am running Proxmox VE where I virtualized Ubuntu Server LTS 22.04 and TrueNAS Scale as VMs and everything was working fine. Recently, I have decided to add 4 more disks to my pool via HBA which is LSI SAS 9300-8i. After the upgrade, the boot load starts and gets stuck with...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] - Replacement HBA 9300-16i not showing disks to Proxmox host

    Hi All, I have already resolved my issue but I am just doing this post to show how my mindset at the time steered me down a rabbit hole of brute-force clicking and how a simple command highlighted the problem TLDR; before rage-clicking firmware on your newly installed mystery HBA you got from...
  16. R

    HBA Mode not S.M.A.R.T

    Hello, I have a HP Proliant DL360 Gen9 with a HBA 240 card in HBA mode, with HP Enterprise SSD disks, but i dont get the S.M.A.R.T. options? anybody a idea?
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Proxmox with HBA installed doesnt list Internal Nic in "ip a"

    So i have scoured the web for hours looking for my problem and i find things that are close but not clearly the same. Im seasoned in linux but its still a bit foreign to me so please forgive me. Anyway, as the title states, When I install my HBA (LSI 9210-8i with FW P20 IT), I lose integrated...
  18. D

    Recommended way to use a HBA/SAS Expander in LXC

    I have been trying the past week to move most of my VMs over to LXC since they all run Linux anyway. The only thing I'm struggling with is finding a easy solution to pass through my SAS expander or the block devices directly to the container so I can do all the mounting in there. Obviously with...
  19. Z

    Proxmox goes offline when passthrough of HBA card to VM is applied

    Hello, I am using Proxmox VE v7.2.3 and I want to passthrough a PCIe RAID Controller Card (LSI MegaRAID SATA-SAS 9260-8i is the card in question, to be exact) with two 12 GB Ironwolf NAS drives. When I tried to passthrough this card to my TrueNAS Core VM, the whole Proxmox froze and went...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] PCI-E pass though crashing system

    My Truenas core vm is crashing when I try to pass my HBA to it. Both Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d is enabled in the bios. I've gone through all the whole of 10.9: https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/pve-admin-guide.html#qm_pci_passthrough root@BarryProxmox:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve...


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