1. R

    Bond0 ProxMox slow internet speed

    hi, I installed two Mellox network cards of 10 gbit each, but when I make the bond with the two network cards the maximum speed is 9 gbit, always the same dedicated if I install windows and configure lcap the connection speed is 20 gbit, so the cards work correctly, how do I solve the problem on...
  2. R

    Bonding doesn't appear to be working

    I have an intel nuc running proxmox with two ethernet ports (one via usb). I've switched the bridge over to them and using iperf3 shown they both work as expected. I have configured my network as follows: auto eno1 iface eno1 inet manual auto enx00e04c9f525e iface...
  3. 4

    Can't access Proxmox after setting up a bonding

    I tried to set up a bonding following this youtube video, basically creating a Linux bonding without specifying anything except slaves and mode (I used balance-alb as in the video). After applying the changes, I can't access my Proxmox installation from remote GUI or ssh anymore. I have physical...
  4. J

    Configure Networking for Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance

    I have three Gigabit Ethernet NICs installed on my Proxmox VE Host. If I want to have load balancing and fault tolerance Do I configure the Proxmox VE like this OR do I need to use the Bond and attach it to the vmbr0 Bridge? And do I need to configure the LAGS on the Cisco Switch's...
  5. B

    Interface Bonding - iSCSI Storage, corosync, ceph and VM Network - Best Practice?

    Hello together! Maybe you can give me some tips? I am planning a PVE cluster with 4 HPE servers following network cards per node: 4x onboard NICs (total 4x 1Gb) 4x Intel X520-DA2 PCIe (total 8x 10Gb) Network: 2x switch with 28x 10Gb and 4x 25Gb (LACP 802.3ad is supported but unfortunately no...
  6. B

    LACP bonding with 2 x10G nic are giving 10G traffic only

    Hi, We have 2 servers. each of them has 2 x10G interface. We have created bond interface with 2 x10G nics and connected 2 servers. But we are getting only 10G throughput. Not 20gbps. What are we missing in the configuration? In future we can only use LACP. not other protocols, Because we shall...
  7. Q

    Network/Bridge Help.

    im trying to setup a network bridge between my 10gbit cards so my computer has a network card with 2 10gbit ports that i want to set up as a bridge in windows to effectively get "20gbit" between proxmox and my pc. proxmox server is behind my computer. so i have 2 10gbit in main pc going to...
  8. C

    LACP (balance-tcp) bonding with Cisco Catalyst WS-C4948-10GE-S

    Through ovs-vsctl, bridges from physical interfaces are configured in the GUI eno1 - Service NIC eno2 - Man NIC eno3 + eno4 - bond (LACP (balance-tcp)) Cisco shows the following error for server ports configured as bond: %EC-5-L3DONTBNDL2: Gi1/35 suspended: LACP currently not enabled on the...
  9. N

    Interface Bonding of Storage and Network Traffic NIC's

    In our 3 node cluster we currently have 2 10G ports that are bonded, and then we set separate VLAN's on the bonded NIC for Ceph Storage traffic (say vlan 1) and proxmox VM traffic (say vlan 2). So we have bond0.1 and bond0.2 traffic. I was under the impression this was not ideal as the bonded...
  10. S

    Bond doesn't failover to the other slave (OVH / Proxmox 7.1-12)

    Hi all, I've configured the following ethernet bond [bond0], which appears to be working when both [eth0] and [eth1] are online, however, when I take down [eth1], IPv6 stops pinging for the node but not in the VMs. When I put [eth1] back online and take down [eth0], IPv6 is up for the node but...
  11. F

    Check Network config file pls

    Hello, community, as I'm a relatively new user of Proxmox and Debian I publish a network config file that pleases can somebody tell me if it will work or how do I have to modify it. Thank you for your help. The host has 4 RJ45 1Gbps interfaces and 2 SFP+ 10Gbps interfaces. The idea is to...
  12. F

    Setting Up LACP Bond with VLAN Trunk and Bridge

    Hi I'm having a really hard time trying to get the network setup on Proxmox despite looking at all of the forums and tweaks I've been doing. I have configured a 2Gbps LACP bond on my Netgear GS724T managed switch and is also setup as a VLAN trunk with it's PVID (native VLAN) on 8 so it can...
  13. N

    Periodic packet loss

    Hi all! I have 2 standalone servers with lastest proxmox ve. Each server has two ethernet adapters, they bonded and bridged via openvSwitch with config: auto eno1np0 iface eno1np0 inet manual auto eno2np1 iface eno2np1 inet manual auto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual ovs_bonds eno1np0...
  14. S

    Multi-Subnet, Multi-Tenant, VLANned, Bonded & Bridged Network Config - Am I Doing It Right?

    Hey guys, I'm an IT veteran but a Proxmox & Linux noob. I'm configuring a set of Proxmox 6.3-2 servers for use in a relatively complex web hosting environment and I just wanted to get some confirmation that the way I'm configuring the networking is correct. The network will used a bridged...
  15. C

    bond interface fails after NIC replacement

    I've replaced a 10GbE adapter in one of our Proxmox nodes that was running a bonded pair of Cat6 cables to an aggregate switch. The old NIC and its replacement are both Intel Ethernet Controllers (10-Gigabit X540-AT2) so I assumed (probably incorrectly) that all I'd need to do was plug it in...
  16. L

    Dual-NIC enablement with VLANs (VMs untagged) (Migrations/Backups/PVE tagged)

    G'day, We have 2x switches available, each with 4x 10G ports and 48x 1G ports. They're stackable, though we'd rather avoid it. At the moment, all hypervisors are routing through 1 of the 2 switches. They're going through the untagged handoff VLAN, with tagged VLANs atop. Those tagged VLANs...
  17. B

    HA Network port with cluster

    Hi! I have a configuration question. I have 3 servers each with 2 network ports. I also have 2 switches for an active/standby configuration. By default, I wanted to do a Linux port bond with 2 network ports, one connected to switch1 another one connected to switch2. It is ok for the...
  18. I

    Failover and high availability network bonding

    Dear ProxMox, We have 2 cisco 4948E cisco switches. All proxmox hosts connected to those switches. Proxmox hosts are configured as cluster but with local storage, hence no ceph or gluster is being used. Another word, no hyper-converged setup is being used. So, the switches just serve regular...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] PVE 6.3 + OVS / Linux bridge + MLX312B SR-IOV + LACP

    Hey folks, I'm fighting with network setup, not sure if this config can work, so would be nice if you can share info or your config regarding similar setup. PVE: 6.3-3 System: HPE ML350 Gen9 Network card: HPE 546SFP+ (MLX312B) - 2-port SFP+ (part number: 779793-B21) Bridging: using OVS...
  20. C

    Bond Bridge to Proxmox

    Hi I'm new to Proxmox and I'm discovering. Until today I was on kvm-qemu / virsh on CentOS 7. My test server is in Virtual Environment 6.2-4. Here is how I work on my current setup: - I've N VLAN (1, 2 and 3 for example) - I've my physical interfaces with configuration to bonding ...


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