1. H

    [BUG] Setting gateway on VNET in simple Zone tests for incorrect in-arpa zone.

    If you set a VNET on a "Simple" Zone, it allows you to set a dhcp range. For this to work, it must also have a "gateway" ip set, even if you are not planning on talking out. The "gateway" is the host IP that the dhcp server listens on.. When this is created it tests for the existence of the...
  2. P

    No DNS with PHP in LXC

    I cannot make DNS queries with PHP in LXC containers, in VM's it works without problems. I have not changed anything in the Proxmox firewall settings, everything is set to default. Normal DNS queries with "ping" work fine with PHP but not, What could be the problem?
  3. S

    Network running at 100Mbps not 1Gbps and issues with running updates

    Hi, I'm very new to using proxmox and this is all a bit of a learning curve for me so apologies in advance if anything i say makes no sense or should be obvious, The initial issue I had was looking at settings on my router, I noticed it was saying the port my server was plugged in to had an...
  4. D

    Too many dns servers

    My dhcp server configures two dns servers upon lease assignments. The proxmox via cloud init also assigns dns entries, thus I have a doubling of dns entries in reslove. Is there a way to stop cloud init from doing this? It looks like the only option I have is to use the host entries or specify...
  5. M

    cannot ping google.com or

    hi ! very very new to proxmox and virtualization im trying to get dns to work so i can use a bittorrent container, probleme is i cannot ping google.com or name it.. neither on the node neither on the container - i can ping whats inside my local network but nothing outside...
  6. T

    manche Emails gehen nicht raus (Domain abhängig), Host not found

    Salve, ich nutze seit Jahren PMG 8.1.2 als Single Node Lösung vor einem Exchange Server und zerbreche mit seit Tagen den Kopf über folgendes Problem... Urplötzlich und ohne (wissentliche) Konfigurationsänderung gehen Emails an bestimmte Empfänger Domänen nicht mehr raus. im Syslog taucht als...
  7. A

    Hilfe benötigt - Proxmox-Server nach SSD-Umzug ohne Internetverbindung

    Hallo Community, ich stehe vor einem Problem und hoffe auf eure Unterstützung. Ich habe kürzlich eine SSD in meinen Laptop eingebaut, auf der ein Proxmox-Server installiert war. Alles funktionierte einwandfrei, bis ich die SSD in einen anderen PC eingebaut habe. Seitdem habe ich keine...
  8. P

    DNS Issue

    Hello, I was looking on the forum for a solution but it seems nothing match my problem... I have a DNS issue with my proxmox i can't ping - destination host unreachable - destination host unreachable google.com - there's no response from the shell .. Network: TIM...
  9. R

    DNS issue

    Hi All, This has probably been asked 100 times but i need help with this. I am running 8.1pve on my setup. I have tried everything from changing the resolv.conf file to point to cloudflare and google dns, turned off the pve firewall, and also been trying to see if i need to make any changes to...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] Proxmox DNS not resolving on Hetzner Dedicated Server

    Below is what happens when i ping by name PING google.com(fra24s04-in-x0e.1e100.net (2a00:1450:4001:827::200e)) 56 data bytes ^C --- google.com ping statistics --- 176 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 179182ms I know there is another option by purchasing an additional IP...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Add usign DNS doesn't work

    I can add my backup storage using it's public IP (I only allow my PVEs public outbound IPs and I use namespaces) but when I try to do it using DNS it doesnt work. Am I doing something wrong or is it by design? if it's by design, is there a way to circumvent it?
  12. K

    Ubuntu 20.04 vm - no DNS entry

    Sorry for this noob question. I have a small proxmox dc with two hosts. I've deployed a new ubuntu 20.04 server based vm on one of the hosts. From that vm I'm able to ping *any* lxc-container and/or vm with their host and fqdn name - no problem here. These lxc:s and vm:s are also available...
  13. S

    Multiple VMs on the same bridge no DNS

    Hey guys -- this is a weird one, I'm going to do my best to describe it. Overview: I have a 10Gb SFP+ trunk to a server. When I have two vms set to the same vmbr using virtio, I lose DNS. I can ping, route, connect to services, just can't access udp/tcp 53 on any device internal or external...
  14. J

    Clearing DNS cache in Debian 11/12 LXC

    Hey everyone! So I have a number of LXC in my Proxmox cluster, some of them Debian 11 and some others Debian 12 (templates provided by Proxmox), and I am trying to find a way to clear the local DNS cache as I need to force querying again the internal DNS server despite the TTL of the record. I...
  15. A

    cloudbase-init's dns

    Can you tell me how to use the webui interface of pve to set the dns of windows cloudbase init? I set it, but it doesn't seem to take effect. I tried it in pve8.1.3, 8.1.4, and 8.0.3 versions, but it didn’t work. Very much looking forward to your help
  16. A

    No PVE internet access

    I am new to proxmox, and trying to get my server to work. I have access to the GUI, but no ablilty to access any of the repositories, also cant Ping any web sites ie: google or Clock and date are also wrong. I assume all are related but I can't seem to fix. when I use the shell ip a...
  17. hoffmn01

    2-node cluster - mail loops back to myself on target domains for one node only

    Hello Proxmox-Forum, we do have a storage error. We are running a 2-node cluster of the latest mail gateway version in HA mode. One of the nodes started to make trouble delivering mail to external domains (Microsoft-based and others). The error is reproducible. The error message on the node1 is...
  18. Y

    Question regarding local name resolution in Proxmox VE

    I would like to have Proxmox resolve its local name itself, without querying an external DNS. A (common) Debian system should actually be able to do this. However, my PVE (a Debian "onTop" installation) doesn't do that. My PVE has (as an example) the following names in the "/etc/hosts" are...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Doesn't see The internet

    So i have been using Proxmox for a while and i did not need any of the features that access the internet (It couldn't access the internet since fresh installing it). But now I need a package from apt and it can resolve hostnames after setting the DNS server to my routers IP address, but when i...
  20. M

    ACME DNS Challenge - Empfehlung gratis Anbieter

    Hallo zusammen, aktuell nutze ich den Free (Legacy 2018) Plan von ClouDNS, damit schaffe ich es aber nicht eine ACME DNS Challenge durchzuführen. Angeblich sind die Credentials immer falsch. Ich habe nun mit dem Support geschrieben und obwohl ich einen API user anlegen kann, darf ich diesen...


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