1. K

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu template created with packer disables default user account

    This is my packer config for template creation in Proxmox ubuntu-server-focal-docker.pkr.hcl # Ubuntu Server Focal Docker # --- # Packer Template to create an Ubuntu Server (Focal) with Docker on Proxmox # Variable Definitions variable "proxmox_api_url" { type = string } variable...
  2. G

    Adding CloudInit Drive as a normal user

    Hi I'm trying to solve a problem with adding CloudInit Drive as a normal user. I have a normal user account with pool permissions: - PVEAdmin - PVEDataStoreAdmin - PVECloudInit. What to do to make it possible to add CloudInit Drive without root account? There is a similar topic on the forum...
  3. E

    Windows cloudinit base password setting problem

    Cloudinit password modification does not support Windows Cloudinit base. I need to modify META_ DATA to complete the password modification function. How to modify the META generated by proxmoxVE_ DATA
  4. J

    Cloud-Init Server auf neues Host-System übertragen

    Hallo, ich möchte mein alten Proxmox-Host auf einen neuen übertragen, ich nutze aktuell die Proxmox Version 7.2.7. Da ich zum virtualisieren Cloud-Init verwende frage ich mich wie ich am besten die VM´s übertragen kann, meine aktuellen versuche die VM´s zu übertragen sind gescheitert, da sich...
  5. W

    Cloud-Init LUKS VM Setup?

    Hello all, I have seen an understand the benefits of setting up a base image/template with Cloud-Init, so similar VMs can very easily be setup when needed. My question is... can these Cloud-Init template/images can be setup with LUKS encryption without losing any features? Will it still be able...
  6. T

    [Cloud-Init] Can't find how to set UUID + Hostname with NoCloud + Template

    Disclamer: I never used Proxmox ever or QEMU / qm / cloud-init until about 1 weeks ago. There's probably things to do in a better way, feel free to send how you would have done the same (no ansible / terraform for this, I'm looking it aside that one) hello I'm trying to script the creation of...
  7. A

    pve 6.4 cloud-init doesn't work in ubuntu 22.04

    I have installed cloud-init on kvm debian 11, and it's work. I did the same for Ubuntu 22.04 but it doesn't work And: But the user is not created. And IP didn't change: How to understand what's wrong?
  8. U

    cloudinit: how to get nameservers and other networking settings via DHCP

    I'm in the process of migrating our infrastructure to a more declarative, GitOps/terraform style. As a part of this, a lot of VMs will be created using customized cloud-init images (debian, fwiw). Now the only thing missing for my little puzzle is to get networking right. When creating VMs...
  9. H

    FAI(me) .ISO for guests - with cloud-init suport?

    Good day I've stumbled on FAIme which creates a "nice" ISO installer that mostly just work... except for the requirement/need of DHCP (not an option at present, unless you could advise a ISC KEA option/replacement with cost effective (for me) static host API...
  10. J

    Move cloud-init drive

    This seems like a really silly request, but could we get a feature added that would allow us to move cloud-init volumes? Here are a few scenarios that I can think of: Migrate storage from local to clustered, or vice-versa Migrate storage from one local volume to another, or remote-to-remote...
  11. F

    cloudbase-init für automatische Erstellung von Windows Servern verwenden

    Ich habe mich im Internet schon ein wenig umgeschaut, dadurch habe ich herausgefunden, dass cloudbase-init die Windows variante von Cloud-Init Linux ist. Nur habe ich leider keine Installationsanleitungen für Proxmox gefunden, damit die Windows Server automatisch installiert werden. Wenn es...
  12. H

    Cloudinit not used by VM created by QEMU

    I have a CentOS VM that need to be used with `cloudinit`. Using libvirt, I am creating VM on Proxmox with Scaleway. I have an ansible file that create a VM name CentOS_Base, the most important commands are: # Downloading a CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1809.qcow2 curl...
  13. C

    cloud-init problem setting hostname in customized configuration

    Hello Everyone, we want to use cloud-init to automate the install of new VMs as linked clones in Proxmox and already have a working configuration. But if we want to set the VM name as the hostname on first boot it doesn't change it. VM OS: Ubuntu 20.04 Proxmox Version: 6.4 is this behaviour...
  14. E

    Cloud-Init overwriting entire Proxmox VE node (7.1)

    I'm trying to use cloud-init so I can setup k8s nodes much more quickly but the node I set it up on gets overwritten by cloud-init on reboot. I followed this exactly - I've done this many times before on PVE 6.x with no issues like this. This...
  15. N

    Undefined subroutine &PVE::Storage::DirPlugin::alloc_image at

    While working through the Cloud-Init at to create a Template on my PVE7 system that is using BTRFS storage I get the following error: $ sudo qm set 100 --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --scsi0 local-btrfs:100/vm-100-disk-0.raw update VM 100: -scsi0...
  16. A

    Having issues with cloud init ubnt 2004

    Hi Team, been working with PVE for a few days now, I am looking into setting up a template for ubuntu 2004 that uses cloud init. However I'm having issues !! So to start with its not an issue with PVE per say because when I used a cloud image from the ubuntu site everything worked fine...
  17. B

    Cloud-Init Support is broken in VE 7.0-10

    Hi! After successful upgrading the server from the latest version 6.x to version 7.0-10 Cloud-Init stopped working. VMs with Cloud-Init cannot boot anymore. I tried to setup a new VM following by the instructions on but the result the same. Can...
  18. E

    VM configuration file not found

    Greetings, everyone. I'm running a test setup of 3-node proxmox cluster with ceph as backend storage. My cluster worked fine so far, VM migration and HA are all working. But I just encountered some weird behavior when creating VM from a cloud-init template. Followings are my steps: 1. create...
  19. J

    cloud-init not working when changing name of VM after clone

    I followed the instructions here -> to create a ubuntu 2004 template using the cloudimg Running the following commands works consistently: qm clone 2004 100 --name...
  20. M

    Cloud-Init can't open snippets/cloudinit.yaml

    Hi, I would like to load my clouding.yaml file at the start of my cloud init vm. qm set <VM_ID> -cicustom "user=local:snippets/cloundinit.yaml" However, when I start the vm, an error appears like that : TASK ERROR: can't open '/var/lib/vz/snippets/cloundinit.yaml' - No such file or directory...


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