hard disk

  1. [SOLVED] Move hard drive instead of a backup (zfs)

    Hello, I have an LXC which contains emby (4T of files) on an 8T hard drive in ZFS. I plan to change servers. Having no other storage medium as large, is it possible to physically move the hard drive to the other proxmox server and reassemble the LXC. Thank you, J Julian
  2. Can't create VM - Storage not available

    Hi, I'm trying to create a new VM, when Hard Disk tab is shown, Storage dropdown doesn't show any storage available: Can you help me about this issue? Thanks!
  3. How to?

    Hey! i am new to proxmox, and i had 2 questions! How to acces your mobo bios when running promox? How to run raid in proxmox? (raid1) thanks!
  4. Storage Help - Proxmox Newbie

    Hi all, Extremely new to proxmox and have never really used Linux before. I've got two physical machines that I've put together in a cluster, although when configuring them I've accidentally put one on ZFS storage and one to whatever the default is. I've been able to setup vms on my server...
  5. Migrate proxmox os to annother hard with dfferent size and raid configuration

    Hi I want migrate my proxmox os from raid 0 hard to another hard with raid 5 , i cant find any solution in your documentationn , what is best safe way for migrate os to another hard thanks
  6. [SOLVED] The installer could not find a supported hard disk (Dell R620 / H730 PERC Mini)

    I have tested out Proxmox (most recent release) using nested virtualization and now want to test it on a physical node: a Dell R630 server which has a SATA and 2 SAS drives installed. I create a bootable iso on a USB drive (DD mode) and booted to this and then selected the option to install but...
  7. Possible issues due to DM-SMR in recent WD, Seagate, Toshiba drives

    Perhaps this is already old or known news for several people but I thought I should share this news, as I now that many people are using WD Red drives for data storage in Proxmox. I also know that it's mostly related to the consumer line, but still. As mentioned in the bug report from...
  8. HDD activity excessive SDB and SDC always reads and write

    I am using the most current version of PM and everything was fine until last night I am using ZFS on two 8TB HDD (mirrored) I woke up this morning and the HDD activity light on my computer is solid I checked netdata and this is what I see No VMs are even running I am not sure what happened...
  9. resize disk

    I have a VM whos current disk size is 200Gb can I select the VM then select Harddisk and resize Disk to add 200Gb more. it that all there is to it or do I need to perform other step also Keith I am of course cloning the VM first
  10. ideal storage for proxmox os and ceph mon (not to overspend it)

    hii all. i am in the process of getting new hw and go to ceph storage i think my hardware will be based on 5 nodes each with with 3x pcie-nvme and 10x 2.5 ssds each the ssds 2.5 will be used for mostly read intensive access and the pcie-nvme will be used for os\sqldb and lxc containers...
  11. Proxmox Festplatten durchreichen und Serverhilfe

    Hallo, ich werde mir nächstens einen neuen Server bauen. (AMD Athlon 200GE, ASUS Prime A230M-K, 8GB RAM, 230GB M.2 SATA SSD) Ich möchte zusätzlich noch 3 Festplatten anschließen, die in einem SnapRAID laufen, um meinen aktuellen Datenserver zu ersetzen Letztens habe ich mir auch einem Computer...
  12. How to spin down temporarily unused hard drives

    Hi there, I have a small home server with 5 hard drives. 4 of those just contain movies and since I just watch a couple of movies per week it would be ideal to shut the drives down when they are not in use. From what I read, the problem is pvestatd which spins the drives up right after they...
  13. Changing default cache mode for new hard disks

    I recently learned that using a glusterfs storage backend requires the virtual hard disks to have some cache mode other than "No cache". Is there any way to overwrite the default PVE settings to ensure that every new hard disk is created with cache mode (i.e.) "Write through" instead of...
  14. [SOLVED] Migration from esxi

    Hi, Next week i planing to migrate my esxi server to proxmox. I find a guid for this: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Migration_of_servers_to_Proxmox_VE Now i install a test system to a not used server to try how can i migrate all the vms-s from esxi to proxmox. I stuk at hard disk part. I...
  15. Problems understanding HDD sizes

    Hi to everyone, I had to admit that I am quite new using Proxmox. So far I've configured it and it's been running for a while. In fact, I have 2 servers running Proxmox separately. In the first one I use ZFS as a filesystem. In this case I have 2 x HDD (750GB each) on raid-1. The main thing...


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