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  1. W

    Proxmox Backup Server deduplication value drops

    Hello, Proxmox community! I have a query that I've been unable to resolve for the past weeks. My deduplication ratio on Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) has significantly decreased. Previously, I know (though I can't access older logs to confirm) that the deduplication factor was above 12, but...
  2. F

    issues with plex hardware transcoding after migrating backup to new system

    I have a cluster. one of them has plex on it. somehow something got corrupted or disk dying. i have weekly backups with proxmox backup server. I restored the backup from the backup server to another computer. Same specs as the original. it will no longer hardware transcode. plex shows the igpu i...
  3. G

    10gb net

    Good day to everyone! I have a bridge on my PVE for VMs with one 1gb/s network interface in it by which I have an access to this PVE (and VMs also). PBS was installed in the same network. Backup jobs worked fine with 1gb/s speed. After a while a did add 10gb cards in both PVE and PBS and also...
  4. K

    VM Server Failover on Different Static IP

    Aloha, I have setup Proxmox 8.1.3 with an Ubuntu 22.04 mail server VM (zimbra) that has a static WAN Ip at site 1 I want to setup a replicated Mail server at Site 2 with a different static wan ip, So that if Mail server 1 goes down, Mail server 2 picks up and starts. Problem - The Static Ip is...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Make a single backup to 2 storage (folder + Proxmox Backup Server)

    Hello, Thank you Proxmox for your great products! I have a question. I have configured a daily backup, locally, to a folder. In addition, I installed a Proxmox Backup Server. Is it possible to do a single backup locally and send it to Proxmox Backup Server or is it necessary to do the backup...
  6. taich

    Backup Storage disconnectd

    I run a Proxmox cluster (3 nodes) latest version with all updates and upgrades done. And I also have a Proxmox Backup server also updated to latest version. Once in a while the backup server gets disconnected from pve. In server view under storage pbs loses its name and there is a question mark...
  7. P

    Retention & sync jobs

    Hello all, I'm thinking about migrating to PBS for on-site & off-site backup. While the connection between headquarters and branch office is relatively (very) slow, the backups have always lagged behind for some days (using copy job in Veeam). The lagging is not a problem while is ok that i...
  8. D

    Is possible to use AWS S3 in PBS?

    I wanna know how can I make backups of my vms in the aws s3, is that possible?
  9. S

    Chunks file deleted after server restart

    Hello, I have my PBS installed alongside Proxmox host. Backups been working great, but after a maintenance restart, the Chunks file seem to have dissapeared. The backups are/were stored on a ZFS-dataset, which is still there and the pool is reported as healthy, no problems at all. The dataset...
  10. A

    no network interface found with QLogic FastLinQ 41264

    Hello all, I tried today to install Proxmox Backup server on a Dell PE R740. It was my first try at it. It stopped wit 'no network interface found'. The server has a QLogic FastLinQ 41264 with two SFP+ ports and two Ethernet 1 Gg ports. The problem has already been reported for such cards with...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Fresh install - "cannot import rpool: no such pool available"

    Hello, I'm doing a fresh install on 2x10TB drives. I've reinstalled the machine for three times, the result is the same: Here's a full recording of the boot process: Any hints are highly appreciated! Later edit. A temporary fix was to add...
  12. grin

    [SOLVED] Missing chunks, how to fix - update atime failed for chunk - ENOENT: No such file or directory

    2020-08-25T10:21:57+02:00: WARN: warning: unable to access chunk xx, required by "/mnt/datastore/pub/ct/666/2020-08-21T02:33:47Z/root.pxar.didx" - update atime failed for chunk "/mnt/datastore/pub/.chunks/fa39/xxx" - ENOENT: No such file or directory This have been killing GC (which is fixed in...
  13. grin

    [SOLVED] garbage collection spam logs by repeatedly failing due to running backup

    There is a backup taking 12h+, which is okay. GC is daily. Now, GC isn't happy when trying to clean up files of an active backup: 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: starting garbage collection on store pub 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: task triggered by schedule 'daily' 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: Start...


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