1. C

    [Solved] Instant Reboot on PVE when running container/VM

    Hello all. I'm running a new install of PVE (8.2.4) and am experiencing some weird reboots. Reboots are not graceful, and there's no logging as to what went wrong. I just get "-- Reboot --". Sometimes it will last hours, some times it will last minutes. Memtest has not been able to complete. But...
  2. Z

    promox freezes (kernel 6.8.8-1 pve)

    Hi, i have the following issue with proxmox: after some time e.g. 1-2 days the system freezes and everything is down. when connecting to ilo i can see the login screen but the server is not accepting any input. also ping / webgui and all the vms on that server are not responding any more. after...
  3. L

    Inexplicable unknown/"gray question mark" crash state of node in cluster with ceph

    Hi everyone For a couple of months, one of my nodes has randomly entered the gray question mark state anywhere between 5 minutes and two days after booting. After it happens, vm management (shutdown/reboot) becomes unresponsive but the guests keep functioning for a few more hours and so does...
  4. G

    PVE randomly crashes

    Hello, I have a problem with PVE installed on an OVH dedicated server. On the first, since May 15th and every 10/15 days, I've been experiencing totally unexpected system crashes. The host suddenly stops responding, SSH and KVM access are interrupted. The server doesn't reboot, and I have to do...
  5. X

    Proxmox 8 crashes when copying data inside windows VM

    Hi, I have a group of Precision 3680 machines with Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-14900K processors. I am creating only one Windows 10 VM on each Proxmox machine, and I am using pass-through for the disk. However, after copying a large amount of data (In the VM) to the disk, Proxmox completely freezes...
  6. T

    Kernel crash - Remote logging for PVE 8+

    Hello, I have a host that locks up every couple of days, and I'm unable to get any info from the local logs. I did find a guide on the wiki ( on how to set up remote logging using rsyslog, but with PVE 8 rsyslog isn't installed. I'm curious to...
  7. J

    GPU Passthrough: Host crashes when VM attempts to start up after the GPU driver has initialized the card once

    I'm having this really annoying issue with a GeForce 9800 GT and a Windows 7 VM on the latest version of Proxmox. When I was installing Windows, everything worked just fine. The VM restarted multiple times without a hitch. Ever since I installed the NVIDIA drivers in the guest, the entire host...
  8. A

    Proxmox reboots randomly when running docker containers inside Windows 11 VM with "host" CPU type

    I am experiencing random reboots of my Proxmox server. This issue occurs specifically when running a Windows 11 VM with the CPU set to "host" to support Docker containers inside the VM. Interestingly, a Fedora Linux VM with the same "host" CPU setting and Docker containers does not cause...
  9. J

    GPU Passthrough is crashing proxmox

    I just grabbed an NVIDIA Tesla P4 for my R430 so I could pass through the GPU to my Channels DVR / Plex VM. I followed this guide: for setting up GPU Passthrough, and it works for a short time, but after about 1-2 minutes of using the GPU in...
  10. V

    Proxmox host randomly crashes with message "error: unable to read tail (got 0 bytes)"

    I'm having an issue, where the system would randomly reboot itself and all it's container and the syslog isn't putting out something useful: May 12 12:57:05 pve1 systemd[1]: Started pve-container@1005.service - PVE LXC Container: 1005. May 12 12:57:05 pve1 kernel: EXT4-fs warning (device dm-10)...
  11. 1

    [SOLVED] Passing through Nvidia Quadro M2000 GPU to an Ubuntu VM causes the entire PVE server to crash

    I am currently trying to passthrough my NVIDIA Quadro M2000 GPU to an Ubuntu virtual machine to transcode for plex. Everything on the server boots fine, but as soon as I start up the VM with the GPU passthrough, my entire server crashes and I have to reboot. I followed these commands from this...
  12. X

    Proxmox does not start after upgrade

    Hello, Last weeks I updated 2 times the packages of my proxmox node. After the update, the proxmox server is not start at all. I have to force restart by long pressing the button of the mini pc. Last time I thought it was an isolated case but it happened today again I now think it happens after...
  13. T

    Need Help, Proxmox 8.1.3 suddenly becomes unresponsive and blank screen on display, until hard reboot

    Hi, I have a Node with NVME + 64GB DDR5 + 7900X with X 2 4060 GPU pve-manager/8.1.3/b46aac3b42da5d15 (running kernel: 6.5.11-4-pve) Bios : C-STATE off, UEFI every 2-3 weeks randomly this node goes offline completely and no ping from even network and when i attach the display. i see blank...
  14. B

    VM crash / kernel panic after live migration from one host to another

    Hi guys, I've recently incorporated a second host into my environment and have been testing the live migration process. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to work as expected. About 75% of the time, I've had to forcefully reboot the VM after migration due to crashes. I noticed a few posts about...
  15. P

    Proxmox & VMs lose network connection with High Traffic

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with my home proxmox server. I'm hosting a Nextcloud docker container in an Ubuntu VM. For some reason it seems when there is high internet traffic both Proxmox & the VMs lose their network connection. I cannot ping the Proxmox server. VMs however are still...
  16. L

    Proxmox freezing randomly

    Hi, my Proxmox mini server (intel n100), is freezing randomly during the day. Can somebody help me solve it? I have no idea what is it causing. Server drops all connections, will not respond to ping Log before crash is attached bellow
  17. W

    [SOLVED] Kernel Bug unable to handle page fault

    Hello everyone, I have been experiencing issues with my server crashing since I rebuilt it. I tried changing the RAM speed from 3200MT/s to 3000MT/s after the first occurrence, but unfortunately the issue has persisted. Once the kernel bug occurs, the server becomes inaccessible via both the...
  18. T

    The sporadic node Crashed automatically no logs

    I have 3 node clusters on identical hardware with HP Elitebook G3 min with i5 and 16GB ram, 256 on board one of the node is getting disconnected automatically sometimes its unresponsive sometimes it shutdown not sure what causes this kind of effect. root@pve03:~# pvecm status Cluster...
  19. T

    Soft lockup about once a day

    Hello, My Proxmox node has been getting in a bit of a bind the last few days (first happened on March 30). About once or twice a day it has gotten into a soft lockup at different times during the day as can be seen in the picture below and the whole system becomes unresponsive. After a reboot...
  20. E

    pve crashed after "VM migration with success message"

    hello, I'm migrating some VMs via "qm remote-migrate" from one pve to another. I shut down the VM and did the migration without the --online option. Everything went well according to the messages, but when I started the vm on the other pve, everything crashed. I can access the console directly...


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