1. I

    [SOLVED] temporarily lost pve cluster node reappears

    Hi! I think everything is under control but i would like to ask for confirmation that this is expected thinking-behaviour-etc of PVE cluster. Events happen in 20-ish node non-HA-configured v. 6.4 cluster (and also VM's are not configured to start automatically). Starting point is all nodes are...
  2. T

    Windows 10 VM randomly rebooting with error BSOD 0x00000113

    Hi, I have proxmox Windows 10 VM with GPU passed. I am constantly getting windows crashed with Video DXGKRNL Fatal Error when on gaming (randomly) or during shutdown or like running 2-3 Passmark stress test. My GPU - GTX 1080 MO - X570 AORUS PRO (Latest BIOS) CPU- Ryzen 5900X RAM: 32GB...
  3. M

    PVE 7 to 8: VM crashes after migrating, OSD not found

    I run a 3-node PVE with CEPH. I migrated all VMs away from node 3, upgraded to the latest CEPH (Quincy) and then started the PVE 7 to 8 upgrade on node 3. After rebooting node 3 (now PVE 8), everything seemed to work well. So I migrated two VMs, one each from node 1 (still on PVE 7) and node 2...
  4. B

    Snapshot Crash VMs

    Scenario: 2x Clustered Servers, with StorageZFS replicating between them. Problem: When performing the Snapshot of VM 108, several VMs crashed, and I had to reset to go back. Error log: Jun 19 09:24:25 pve02 kernel: [10160562.899184] debugfs: Directory 'zd112' with parent 'block' already...
  5. F

    VM crashes on USB-to-SATA Adapter removal

    Hi there, as the title says my VMs (tested with a TrueNAS SCALE and Win 10 VM) are crashing when I disconnect my USB-to-SATA Adapter connected HDD. Logs: Windows 10 Jun 18 12:33:59 pve kernel: usb 4-4: USB disconnect, device number 8 Jun 18 12:34:01 pve QEMU[4046718]: kvm...
  6. E

    Inconsistent and random kernel panics

    I'm recently new to learning Proxmox and followed a couple YouTube guides to get a Plex (+arr) VM and an Open Media Vault VM up and running. I'm passing a ZFS into OMV, sharing a CIFS, then accessing that share in the Plex VM. My specs are Ryzen 5 3600, Asus ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming mobo...
  7. M

    Open Media Vault VM crashing when copying between CIFS shares

    Good morning all! I'm having problems with an Open Media Vault VM on Proxmox and am seeking advice on how to debug the issue. I have an OMV 6.0.latest VM running on Proxmox 7.4-3. The OMV VM is configured to serve up multiple CIFS shares. The harddisks behind the shares appear to be working...
  8. G

    Random segfaults within VM but memory looks good ?

    I'm getting about 1-2 random segfaults per week in all kind of processes. It happens in different qemu VM's, hasn't been on the proxmox host itself or in LXC containers yet. I did run Memtest multiple times now in total for over 24hours and had 0 errors. It's also kinda weird since it's a...
  9. M

    Host crashing under VM small load

    Hi all I've a brand new Proxmox 3 nodes cluster with full mesh Ceph storage. Specs per host are: 24 x 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-13700 (1 Socket) 128 Gi RAM 2 x 1Gbp Nic for network traffic. 2 x 10Gbp Nic for Ceph traffic. 2 x 4TB SSD for storage. 1 x 2TB NVMe SSD for OS On host 1 when I...
  10. H

    PBS VM crashes on large backup

    Hi there, first roughly to my structure. I have a Proxmox server (proxmox1) with 3x3TB HDD for data as raidz1. So 6TB of usable storage. A VM with Openmediavault as data storage runs on the proxmox1. This VM has a VM disk which is 5TB in size. The VM disk is on the 6TB raidz1. For backups I use...
  11. W

    Crash ohne Log

    Guten Tag Gemeinde Ich habe folgendes Problem bei dem ich eure Hilfe benötige und hoffe, dass sich einige Experten unter euch befinden, welche ein ländliches Problem auch schon hatten oder damit umzugehen wissen Seit ca. 1.5 Jahren setze ich erfolgreich einen Minisforum HM80 mit Proxmox...
  12. S

    Proxmox 7.4.1 crashing 10-15 mins after launching VM

    Hi, I have a number of issues with my server that started recently - I believe it shutdown due to a power cut while I was away (it does sit behind a UPS but auto-shutdown isn't setup). We very rarely get cuts of more than a few seconds. This machine has been running flawlessly for a few years...
  13. M

    SSD Failing?

    Hey guys! I need some help. I have a proxmox install, currently using 2 x 2tb SSD. When installing proxmox I've divided each SSD in half (1tb+1tb), and I've used half of each and installed proxmox using a raidz1. The other half (2x1tb) I passed to truenas and create a raid1 vdev. In summary I...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox restarting regularly since 7.3/7.4 upgrade

    Hi, I'm running the latest proxmox non-commercial distribution (7.4-3) after upgrading a few weeks ago from a 7.2-2 I had been running since June 2022. I had a few challenges doing the upgrade on my ASUS motherboard, having to disable C-states in the BIOS to even enable the machine to reliably...
  15. P

    Proxmox Mystery Random Reboots

    I've had a Proxmox install running rock solid for months and all of a sudden it's randomly rebooting. It can run for 5 minutes or 5 hours. The weird thing is, I've basically u sed up all of the collective posts on the subject and still can't track it down. I'm now at the point where I really...
  16. E

    PVE goes offline without any notice in logfiles, dmesg, even without kdump

    Hi guys, I could not find any guidlines for opening posts like that, so here we go: The environment: PVE Host hosted on hetzner root server (AX41) PVE version: 7.3-6 CPU: 12 x AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor (1 Socket) RAM: 64 GB Storage: 2x1TB HDD in RAID1 as storage for VMs and containers...
  17. Y

    Appliance powers off on Proxmox crash

    I run Proxmox 7.3-4 bare-metal on a Protecti Vault VP4670. If a VM has to be force unlocked using qm unlock <vm-num>, the appliance powers down. I think Proxmox is crashing but I'm newbie enough to not know for sure. A trip through syslog didn't show an obvious crash. The BIOS on the...
  18. D

    Unexpected reboots every day

    Hello My hosted PVE server reboots itself and I'm not sure why. Anyone who can help me decipher the PVE syslog for clues? Around Mar 06 07:32:01 there is a "--Reboot--" logged. From my findings it seems that the reboot is not related to system load or temperature it reboots when the system is...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Many unknown crashes/freezes

    Hi all, I recently started up a homeserver with a bunch of replaced parts from my main Rig. I currently have Proxmox 7.3-6 installed on an m.2ssd, with another m.2 1tb for VM disks and backups. I have 3 4tb HDD passed through to my OMV VM that I am using as a NAS in RaidZ1 for files, backups...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Random VM crashes when backing up VM's

    Hello! In the past few weeks we've been setting up a Proxmox cluster to be able to host our applications. From the start we've been experiencing some weird issues when backing up the VM's to an NFS target (Synology NAS) Randomly during the backup (sometimes 0 or sometimes multiple) VM's seem...


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