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    web-gui not connecting from another vmbr

    I'm new to proxmox VE and I liked it, I'm new to using it. But can anyone help me? auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address bridge-ports eno1 bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 bridge-vlan-aware yes bridge-vids 2-4094 auto vmbr1...
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    Setting un the eth1

    Hello, I am trying to set up Proxmox for the first time, and only one of my two ethernet port are enable, can anyone explane me how to configure it psl
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    [SOLVED] Issues after removing node from cluster

    I removed a node from a cluster. Barely used, nothing important on it. I am a bit stressed out and cannot remember, but I might have left the node on during the removal with pvecm delnode mini (it was called mini). After that command, I used expected 1 to change number of votes. Got that. I had...
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    configuring problems ?

    Hi everyone, sorry if I open a new thread but I can't find any info. for my company we are trying proxmox but we have no experience. the system is on PowerEdge R750xs with 2 SSDs 500GB RAID1(DB) on PERC H755 flanked by a PowerVoult ME5012 with 2 SAS 8TB RAID1(OS) and 4 SAS 12TB RAID1(DATA)...
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    ZFS advice for hetzner bigger boxes

    Hi. Some time ago I took of hetzner auction a machine with 15 x 6TB HDD. Somewhat naive (if not plain stupid) I configured it in one vdev raidz2. auch. it run few VM (very slow) and few LXC and some backing up for my substancial photo-library, and predictably machine is slowly dying I even got...
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    Proxmox dorm configuration.

    Hi I just started using proxmox in a old computer i had around. My objective is to have the computer work as an AP with pihole and access to my VM, through a wifi card i have installed, the internet will be provided from another wifi card connected to my universities wifi (no i dont have...
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    Hello, I need help, I have a public IP in eno1 and I want to link my IP blocks to my vms, I try to place them in vmbr0 and bmbr1 and it does not route: my public IP address gateway ip blocks Gateway...
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    ProxMox URL is not accessible on the local network.

    Noob here ..!! I have recently installed ProxMox proxmox-ve_6.4-1. Looks like the installation is successful and it shows the screen with the URL to configure the server. But the URL is not accessible from any system. Any help is appreciated. I have attached the ip a and cat /etc/hosts output...
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    Using RAMdisk as test storage pool in PVE UI?

    Hello there, I know this is an unusual request but I am doing it purely in a homelab environment to tinker and try things out. I have a server with 192Gb of RAM, so I wanted to create an 80Gb RAMdisk and use it as a storage volume for testing different VMs on. I was able to successfully create...
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    Proxmox VE CEPH configuration help needed!

    I will preface this by saying I am a total ProxMox/CEHP noob... I am good with Linux and I have been a VMware Admin/Engineer for the better part of 2 decades... I have looked through dozens of walk-thoughts and videos but I am still struggling with CEPH and I need some help. Goal: HA...
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    Configuration Help

    Hello, I am working on setting up a cluster with where the VMs are on local storage but use/sync to the shared storage for HA and Cluster options. The hardware I have is as follows: 3 proxmox clustered machines (will be more but 3 for now) - Each has local nvme storage Each has access to a SAN...
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    apt install qemu-utils announce removing proxmox-ve

    Hi, I'm trying to follow this guide ( without success. One of the first issue is related to the step "sudo apt install qemu-utils make". When I try I see this message: root@JARVIS:~# apt install qemu-utils make...
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    Openning Proxmox to the WEB for Management and its VMs. Multiple questions for final networking-securing-backup-imaging of Proxmox and its VMs.

    Hello All, As I have done other things in my professional carreer, I have missed some chunks of the IT, unfortunately also bigger chunks. Now working on my project I am in the middle of nowhere, exposing the ip of the management to internet. I am setting up one DL380 with Proxmox, 128 GB RAM...
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    Configuration on remote server

    Hi, let me describe my use case first. I have a remote physical server of around 20TB. I want to use it to host my web app which is currently in GKE. So I want to configure my physical server to host my web app, I'm planning to install a hypervisor (proxmox) on my server and host VMs. Doubts...
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    Connection refused when trying to send outbound mail

    This is my first installation of the Proxmox Mail Gateway (PMG) and I am stuck at the very basic setup issue, even though I think I followed the instruction and the tutorial on how to configure PMG. I configured my internal Synology MailPlus server to relay to PMG on port 26 and it seems to be...
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    Pfsense virtualized on proxmox vlan setup help

    Hello everyone, I do have proxmox version 7.4.3 and pfsense latest version, virtualized. The hardware on which promox is installed has a lot of nics, but I can actually use only 2 nics, mainly for how my house and cabling is set up. So, I intend to use vlans on my pfsense lan to segment the...
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    HDD not appearing in TrueNAS VM

    Hi, I recently just completed building my home server and was trying to setup a TrueNAS VM. The only problem that I'm having is that the HDDs are not appearing within the TrueNAS installation setup. When I go back to proxmox I can see all three disks. I was wondering if there was a...
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    VLANs broke in PVE-7.2-5?

    I have a VLAN (VLAN2) that I recently setup to separate all my hosts that are accessible from outside my network from the internal hosts. Everything was working fine until I made two changes (not sure which one broke the VLAN). The first change was upgrading my PVE-7.0-2 (or something close to...
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    Good Configuration for my Homelab, help needed

    Hello all I want to switch from ESXi to fully proxmox in my homelab. Currently, I have the following hardware: - Dell R240 with ESXi with 3 VMs (the only one that runs permanently as it also has our Smart Home stuff on it) - Dell R620 with Proxmox with 2 VMs - Dell R320 empty - Dell R520 empty...
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    Disk partitioning

    Hello. A while ago, when i set up proxmox on my HP ProDesk 400 G4 Mini (, i specified the HDSIZE on installation. I thought the 50 GBs from my 256 gb SSD would be enough and the rest of the space i would use for VMs. Now i'd like to resize the...


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