1. G

    Server crash

    Hi, I have a server within a cluster that time to time crashes and becomes totally unresponsive. Attaching the last screen recorded before the crash. Within the cluster it is the unique one using LXC containers (very small number). I am sure I am not out of ram because there are something like...
  2. N

    Proxmox VE 7 Unexpected Reboot

    My hosted PVE server either rebooted itself or crashed overnight and I'm not sure why. All of my Windows vms are showing the unexpected shutdown pop-up at login. Anyone who can help me decipher the PVE syslog for clues? Around July 03 00:57:06 there is a "--Reboot--" logged. Just before this, it...
  3. F

    Kernel panic, machine stuck, task khugepaged:796 blocked for more than 120 seconds

    Hello Everybody, not sure if this thread ( is related but since we updated to PVE7.2 we have repeated crashes with kernel message INFO: task khugepaged:796 blocked for more than 120 seconds...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] VM crash with Backup Job

    I check and do test to reproduce the error. 1st Test : If I create a Back Job star and end right, but in some hours later crash. I create a daily job and every day crash. 2nd Test : For 2 week I run backup manualy from VM and never crash. 3rd Test : Create a new job for Monday and Wenesday...
  5. B

    Windows Server 2022 Crashing Randomly

    Hello! I am facing a rather unusual issue, perhaps it is unusual for a noob like me. I hope someone here would be able to help me out here. Have a few Windows 2022 VMs that randomly shutdown. Here is the VM config file: agent: 1 bios: ovmf boot: order=scsi0;net0;ide0 cores: 4 efidisk0...
  6. T

    Kernel Panic; entire server becomes unresponsive after 4-5 hours

    I've had Proxmox running fine for about 3 years now, have moved installs, moved across drives and never had an issue. All of a sudden, last sunday my server went completely unresponsive and after attaching a monitor it showed a kernel panic. Nothing has changed, even updating to the latest...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 VM Crashes Host PC

    Hello Guys, i have a WIndows 11 VM with a Nvidia 980 ti passthrough, i can start and shotdown without problems. But when windows goes in Energy save mode and i try to resume after a couple of hours my whole Proxmox host "crashes" (i cant access web gui or ping him). Does anyone have an idea...
  8. O

    Crash on idle

    Hello, I'm completely new to PVE and have started using/learning it since 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I was able to configure an LXC appliance like I wanted and left it to download something over night. When I came home an hour ago, I noticed that my samba share (installed directly onto the PVE) has...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Random Kernel Bugs (System Crashes)

    Used Hardware: Intel Core i5-10400 6x 2.9GHz MSI H510M-A PRO 32GB RAM (2x 16GB) Corsair Vegeance LPX black DDR4-2666MHz be quiet! Cooler Pure Rock Slim 2 400W Power Supply 250GB M2 SSD (Proxmox Install) 2x 250GB SSD (configured as zfs raid 1)...
  10. D

    Importing ZFS pool causes Kernel panic on HP DL380P Gen8

    Hello All, I'm relatively new to Proxmox and have been using it for the past 6 months without issue. I currently have a HP DL380P Gen8 server that is using a P420 RAID controller card in HBA Passthrough mode with 8 1TB Samsung QVO SSDs for storage. I've been using it in ZFS for quite some...
  11. R

    Question about ceph and redundancy

    Hi everyone I have 4 nodes running 7.1-10 with each node having 5 x SSD's. I have set up CEPH and created monitors, managers and metadata servers on all of the nodes. I know that not all nodes need to have these set up but the plan is to expand this cluster in future. I've created OSD's for all...
  12. J

    Crash/System bleibt stehen

    Hi, ich habe in den Vergangenen Zeit immer wieder das Problem gehabt, dass mein System einfach stehen bleibt. Es reagiert nicht mehr über das Webinterface oder über SSH. Auch die VMs/CTs sind nicht zu erreichen. Wie kann ich eine Lösung für dieses Problem finden? Hier der Syslog für die...
  13. R

    PBS crashes without error message

    Hey, since Friday my PBS crashes when backing up. Here are the last lines of syslog before I have to hard reset the server, because it becomes completely unresponsive. No Web interface, no pings. Feb 14 00:33:48 backup proxmox-backup-proxy[1842]: vm/107/2022-02-04T23:00:42Z remove Feb 14...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] Ceph Overlapping Roots

    Hi, I notice an error inside my ceph-mgr log. 2022-02-02T15:51:21.405+0100 7f13aaf3e700 0 [pg_autoscaler ERROR root] pool 13 has overlapping roots: {-2, -1} 2022-02-02T15:52:21.413+0100 7f13aaf3e700 0 [pg_autoscaler ERROR root] pool 13 has overlapping roots: {-2, -1}...
  15. M

    Random crashes

    Proxmox VE will randomly be totally non responsive. Looking at the latest syslog it appears that it encountered error and attempted to reboot but was not able to. Below are excerpts from syslog. Jan 16 02:12:18 UIG-VM kernel: x86/split lock detection: #AC: kvm/1095 took a split_lock trap at...
  16. T

    PVE Crash since update to 7.1

    Good day all, I've found that my PVE has crashed tonight. I've lost all monitoring at 0150, and the host has been in limbo since. Not only that, but I had run apt upgrade yesterday, so this might be related. SSH isn't working, nor is the GUI. I can log in to the console, but I cannot get a...
  17. P

    Issue!! Proxmox crashing randomly!

    this is more than 6 months since I have had this issue, proxmox server crashing randomly. and the only thing I can do is reboot the system by pressing "Reset Button" the output of "pveversion -v" proxmox-ve: 6.4-1 (running kernel: 5.4.157-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.4-13 (running version...
  18. P

    System Crash Triggered by Update

    Hello, Periodically my proxmox server will crash, and the tasks at the bottom will show that "Update package database" was started, then the system is booting and starting VM's. I am able to trigger crashes by navigating to updates for the node, and running "refresh" a few times until it...
  19. I

    cluster crash with unknown reason. logs attached

    For some reason most of the cluster is crashed (servers rebooted) it became stable after the reboot but there was a small downtime . i tried to find the reason in the loges but i could not understand what caused it here are the logs of the cluster from one of the nodes that was not rebooted (on...
  20. F

    Proxmox crashed twice in 2 days

    Hi, guys! I have a physical server colocated somewhere in Romania, an HP Cloudline CL3100 G3. It has 2x new SSD disks on RAID1 and 4x refurbished SATA disks on RAIDZ-2, promoxmox installed on RAID1. I use this system linked with whmcs module and in both situations, host node got frozen...


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