1. F

    Creating a windows cloud-init VM

    Hello, I'm trying to create a windows VM with cloud-init. I've downloaded the windows 2012 r2 image from cloudbase, but I have not been able to run int successfully. The problem is when I start the VM, it starts booting from disk, windows logo appears, but it suddenly restarts, and again same...
  2. V

    cloud-init and UseDomains=yes

    1. Setup I use the PROXMOX 6 (proxmox-ve: 6.1-2) I set up a DNS server with dnsmasq dnsmasq is configured to send search-domains The VM is running Arch Linux Within the VM systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved are used I use "cloud-init" 19.3 with netplan 0.98-1 2. Problem There are no...
  3. D

    cloud-init making no changes on new vms

    Hi all, I've setup Proxmox 6.1-7 and build a Centos 7 and Ubuntu server 18.04 vm. I installed cloud-init on both the vms, cleared out the vm config as recommended in this video: I then closed...
  4. C

    cloud-init and Buster generic image network problem

    Did anyone try Buster cloud images (specifically the generic image) with Proxmox and cloud-init yet? I tried with both nocloud and configdrive but can't get the network settings to apply. The cloud-init template seems to assume net0 is eth0, but it is changed to ens18. But even if I replace eth0...
  5. A

    Ubuntu cloud image issue

    Hello, I followed the instructions from this article Cloud-Init Support wget qm create 9000 --memory 2048 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 qm importdisk 9000 bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64.img local-lvm qm set 9000 --scsihw...
  6. I

    Create VM templates

    Hello, We having issues to create VM templates for PROXMOX VE. PROXMOX VE is installed and we added Moudules garden proxmox cloud module (modulesgarden dot com >>products>>whmcs>>proxmox-cloud) for linux distributions it requires cloud-init. for windows server OS is requires cloudbase-init...
  7. V

    BUG: No routing in VM with cloud init (ubuntu 18.x - 19.4)

    It´s possible a bug in the network setting from proxmox to VMs with cloud-init and ubuntu. I have see many forum entries about the same problemas! The big problem is a wrong routing and only with a manual work arround the VMs will runs! That can been, that a routing with a gateway neer the same...
  8. I

    Cloud-Init: can't login to newly created Debian 10 VM

    QEMU config: PVE version: I've used OpenStack image from Debian repo, but for some reason I can't login at all - SSH is disabled, not installed or network is not working for some reason, and it doesn't accept my local credentials. What the hell? Cloud-Init used by Buster is newer that...
  9. T

    Has cloud-init been changed between 5.3 and 6.0?

    Hello, I maintain a project that bootstraps a Kubernetes cluster on Proxmox using Ansible. My code has always worked reliably when tested on 5.3, however I recently upgraded my server to 6.0-4 and now cloud-init is behaving strangely. It successfully sets the IP Address, Subnet, and Gateway to...
  10. R

    Set additional options to cloud-init generated interface configuration files.

    Hi. On a Centos 7 based cloud-init image I am setting IP address and Gateway of the interface using GUI and it generates network interface configuration file like this: # /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 # Created by cloud-init on instance boot automatically, do not edit. #...
  11. I

    Cloud-Init username/pass

    I have been struggeling for an hours trying to set a username/pass on a cloud image. Using latest CentOS-7 cloud image directly - And have ProxMox 5.2-12. Followed the instructions in the manual step by step. qm set 123 --ipconfig0 ip=XXX --cipassword="somepassword"--ciuser=root Firs time I...
  12. V

    Cloud-Init wrong IP in eth0 when Fedora29/30

    With all other image I have not so a big problem, but only with Fedora 29 and Fedora 30. The Cloud-Init works fine, so expl. User/Passwort-Set and the MAC comes with qemu is set for eth0 too, but the IP will not replaced and when the VM is started I have everytime in. A manual set in...
  13. A

    NoVNC glitches with cloud-init/serial console

    Im having this strange issue when I open the console from a cloud-init vm on a node other than the one im actually on it glitches noVNC. So Im pointing my browser to node A then when I open a cloud-init vm on node B the console keeps restarting. Works fine when I open a cloud-init vm on node A...
  14. A

    Cloud-init and ifcfg-eth0

    Hi, I have a template on which cloud init is installed, I do fullclone from it and after that I change the ip and gw parameters. Option 1 - qm set 123 --ipconfig0 ip = / 24, gw = Option 2 Post request / nodes /% s /% s /% d / config in the body of which new parameters ip...
  15. J

    cloud-init and disable_root

    I have been playing with cloud-init support in PVE and am loving it ... however, one of the things I want to disable on certain VMS (for good or for bad, please don't lecture on security) is to enable the root user to be able to ssh into the VMs (at least while we're building them and scp'ing...
  16. T

    Seeking support for using qm create and specifying a bridge

    Hello Proxmox team, I have been trying to provision a VM to use a network bridge all evening unsucessfully. The following commands create a working VM that is configured via cloud-init. This works great and the VM starts up just fine. However, the `/etc/resolv.conf` file contains a nameserver...
  17. L

    Assigning secondary IP address using Cloud-Init

    Hi, I would like to assign secondary IP addresses to a single network device using the cloud-init configuration. I can read from the specification that this is possible to do. However, the Proxmox API and frontend does not allow to enter more than a single IP address. It would be great to allow...
  18. Y

    PVE API for cloud-init drive

    hey guys, I'm working on extending current salt cloud module to support cloud-init (for qemu new vm's/clones) from a first look, looks quite simple, just add ide[n] config with the following for example: "ide0" : "local:101/vm-101-cloudinit.qcow2,media=cdrom" (this varies based on the next...
  19. B

    Cloud-init and Centos 7

    Hi I'm completely confused with the proxmox support for Cloud-init so hoping someone can help. I've not done very much cloud-init work but I did test it out a few months ago on some VM's in Parallels on my Mac. For that I pretty much had to create a meta-data file, a user-data file and then...
  20. G

    CloudInit does not set gateway for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (netplan)

    I am using cloud-init to set up some Ubuntu 18.04 VM's (uses netplan for net config) They are all configured using static IPv4 address like 192.168.0.x/24 The gateway is The generated /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml file does not contain gateway4 attribute


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