disk usage

  1. B

    ZFS Raid showing incorrect usage?

    I have a ZFS Raid volume on each of my hosts and when I look at the Node's ZFS Window I see the correct utilization. To be clear, each host has 12 drives, configured in a raid 10 using ZFS. I named them the same due to what I saw was a requirement for replication to function in a cluster...
  2. X

    Is it possible to see disk usage in summary ?

    Hello, I have a mini PC with a nvme ssd of 500gb. I installed proxmox on it. It seems Proxmox created 3 partitions: root, swap and data As far as I understand the root and swap are used by the system and data is available for VM/CT: Disk: LVM: LVM-Thin: Then I created a VM (Debian) using...
  3. B

    Beginner issues with storage

    Hello, I have posted this message on Reddit but as I have not received any answer I am trying my luck here. I am a total beginner in the subject of Proxmox. I have a miniPC with Proxmox installed just for the reason of running a Home Assistant on it. Recently my HA failed to boot after update...
  4. M

    Virtual disk usage

    Problem: Currently, we're unable to get an overview in Proxmox about the virtual disk usage. You will only get the total disk size (200GB), on the VM overview page: Even... when going to the storage location and click on "VM DIsks", it will only give me the total size: Solution: When I'm...
  5. CH.illig

    [SOLVED] Stats from last Garbage Collection

    Ich biete als Zentralen Backup Server diesen Meinen Kunden an die ebenfalls auf Proxmox setzen. Zur Abrechnung verrechne ich den Kunden Jeweils die aktuelle Nutzung. Es wäre daher für mich sehr hilfreich wenn in der Datastore Übersicht nicht nur der Duplikate Faktor, sondern auch der aktuelle...
  6. C

    disk usage

    I am using proxmox version 6.2-4. I have two virtual servers and they are being stored on different physical disks. Storage type is LVM-thin. One of the servers is windows and the other is opensuse. While copying data from windows server to linux server with rsnapshot, the storage space of...
  7. H

    Es wird mehr Diskverbrauch angezeigt als tatsächlich belegt?

    Hallo Community, ich bin etwas verwundert mir wird im Proxmox auf meiner Disk mehr Verbrauch angezeigt als anscheinend tatsächlich belegt ist. Woher kommt das und wie lässt sich das lösen? Discard ist aktiviert, auch "fstrim -v -a" habe ich schonmal drüber laufen lassen, hat zwar ein wenig...
  8. Toxik

    ZFS "refreservation" property twice the size of the VM

    Hi, I've noticed that my vm-200-disk-0 eats up 6 TB of disk space although it's disk is set to 3 TB only: root@pve1 ~# zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT rpool 12.7G 202G 104K /rpool rpool/ROOT 12.7G 202G 96K...
  9. O

    HDD activity excessive SDB and SDC always reads and write

    I am using the most current version of PM and everything was fine until last night I am using ZFS on two 8TB HDD (mirrored) I woke up this morning and the HDD activity light on my computer is solid I checked netdata and this is what I see No VMs are even running I am not sure what happened...
  10. I

    [SOLVED] Really strange disk usage !?

    Good morning all, I am posting here because there is something that I have never seen and that I cannot understand. I have a VM with an 800 GB virtual disk, however, when I make a "df -h" in the Vm, there is 800 GB available but only 265 GB used. But when I make a backup of this VM or I do a...
  11. N

    Full Disk Usage on Ubuntu VM

    Hello Proxmox Community, So I recently I installed Proxmox VE 5.3 on my Dell PowerEdge R710. Set up the interfaces for my DHCP network and its been working great so far ... well, except one issue. I'm currently attempting to create a Discourse Forumin an Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS VM. I set the...
  12. S

    pve-firewall disk usage 30%

    Almost all the time, the load in the atop is about 30% 5239 2577K 0K 0K 25% pve-firewall How can I reduce the load, IO Delay reaches up to 20% Proxmox Virtual Environment 4.2-17/e1400248 ZFS
  13. S

    High ZFS disk usage in Proxmox

    Hello I have installed Proxmox VE on a group of SSD disks raid-0. My problem is that while copying a file to a VM, then deleting it, it won't reclaim disk space on local-zfs. However, while running "df -h" in VM command line, it shows amount of space less than real space in local-zfs.
  14. N

    Proxmox LVM Help Needed

    Hi Guys, I have HP DL 360 - 1U Server which I installed Proxmox ver 4.4 on 2TB RAID HDD. (1TBx4) I need to create a Storage Space for Data. I don't know how. below is some Info. Please assist kindly. Device Start End Sectors Size Type /dev/sda1 2048 4095 2048...
  15. R

    Size of var/lib/vz

    Hi i just check the disk usage and notice that the /dev/mapper/pve-data is 96% full but my container are not so full. Sys. de fichiers Taille Utilisé Dispo Uti% Monté sur udev...
  16. R

    Disk setup for proxmox 5 install

    I am completely new to proxmox and would like some advice on how to implement proxmox on my home server. Hardware: Supermicro mITX MoBo with Intel Xeon D1521 processor, 16GB DDR4 reg ECC. Disks: 1 x 60GB SSD 1 x 250GB HDD 2 x 2TB HDD Currently I have these disks in an old(er) HP N40L Gen7...
  17. T

    High Hard Drive Usage/Low RW Performance in VM Guest Win10

    Hi all! I recently got GPU passthrough working on one of my VMs and I'm delighted to say that everything appears to be working as it should, with one minor exception. I'm noticing some serious slowness in the IO/hard disk department. Sometimes the guest machine appears to be fine. Other times...
  18. A

    Unexpected disk util 100%

    Have not high iops usage, the disk latency was fine, but disk util 100%. I saw that two times with different nodes and only on LXC. Why it can be? Is that a bug of LXC?
  19. M

    VE 4.2 shows wrong disk space information on RDBD drive

    After I installed DRBD by following this: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/DRBD9 I recognized that from the webinterface (GUI) disk summary shows wrong informations: I've got 1.6TiB disk on both node but it see together. Here is my storage.cfg: drbd: drbd1 nodes n1,n2 content...
  20. B

    Disk usage information on the GUI Panel

    From the GUI panel, I can see disk usage for the host (bare metal) machine, but not disk usage for the KVM (Qemu). Is there anyway so I can monitor the disk usage from one GUI/panel? Thank you!


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