1. T

    Seeking support for using qm create and specifying a bridge

    Hello Proxmox team, I have been trying to provision a VM to use a network bridge all evening unsucessfully. The following commands create a working VM that is configured via cloud-init. This works great and the VM starts up just fine. However, the `/etc/resolv.conf` file contains a nameserver...
  2. D

    Local DNS Resolver and Error releasing spam

    Hi all, I followed the article here: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/how-to-local-dns-resolver-for-proxmox-mail-gateway.41189/ And it seems to be working OK, but when I go and release a spam message, I get an error delivering to the end host. If I switch back my resolvers back to my...
  3. M

    Node no longer resolves

    Hello- To make a long story short, I completed some updates on my nodes the other day. When the updates were complete, they suggested a system reboot so I completed that as well. Now, my main node no longer resolves correctly. It can ping internal and external clients just fine, but only if I...
  4. K

    apt-get update in CT returns temporary failure

    I have debian 9 CT and when I try to update, or download something it fails. due to Temporary failure resolving 'security.debian.org' ... people seems to think that is DNS error. I had my domain as search domain from installation of PVE. So I kept searching and found article but I do not...
  5. M

    Proxmox pveperf ext DNS performance

    Running pveperf I get I get DNS EXT 181 ms. However doing ping to external DNS gives 2.40 ms. Any idea where comes the difference ?
  6. M

    ipv4 dns being dropped with ipv6 enabled

    Having a strange error where the ipv4 dns settings are being forgotten and just left with ipv6? I have to then add the ipv4 address back in before updates work again. ipv4 and ipv6 work fine on the vms, its just Proxmox that loses it. im on pve4 hosted with online.net
  7. D

    Providing DNS Service to the Proxmox Hypervisor

    I created a Linux VM to be a DNS server. It seems that having the Proxmox hypervisor that hosts this VM use this VM for DNS services (meaning, of course, that the hypervisor's /etc/hosts is empty except for "pvelocalhost" and "loalhost") is problematic. Specifically, upon rebooting the...
  8. ssaman

    [SOLVED] KVM Guest - Network Issues

    Hello, We have set up an proxmox cluster with 5 nodes by Hetzner. After we installed the first VM we had our first issue that we could not ping all Servers. The strange point is that we can ping some IPs and some not. for Example. We can ping: we can ping our gateway...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Initial Setup - DNS Settings Not Working, Can't Connect Externally

    First time proxmox user here, so it's hopefully something simple, but I can't connect to anything externally because my DNS settings aren't working. I have a simple, conventional home network setup. No proxies or VPNs to account for. I confirmed entries in /etc/hosts as well as /etc/hostname. I...
  10. Z

    VM to VM lag

    We have a couple BIND9 servers on Ubuntu server setup on different Proxmox hosts. Doing a very simple test of 'dig' from a separate host gives a 0-1ms response time. However, doing the same test from a new VM on the same Proxmox host as one of the BIND9 servers takes 22-37ms. It's on the same...
  11. S

    DNS Lookup Delays and (Possibly) Related Issues

    I've recently switched to Proxmox from Xenserver and while I'm loving the feature set and flexibility I believe I'm having some DNS issues with my installs. I'm very much a home user so if there is anything I can provide to assist with the troubleshooting please let me know. I believe I am...
  12. Q

    Not possible to set IPv6 address as DNS server

    The version of Proxmox in concern is 3.4.11. I want to setup some IPv6 only OpenVZ containers where IPv4 is not available for CTs. I found it's not possible to put in IPv6 address as name server in the Proxmox web ui. Is there any way I can use IPv6 addresses as the CT's name servers?


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