1. P

    PBS Backups über DSL Leitung ins Rechenzentrum

    Hallo, ich habe noch bis vor kurzem ESXI und Veeam Backup genutzt, da ich immer mehr Open Source einsetze möchte PVE / PBS interessante Features bieten migriere ich gerade darauf. Bisher hatte ich die Backups vom Host mit Veeam ins Rechenzentrum gemacht über eine herkömmlich DSL Leitung (100...
  2. L

    Backup to extrenal SSD also affects local (pve)

    Hi, I'm quite new to Proxmox but has everythin up and running, Home Assistant, Windows, and a LXC container with InfluxDB. Every time I run a scheduled backup (or manual), choosing only to backup to my external SSD, the internal storage on local.pve also decreases. There are no backups...
  3. J

    Proxmox Backup Server restored. Unable to restore old backups

    Hello everyone, I am having difficulty restoring my backups.Unfortunately, the error message isn't helping either: recovering backed-up configuration from 'restooooooore:backup/ct/102/2023-11-26T18:49:00Z' Formatting '/var/lib/vz/images/103/vm-103-disk-0.raw', fmt=raw size=8589934592...
  4. K

    Proxmox Manual Backup Storage shortage Issue

    Hello, I am using Proxmox virtual environment (version: 7.2-3 & 7.1-7) for all of my VM. Everything was going well. All of my VMs are running from "local-lvm". I use the Proxmox VE GUI to manually take VM backups every week. Recently, I have been unable to take a backup due to an issue with the...
  5. S

    Can someone explain backup schedule retention to me?

    My schedule is like this: sat 09:00 Keep weekly 4 Keep monthly 1 Yearly 1 I just checked today and my monthly backup from 09-30 got deleted which was the last monthly backup from September. I just figured it out that Keep monthly should be 12 and not 1. So the new schedule is: sat 09:00 Keep...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Windows VM freezes in the backup process

    We're having a problem with the VM freezing when the backup process is running. The VM in question is Windows Server 2016 with IIS. We have more than 500 VMs running, with different types of OS, and none of them have this symptom. Below is the VM configuration and PVE host version agent: 1...
  7. 0

    Possibility to move local pve backups to pbs

    Hello together, I#m searching for a solution to move my local PVE Backups to PBS. Is that possible in any way? I did not found a solution in the PVE or PBS Docs. Any Ideas are welcome. Best regards 0zw00d
  8. W

    When proxmox makes a backup, it takes more resources and the website on VM goes down because of resource lack

    When proxmox makes a backup, it takes more resources and the website on VM goes down of resource lack. I have proxmox on the host and backups are going to proxmox backup server. Any suggestions? regards
  9. O

    Offload proxmox backups

    Hi all, Can I offload proxmox backup files to another site as a second or thierd backup location? Say we do a local backup on a local storage on the proxmox server and i want to offload this to another storage system every weekend. How would i go about it? And how would i use this backup for...
  10. A

    Patching PVE on update

    I have a small patch for PVE (adds a 10 minute timeout to booting VMs during backup), which I have been manually applying and re-applying after each PVE update. The re-applying is getting a bit tedious, so I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions on how to save this patch for...
  11. E

    Multiple VZDUMP processes

    I'm running some backups routines at the same time, but sometimes they don't run and show the message "INFO: trying to get global lock - waiting...", is there a problem running mutiple backups at the same time ? Can more than one vzdump process run at the same time ? Note: I'm using the latest...
  12. L

    Problems with backup of the lxc container to pbs

    I found a problem with copying the container to proxmox backup server. pve 6.4-8, Backup Server 1.1-12. As I understand it, due to old containers, upgrading to the latest versions can make containers non-working. Initially it was (log) 202: 2023-11-09 18:16:00 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 202...
  13. E

    Trouble with vzdump/backups (especially windows)

    My linux VMs back up fine, but the windows ones do not. I was using zstd and the backups kept freezing (I couldn't stop the process without restarting the node), so I am trying gzip now. This time, the process at least ends without hanging, but there are still errors on the windows VMs. I'm...
  14. T

    vzdump with snapshot on BTRFS

    While currently not supported I have patched the perl module for LXC. /usr/share/perl5/PVE/LXC.vm You may apply the patch via patch /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ This is the content of --- /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ 2023-06-24 15:08:37.000000000 +0200 +++...
  15. P

    Unexplained Connection Issues During VM Backups: Seeking Help

    Good morning, dear Proxmox community. I am facing a peculiar problem that I cannot identify. First, let me share a few facts: - I operate four servers in a cluster with CEPH and 16 NVMe OSDs. - I use NFS as backup storage. - All VMs from the four servers are backed up to the NFS storage. - Each...
  16. A

    Host Backup

    So i know there is a way to backup the vms and i do this. My question is how do i back up the actual host? To include config files and everything. Basically if my machine died today i would be able to take a new hard drive and restore the config back to exactly what it was.... I have a lot of...
  17. S

    INFO: Error: inserting chunk on store ENOENT: No such file or directory

    Hello guys, I've searched now more than a hour for a solution in the internet and also by myself for this problem: INFO: Error: inserting chunk on store 'mirror-backup' failed for e1be7f4dd47704ed17a28398ae375859b61bbaeba9e6b2976ef09d0cf3cb9712 - mkstemp...
  18. D

    Backup Option missing everywhere even after added Data Storage for it

    Relatively new Proxmox user, running Proxmox 8.0.4 and the "Backup" option is nowhere to be found on either VMs or containers, the button I've seen in tutorials all over the web is simply completely "missing", even after I setup a Directory backup storage and an NFS backupstorage location. I...
  19. G

    Urgent Help Needed: Backup Error - "Parameter 'backup-ns' is Unexpected"

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm encountering a critical issue while attempting VM backups from Proxmox host to Proxmox Backup Server. The error message reads: "VM qmp command 'backup' failed - Parameter 'backup-ns' is unexpected." This error has been consistently preventing successful backups. I...
  20. E

    zfs best practices: 36x 6tb hdd + enterprise nvme

    Hello together, there are a lot of posts here about ZFS, which makes it a bit difficult to compress the needed information. Therefore a simple "best practice" queestion to the experienced ZFS admins: I have two Adaptec 6805 raid servers with 36x 6TB HDDs each and would like to enable HBA...


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