Beginner issues with storage


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Nov 27, 2023

I have posted this message on Reddit but as I have not received any answer I am trying my luck here.

I am a total beginner in the subject of Proxmox. I have a miniPC with Proxmox installed just for the reason of running a Home Assistant on it. Recently my HA failed to boot after update. I started to dig and found that (probably) the reason is lack of storage.
Checking my disks section revealed that my LVM-thin (60GB) usage is 100%
I have checked and I have 'discard' enabled. I have read I should do manual trimming with fstrim, but it did not change anything. So two questions here:

  1. How can I make things working? Either by adding or freeing storage
  2. I have 128GB drive and My HA should be around 20GB Why am I running out of space?

I would really appreciate some help as I am close to throwing my PC through the window and buying a dedicated HA device.
Hello :)

Can you describe your setup a bit more, what home assistant are you running and what type of pc are we talking about ?
And can you send the output of # lsblk and # lvs ?
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Hi, Sure thing

So I have an HP T630 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD
I am not sure what do you mean by 'type of home assistant' but I have a VM with HA OS 9.5 which I updated to 10.something

lsblk output

sda                            8:0    0 119.2G  0 disk
├─sda1                         8:1    0  1007K  0 part
├─sda2                         8:2    0   512M  0 part /boot/efi
└─sda3                         8:3    0 118.7G  0 part
  ├─pve-swap                 253:0    0   6.7G  0 lvm  [SWAP]
  ├─pve-root                 253:1    0    40G  0 lvm  /
  ├─pve-data_tmeta           253:2    0     1G  0 lvm 
  │ └─pve-data-tpool         253:4    0  55.2G  0 lvm 
  │   ├─pve-data             253:5    0  55.2G  1 lvm 
  │   ├─pve-vm--100--disk--0 253:6    0     4M  0 lvm 
  │   └─pve-vm--100--disk--1 253:7    0   120G  0 lvm 
  └─pve-data_tdata           253:3    0  55.2G  0 lvm 
    └─pve-data-tpool         253:4    0  55.2G  0 lvm 
      ├─pve-data             253:5    0  55.2G  1 lvm 
      ├─pve-vm--100--disk--0 253:6    0     4M  0 lvm 
      └─pve-vm--100--disk--1 253:7    0   120G  0 lvm

lvs output
LV            VG  Attr       LSize   Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
  data          pve twi-aotz--  55.24g             100.00 3.41                           
  root          pve -wi-ao----  40.00g                                                   
  swap          pve -wi-ao----   6.74g                                                   
  vm-100-disk-0 pve Vwi-aotz--   4.00m data        0.00                                   
  vm-100-disk-1 pve Vwi-aotz-- 120.00g data        46.04

Thanks for your intent to help me :)
So of your 120GB Disk your LVM-thin pool owns 55.24GB and your VM-100 consumes all of the 55.24GB as indicated by the lvs output.
So you can either
- Buy a larger Disk
- remove Data from your HA-VM
- reinstall and use less space for your root partition (40GB at the moment), so your LVM-thin pool can take more space
Thanks for the explanation.
Some more questions:
1. How much space at minimum should the root partition have?
2. 55GB + 40GB = 95GB. Where is the other 33?
3. I have read HA runs on 32GB or some even say 16GB. How can I check why mine is 55GB or what files are the reason behind it? Maybe there is something I could remove.
1. We haven't tested for minimum requirements, but with 20 GB you should be able to work and update for some years, but of course should not install large tools nor media.

data 55.24 GB
root 40 GB
swap 6,74 GB
sum 101.98 GB

sda3 size 118.7GB

so there are 17GB missing
Can send the output of vgdisplay ?

3. This i cannot really answer as i am not familiar with HA, so i'd ask in their forum if they can help you analyze the data consumption of your HA-VM. I am sure they will help :)
1. Thx
2. Here it is:
--- Volume group ---
VG Name pve
System ID
Format lvm2
Metadata Areas 1
Metadata Sequence No 13
VG Access read/write
VG Status resizable
Cur LV 5
Open LV 4
Max PV 0
Cur PV 1
Act PV 1
VG Size <118.74 GiB
PE Size 4.00 MiB
Total PE 30397
Alloc PE / Size 26620 / 103.98 GiB
Free PE / Size 3777 / 14.75 GiB
VG UUID MMKL1k-nC9b-vrW1-kEwl-Hesn-6dqJ-tkEdF6

3. Will do, thanks.
okay, so your logical volume does not use all the available space, therefore your can resize it to use all of the existing space.
lvresize --extents +100%FREE --resizefs pve/data
Now this helped and my lvm-thin usage dropped to 78%. Thanks!
Final (hopefully question)
During lvresize I got to warning My VM disk is 120GB which is over 118GB. I tried to change it in VM Hardware settings but it can only be increased and not decreased. How can I do it?
Backup your vm to an external disk (you are doing that regularly anyway, aren#t you?)

You can add an additional disk to your system, create an physical volume and add that to your volume group
pvcreate /dev/sdb1
vgextend pve /dev/sdb1

Or you now can reinstall proxmox with less space for root or use a bigger disk, you can use zfs in your reinstall, which does compression, this will give you about 20-30% more usable space.


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