1. W

    Kernel Bug unable to handle page fault

    Hello everyone, I have been experiencing issues with my server crashing since I rebuilt it. I tried changing the RAM speed from 3200MT/s to 3000MT/s after the first occurrence, but unfortunately the issue has persisted. Once the kernel bug occurs, the server becomes inaccessible via both the...
  2. T

    The sporadic node Crashed automatically no logs

    I have 3 node clusters on identical hardware with HP Elitebook G3 min with i5 and 16GB ram, 256 on board one of the node is getting disconnected automatically sometimes its unresponsive sometimes it shutdown not sure what causes this kind of effect. root@pve03:~# pvecm status Cluster...
  3. T

    Soft lockup about once a day

    Hello, My Proxmox node has been getting in a bit of a bind the last few days (first happened on March 30). About once or twice a day it has gotten into a soft lockup at different times during the day as can be seen in the picture below and the whole system becomes unresponsive. After a reboot...
  4. E

    pve crashed after "VM migration with success message"

    hello, I'm migrating some VMs via "qm remote-migrate" from one pve to another. I shut down the VM and did the migration without the --online option. Everything went well according to the messages, but when I started the vm on the other pve, everything crashed. I can access the console directly...
  5. P

    HA Cluster Replication Question

    Hello, I would like to set up a Proxmox HA cluster with 2 nodes. I can't use Ceph with only 2 nodes, so I wanted to try replication. With replication, you can set the container to be replicated every 15 minutes, for example. But then I asked myself a question: If my container is running on...
  6. M

    Proxmox Crashes overnight.

    Hello everyone, First time posting on this forum, if I shouldn't post this here just let me know. I now have a Proxmox Server in my HomeLab for about 2 weeks. I made a install of the newest Proxmox VE 8.1. I changed the update Server to No-Subscription. I didn't change anything else in the...
  7. B

    Linux Completely hung on Proxmox VM Backup to NAS

    Feb 29 22:00 Backup of a VM to NFS share (hosted by FreeNAS Scale VM on a different Proxmox host) caused the whole computer (BeeLink GTR7Pro AMD Ryzen 9 7940 HS) running the latest promox to hang up. I was on vacation when this occurred. Came back home on Mar 03, the computer was powered on...
  8. C

    [NEED HELP] Windows 10 VM internal error

    I created a new windows 10 VM for the game with a 2060 SUPER in EGPU (Connect in thunderbolt 3) in passthrough, I can update the card drivers, I was able to play minecraft for 20 min but now I have the vm that goes into "Internal error" on proxmox IOMMU groups : in an IOMMU group I have both...
  9. X

    Identify cause of crash

    My proxmox node crashed yesterday. The computer was still on (power led) but nothing was accessible anymore (gui, ct and vm were down). The node did not reboot. I had to force restart the node (pressing the hardware button). On the following screenshot you can see that there is a gap between...
  10. A

    PVE random crash / pvestatd.service killed

    Yesterday, my PVE crashed "out of nowhere" (I did not change any configuration, issue any command or such, just normal VMs running as ever). It ran flawlessly on exactly this hardware for 2 years now. Since the first thing that happened according to journalctl -xeb-1 was, that the...
  11. K

    Random crashes w/o logs, HP DL360p Gen 8

    This is a PSA, not a request for help, it's such a ridiculous issue that hopefully this gets indexed and spares others the frustration. With Proxmox 8, you may find yourself with random crashes with absolutely no logging at any level. If you're running on (ancient) HP systems, check the Power...
  12. M

    Proxmox dies when i try to install win11

    Guys, please help me. When I try to install windows11 on my proxmox which is on virtualbox, I wait couple minutes when it says installing some components and when the installation is done my vm freezes and server crash. I tried bunch of different iso images but none of them work correctly. Does...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Proxmox host crashes when torrenting and transcoding media

    Hello everyone, I need some help with a problem that I have with my proxmox host. My setup is as follows: I have a mini PC with i5-7500t,32GB RAM, 1TB NVME, and 1TB HDD. I use proxmox to run a Debian container that serves as a NAS for the 1TB HDD. I also have a VM that runs the arr stack, VPN...
  14. W

    Proxmox "crashing"/hanging randomly

    Hi, I have this issue that Proxmox crashes/hangs randomly, the weird thing is that the machine is physically running but is unavailable. I'm attaching the log (hopefully the correct way) of the last run (I omitted first few seconds after start so it isn't too log) that only lasted a few hours...
  15. F

    Proxmox server keeps on crashing

    My proxmox server (with i3 10100 CPU) keeps on crashing. I've 2 VMs (1 for NAS and one for media server) and a few containers. I followed a tutorial to split the integrated CPU and assigned it to media server VM. However, the whole proxmox keeps on crashing randomly. When I say crash, I can't...
  16. A

    Random crash and not being able to start host via IPMI

    Happy New Year everyone! I am currently encountering an reaccuring issue with one of my nodes (pve2). Both nodes are hardware wise exactly the same. The random crash hasn't happened in a long time on the other node (pve1). The node (pve2) just randomly crashes and is unable to be started via...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Crash on usb passthrough

    Hello! I've found a strange error with a Windows 2019 guest. One of the use case of this VM is for iTunes, so I've shared an iPhone to the machine. I've installed it around 1 year ago, with proxmox 7, and on that date it worked as expected. Today I've plugged the iPhone and the VM crash; doesn't...
  18. J

    VE hang randomly every few days

    Hello, First of all, I'm not expert. I setup my Proxmox VE about year and a half ago on one HP workstation (tower PC) and have two VM's and three LXC's. I have daily backups setup (during the night) and Metric server to InfluxDB (one of LXC containers). VE version is 7.4-17. The problem is...
  19. P

    VM Random Crash - Bad address

    What appears to me to be at random, my VM has crashed and I cannot tell what is the reason behind it. This has happened probably 2-3 times over the last year, where a VM out of nowhere appears to have an "Internal Error" where the VM stops working until restarted. I am running proxmox on an...
  20. L

    PVE Random reboot

    My pve reboots after certain time. The log: Kernel Version Linux 6.1.10-1-pve #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC PVE 6.1.10-1 (2023-02-07T13:10Z PVE Manager Version pve-manager/8.0.4/d258a813cfa6b390 Nov 01 13:42:49 pve systemd[1]: apt-daily.service: Deactivated successfully. Nov 01 13:42:49 pve...


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