hardware for proxmox

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    Hardware für VM

    Hallo zusammen, ich auf dem Thema VM ein Frischling, möchte mir aber einen kleinen Server zulegen. Auf dem Server sollen dann ca. 10-15 CT`s und 10 VM`s laufen. Nun habe ich da aber ein paar Fragen zu benötigten Hardware: Welchen Prozessor? Ich würde zu einem AMD 6800U tendieren, da dieser...
  2. F

    modern NVME like Corsair MP 600 pro

    Hello everyone, I am inquiring about the nvme capable of supporting VMs on a ZFS Pool. The general advice is to favor enterprise ssds instead of consumer ssds. However, when we look at the characteristics of recent modern consumer SSDs, we realize that their performance reaches or even exceeds...
  3. V

    AsRock B660 with i7-13700

    Hey guys, just a new build today DeskMini B660 Series with 65W CPU: i7-13700 without K Stuck at the install PVE, only works well on ubuntu 22.04 USB Stick installer Kenel 5.15.74-1 Graphic Card A780 lspci | grep VGA 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device a780...
  4. Y

    Physical and logical set up for PBS

    Hi, I am setting up my Proxmox environment. Was thinking of the below: Proxmox VE server i7 & 32GB Ram / 1x 256 M.2 SSD LVM Cache / Software raid: 2 x 6TB 7200rpm desktop 3.5" disks (mirrored) - LVM ext4 / 1x512 M.2 SSD ext4 for VMs Options: Run PBS as a VM on the i7 and use a Raspberry Pi /...
  5. A

    Rack server - What is your advice?

    hello, I have a proxmox server that works really well and I would like to consolidate my virtual machines on a new server. basically, i have: - A FW - Odoo server - UCS/AD server - nextcloud server - Proxmox backup server A remote storage server in Iscsi (2*10Gbe UTP ) I would like to use a...
  6. T

    HomeServer - Hardwareberatung

    Hallo, Ich möchte mir gerne für Zuhause ein ProxMox-System als NAS und für einige Hobby-Programmier-Projekte (Student) einrichten. Da ich bei dem Thema ProxMox neu bin und mein Budget leider sehr limitiert ist, möchte ich um Rat fragen, damit ich mein Geld nicht falsch ausgebe. Budget ist...
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    Environement and hardwaresetup

    Hey there, i am new to proxmox and also serverstuff and i like the idea to virtualize environments. Actually i try to build(program) a system with the ability to grow fast as hell. To do that i need a Hardwaresetup which is known kompatible ( also PCIe ) with Proxmox. My biggest wish would be...
  8. 2

    [10 GBit/s firewall] [Workstation] is proxmox for me? Is the build adequate?

    Hi there I'm planning to build a new rig that combines a couple of machines, mainly a firewall and a workstation. I plan to run the following VMs: OPNsense as 24/7 firewall with 10 GBit/s on the WAN side. I'd like to have 10 GBits for the VMs as well and 1 GBit/s for internal physical...
  9. J

    Best Setup for ZFS

    Hello everybody, i am currenlty planning a new Proxmox Host and i am unsure about the best setup. I have an 8 Core AMD Ryzen System (3700x) with 64 GB RAM (i could upgrade it 128 GB when needed). It will run about 4-5 Debian based and 4-5 Ubuntu based virtual machines and containers. I can...
  10. A

    Hardware Compatibility

    QQ... new to proxmox and was wondering if there was any sort of HCL for motherboards and network cards... Want to make sure what i am building will work with proxmox.
  11. J

    Hardware for proxmox VE

    Hello, I planned to start virtualization in few days - weeks in my company. 1 VM Windows RDS for around 20 clients 1 VM Windows for BDD 1 VM Active Directory 2 VM Debian with postfix and Kaspersky for linux mail server 2-3 VM for test I planned 4 x...
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    extending proxmox cluster and moving to ceph

    We have small cluster based on 10 servers and 2 storages We are planning to add 8 node supermicro (https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/system/4U/F618/SYS-F618R2-RTN_.cfm) it will act as ceph server with 2 major pools: pool fast based on pcievnme for VM,sqlDB, (based on 4tb 2.5ssds ) another...
  13. T

    Ready for Prox Mox...not sure what to do!

    Hello everyone. I had the oppurtunity to finally upgrade my aging work stations for myself and the wife and withj System 76 and I have a Meerkat and Thelio on the way! That being said, I now have 2 desktops with fully operational hardware that I want to either combine into one Prox Mox server...
  14. Quad

    Best option for getting HA to work across two servers?

    Hi, I recently scored a good deal on two used Fujitsu TX100 S3p servers. I seem to remember Proxmox supporting the use of a quorum disk to replace the third required node in a cluster so I wanted to set these two servers up as a HA Proxmox cluster with external iSCSI storage. However the...
  15. F

    Mini computer to create home virtual lab?

    Hi all, I am not an expert in this world, and I would ask you a little suggestion about the choose of right hardware platform to create a small virtual home lab to run some Virtual Machine. At the moment I do not think more than 4/5 VMs at the same moment. Typically 2/3 VM. I have seen on-line...


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