1. D

    Unexpected reboots every day

    Hello My hosted PVE server reboots itself and I'm not sure why. Anyone who can help me decipher the PVE syslog for clues? Around Mar 06 07:32:01 there is a "--Reboot--" logged. From my findings it seems that the reboot is not related to system load or temperature it reboots when the system is...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Many unknown crashes/freezes

    Hi all, I recently started up a homeserver with a bunch of replaced parts from my main Rig. I currently have Proxmox 7.3-6 installed on an m.2ssd, with another m.2 1tb for VM disks and backups. I have 3 4tb HDD passed through to my OMV VM that I am using as a NAS in RaidZ1 for files, backups...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Random VM crashes when backing up VM's

    Hello! In the past few weeks we've been setting up a Proxmox cluster to be able to host our applications. From the start we've been experiencing some weird issues when backing up the VM's to an NFS target (Synology NAS) Randomly during the backup (sometimes 0 or sometimes multiple) VM's seem...
  4. G

    Memory hotplug prevents VM boot

    Just upgraded my testlab to latest pve no-sub. I did not install updates for 3-6 months, so no idea which one broke it. VM boots and crashes with kernel trace, as soon as I disable memory hotplug it boots just fine. Using debian cloud generic image. [ 4.912084] Hardware name: QEMU Standard...
  5. W

    Ceph mixed disk size

    Hello everyone, I have a 3-node cluster with Ceph storage. Each node has 4 x 1TB SSD disks. I would like to extend the Ceph storage by adding 4 x 4TB SSD disks to each node. Will having different disk sizes cause any problems? I'm considering creating a separate disk class, CRUSH rule, and...
  6. D

    Snapshot - crashes VM by messing up the disks

    Sometime last year I found that when snapshotting a running container with mariadb would cause the database to be unable to complete any queries - the process was running but queries just stacked up. It was as if the fs was missing briefly but could not recover. It was assumed it was a mariadb...
  7. H

    Proxmox crashes when booting

    Proxmox was restarted unintentionally, so now Proxmox did not boot. Booting `Proxmox VE GNU/Linux ' Loading Linux 5.15.83-1-pve After displaying this, it crashes directly and stops responding. Do you have any ideas what this could be? Starting about GRUB with the Version 5.15.30-2-pve it...
  8. N

    Nested virtualization + GPU Passthrough Causes VM Crashes/Bluescreens

    Hello Guys, I have a Windows Server 2022 VM with GPU passthrough, so now i wanted to use WSL and for that i need Hyper-V. Logical solution was to enable Nested Virtualization by editing the /etc/modprobe.d/kvm_amd.conf file and adding following parameters options kvm-amd nested=1 avic=1 npt=1...
  9. K

    Migration between Intel and AMD CPU causes kernel Panics on VM

    Hi, I'm experiencing a big problem. We are currently in a big migration of our infrastructure. And i've been noticing that when i live migrate a VM from a Intel hypervisor to an AMD hypervisor, all the machines on the AMD Hypervisor starts to freak out with kernel panics due to reaction time...
  10. Z

    [SOLVED] PCI passthrough causes Proxmox host to crash

    Hello, I was trying to install an OPNsense VM on a host with Proxmox. I installed it fine and then went to configure it and everything was still working. I noticed that after I added a PCI device (NIC) as passthrough the host started crashing as soon as the VM was booting which means that if...
  11. J

    PCI Passthrough - VM Restart Causes Proxmox to Crash

    Hi all, Attempting to pass through a GPU to Windows 11 guest. Everything is working fine when booted, I can play games, encode, watch videos for hours and it's solid. However, every time I restart or shutdown the VM it crashes proxmox and I have to powercycle the server. Useful info: System is...
  12. K

    Kernel panic on some VMs while adding a vm disk

    Hi, I experienced yesterday a peculiar problem while adding a storage. We have a file server on which i created a SMB share. For our PBS, i created a vmdisk of 10TB on that SMB share. when i added it the process timed out. What is weird is that on the file server, i saw the object created and...
  13. L

    VM-Disks are readonly / ZFS-Pool

    Today we had / have the following Problem, I think that the server maybe had no power for a few minutes and shutdown unexpected. The problem is now that all VM-Disks seem to be read-only, We have two VMs on it, and one with Windows does not even find the C-Partiton anymore. The Linux-Server...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Some VMs on destination node crashes When a VM is migrated

    Hello! I have a trouble when migrates a VM to another node from my pve clúster. Some VMs on destination node crashes. This situation is solved with a hard reset on these VMs, but I think that maybe you can help me with a better option. My pve cluster is composed for 6 nodes with a 7.2-11...
  15. S

    Issues after crash/restoring vm's and ct from backup (not visible in server-view, but they are running)

    Hi guys, I noticed the disk (ssd) pve was running on started to fail (every day some extra reallocated blocks) so I ordered a new ssd. I Also make weekly full backups of the 2 vm's and the container it is hosting to a remote server. All good right ? - The new disk arrived last evening. Since...
  16. R

    Proxmox freeze on Dell Optiplex 3000 with or without VM

    Hi Proxmox community, I experience these random freezes multiple times per day on new Dell Optiplex 3000 (12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12500T). I have tried different kernels and BIOS settings but it doesn't help. I also updated newest 09/02/2022 BIOS (1.5.2) and disabled power states, WLAN...
  17. M

    Proxmox crashes after trying to pass through gpu to VM with none left for host

    I'm new to proxmox, and generally new to home servers (I've just been messing around trying to find the best OS to use for VM's and a NAS) and I wanted to try using proxmox with TrueNAS scale in a VM for my NAS OS. Here is the funky problem. I also wanted a ubuntu VM to run Jellyfin and have a...
  18. K

    Possible bug | pve-root beeing "filled up" when downloading files onto ZFS volume (other than pve-root)

    So I ran into a problem with running proxmox VM on my homelab. I've created ZFS with 3 of my 500gb HDD drives. Everything went as planned except I stumbled upon system freezes, crashes, root-pve beeing filled up. (root-pve is installed as LVM) When I was creating Ubuntu mirror using apt-mirror...
  19. B

    Proxmox repeatedly freezes/crashes requiring reboot

    I have recently setup a Proxmox server on one of those HP mini PCs. Nothing is different in the way I set it up on a bigger PC, but this one keeps irreparably crashing for some reason, frequency might be after a few hours, or more recently after a few days after I limited the cores in use by my...
  20. B

    windows 11 VM crashing during benchmark

    I have gpu passthrough working on a fresh install of proxmox ve 7.2-7. The vm boot up I can login and use like normal but when I run a benchmark or game the VM just immediately crashes. VM: config: agent: 1 bios: ovmf boot: cores: 16 cpu: host efidisk0...


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