[SOLVED] Make a single backup to 2 storage (folder + Proxmox Backup Server)


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Jan 22, 2013

Thank you Proxmox for your great products!

I have a question.

I have configured a daily backup, locally, to a folder.
In addition, I installed a Proxmox Backup Server.
Is it possible to do a single backup locally and send it to Proxmox Backup Server or is it necessary to do the backup twice?

I have the impression that this is not possible, and it would make sense to benefit from encryption for example.



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Yes, not possible at the moment. But VZDump backup imports are on the PBS roadmap. So maybe you later could script something, that will import your local backups to PBS, so you don't have to do them twice.

Other option would be to use two PBS and sync them, so you only need to back up to a single PBS.
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@arnolem: for completeness sake, what you want is

PVE --backup--> PBS1
PBS2 <--pull/sync-- PBS1


PVE --backup--> PBS1
PVE --backup--> PBS2
Actually, I have :
PVE -- backup -- local
PVE -- backup -- PBS

I would like :
PVE -- backup -- local + PBS

But if it is not possible, i will make this

PVE -- backup -- PBS1
PBS1 -- sync -- PBS2

With this feature

yes, exactly. the backup targets are unfortunately rather different, so supporting two simultaneously is not that easy.


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