1. J

    Ubuntu VMs cloned from cloud-init template do not execute cloud-init on first boot

    Hello, I am trying to create a cloud-init template for my VMs. I am on Proxmox VE 8.1.5. I am able to create the template, but when I clone it and attempt to start the clone, the cloud-init process never gets kicked off during boot (no ssh keys are generated, and ultimately I get a startup...
  2. J

    Virtual machine creation with API fails (cloud-init)

    Good evening guys since the last minor update of our Proxmox VE instances the creation with cloudinit is broken. We always added the parameter ' scsi10: "local-lvm:cloudinit"' to the API request, but since the last version the Proxmox VE instance fails at creation with the virtual machine with...
  3. P

    How to add several DNS domains in cloud-init Proxmox WEB GUI

    Hello, I need to add several entries to the guest VM "DNS domain" using Proxmox. As result the guest VM hostname changes to the combined DNS domains name: The "DNS domain" field supposed to have only one "."-separated entry. Please advice how I can add several DNS domains in Proxmox WEB GUI.
  4. P

    Unable to clone VM template after updating disk image

    I am trying to automate up to date cloud images for Ubuntu and Debian VM templates. Once a template has been cloned using linked clones, it is not possible to delete the template, so I just change the disk to be used in new clones, while the existing clones can still link to previous disk...
  5. V

    Cloning VM Template With Cloud Init Fails

    Hi all, I've been trying to deploy machines via the Proxmox VE API by cloning an existing template and configuring it with cloud-init. Sometimes this works, however most times my VMs either get stuck in a bootloop or get stuck in initramfs: Bootloop: Initramfs: ALERT! UUID=<UUID> does not...
  6. V

    how to use "standard"-cloudinit (user-data) via cli?

    I have some services which I deploy using cloud-init on another virtualization environment. Now I need to move to proxmox and smh need to reuse the same logic to deploy VMs. I need it to be possible to deploy vm's with my cloud-init data as I used before. not just passign a username & password...
  7. F

    [GUIDE] Proper networking for a CentOS 7 VM created via cloud-init image in Proxmox 7 & 8 with routed networking at Hetzner

    After banging my head for about a day as to why a CentOS 7 VM created via the latest official cloud-init image just wouldn't have networking at all, on both a Proxmox 7 & a Proxmox 8 server with routed networking at Hetzner, here's a short guide that might benefit others... As always, your...
  8. B

    Cloud-init and RANDOM passwords

    Hey, when using user:RANDOM password in a custom.yaml, is it possible to get the output of the passwords set to the task status window in the webgui? The config works, but I have to be fast to attach to the VM on a first boot to catch the passwords. I'm aware that I should use public keys, but...
  9. B

    Growpart on Debian VM with LVM fails

    Hi, so I am building a Debian 12 VM template with cloud-init. I basically have everything working already, except the automatic resizing for the disk. When trying to run sudo growpart /dev/vda 5, it fails because of No space left on device.. Here is the full command output: ciuser@debian:~$...
  10. Y

    Cloud-init and Network Configuration Issue in Proxmox VE

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an issue I encountered while working with Proxmox VE New versions (After 7.1) regarding cloud-init and network configuration. It seems that there have been changes in behavior from older versions, and I wanted to discuss this for the benefit of the community...
  11. A

    [TUTORIAL] Install OpenBSD 7.3 on Proxmox (BIOS/UEFI and Cloud-init)

    We're taking a little break in our series "GPU/PCI Passthrough on Proxmox", I must say that the fourth article on OpenBSD gave me a hard time. So I thought it was an opportunity to take stock of the different methods of installing OpenBSD on our favorite hypervisor. We will consider different...
  12. P

    Creating cloud images using Ansible fails while the same commands work in the shell

    I also asked in stackoverflow, but trying here. I am updating my Ansible PVE deployment to create cloud image templates. I have a working shell script, and I just converted the commands to an Ansible "shell" command, the results are weird, sometimes working, sometimes not, sometimes I end up...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Cloud init Ubuntu 20.04 Focal and Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Login incorrect

    Hi. I followed along Techno Tim's tutorial on how you can create a VM from a Cloud Init image. I used Ubuntu 22.04 and 20.04 to create a VM. Without starting it (to avoid vm getting a UUID as he described it) I set a username and a password. Then I created a template and from this template I...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Update 7 to 8 issue with cloud-init

    Hi, I updated a server from v7 to v8 (for now it's only for tests purpose ;) ). Everything seems to goes OK but when I restart the server, no web GUI :( SSH is ok so I dig and it's nearly the same problem as here :
  15. H

    Cloud-init on Centos8 ( set-hostname not working )

    I have a problem with my Centos8 template I created a template based on the cloud image provided by centos (official) as a provider we give as hostname the same name as the vm but in this case (centos8 temp) the hostname of the vms deployed via centos 8 template keeps the previous hostname...
  16. A

    Cloud Init Template Creation Script

    Hi all Haven't posted on here before but long time lurker. Apologies if something similar to this has been posted in the forum previously. As part of my learning with Proxmox I've wanted to learn how to build a script to create vm templates so that I can clone a template into a vm quickly...
  17. J

    cloud-init does not use search domain as fqdn

    I have a VM provisioned with qcow2 image, and have set in the cloud-init a search domain. However, the cloud init is using vmName + search domain as the FQDN, which is not as expected. An earlier VM created with the same image and cloud-init settings (except with a different search domain)...
  18. herzkerl

    Cloud-init ohne package upgrade?

    Hallo liebe Community, ist es möglich, trotz Verwendung von eurer Cloud-init-Implementierung dort die automatischen Paketupdates zu deaktivieren? Ich habe versucht, in der VM die user-data.txt zu bearbeiten, aber nach einem Neustart stand dort wieder package_upgrade: true
  19. Y

    cloudinit via api

    Hi:), I saw a documentation how to attach a cloudinit drive to vm, and I want to do the same from the API. 1. I have created a vm (vm id: 9000 ) 2. I have downloaded cloudinit image and uploaded it to ISO Images (/var/lib/vz/template/iso/focal-server-cloudimg-amd64.img) 3. ?? I want to add...
  20. Z

    Ubuntu Cloud Init, fehlende Underscores in Console

    Hi, Ich habe mit dem Ubuntu Cloud Image (jammy-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk-kvm.img) unter Proxmox 7.1-8 ein Template angelegt. In das Template habe ich eine Serical Console eingebunden (qm set 9000 --serial0 socket --vga serial0). Wenn ich von diesem Template nun eine VM (Full Clone) erzeuge und...


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