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    How to sync my backups to google drive?

    Hello everyone, I have a Proxmox VE running on an old PC, and I have some trust issues regarding the security of my backups. I don't want to reconfigure all my containers again in case one of my hard drives stops working. So, I want to know if there is an easy way to sync the backup folder with...
  2. T

    Hypervisor kernel panic during backup to PBS

    During backups to PBS the hypervisor will do a hard crash, it is not consistent at which point it does it. Sometimes a backup succeeds, and sometimes it will not. But after a few backups 1 will fail and fully crash the hypervisor. Does anyone have any idea where I can start at debugging this...
  3. M

    post tteck install ve - problem - can't login to gui and no vm's

    my name is idiot. I ran tteck's post install script on my ve after having good success with a similar one on the backup server. after the reboot I can't connect to gui. I can start the vm's using the command line as in: qm start ... but I can't connect to them over the network. I can ping ip...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Problems after upgrading 7.X to 8.X. Can't file restore via PBS

    Hi! Everything was ok, but when i upgrade proxmox from 7.x to 8.x, i can not use file restore option in backup. When i'm trying to restore file, i've got message - "VM exited before connection could be established (500)" Log from /var/log/proxmox-backup/file-restore/qemu* Packages version: 1...
  5. L

    Proxmox Backup extrem langsam

    Hallo, Ihr Lieben, ich hoffe, ich kann auf diesem Weg hier etwas mehr Hilfe als durch Google & Co bekommen. Und zwar handelt es sich darum, dass ich einen Container (LXC) habe und in diesem ein NFS Share gemountet ist für Paperless Daten. Des Weiteren habe ich ein NFS Share generell...
  6. C

    PBS backing up to NFS--backing up the NFS VM

    So I have configured my PBS datastore to use an NFS mount. It took a while but, after disabling ALL NFS caching functions from NFS client on the PBS to get around ESTSALE errors, I was finally able to get back ups working. I have successful VM backups on both of my nodes. However, my dilemma...
  7. P

    Backup retention ignored (not using PBS)

    Hey, I configured a backup job on the Datacenter node, and set "keep-last=1", but it is ignored, backups keep piling up. Each affected node's logs just states 2024-03-18 21:05:07 INFO: prune older backups with retention: keep-last=1 2024-03-18 21:05:07 INFO: pruned 0 backup(s) What could be...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] VM unresponsive after failed backup

    Hello, I need some help to properly configure the backup: while the scheduled backup of alll my VM failed because the backup disk space was not sufficient, the VM that was actually being backed up at the moment of failure became unresponsive and any try to shut it down and restart failed. I'd...
  9. B

    Backup to another node

    Hi. I'm really new to proxmox. I will try to back up my "proxmox" node's vms to "dl380" node. They are in cluster. I have a directory type storage on "dl380" node with the following settings. When I try to run a backup job I received the following error message. I checked the systemctl...
  10. S

    Backup-Monitoring per Powershell-Skript

    Servus zusammen, ich teste gerade den Proxmox-VM-Server und den Backup-Server. Was mir noch wichtig wäre ist, dass wir die Backups monitoren können... Wir nutzen als Monitorings-Software die Riversuite von Riverbird. Riverbird hat mir nur ein Standard-Skript gegeben (Powershell) das die...
  11. M

    Split VM backup to multiple datastores for different disks

    Hello, I'm cureently in need of a very particular backup configuration. I need to backup different disks of the same VM to different backup targets. Is there a way to either: - modify the target datastore for a specific disk - exclude a disk from a specific backup job only - modify the target...
  12. J

    High Memory During Backup

    Hello, I'm fairly new to proxmox and running into some trouble with backups. I configured a VM backup job writing to an NFS share with mostly default options (Snapshot, ZSTD compression). Within a minute or two of starting, the system and all VM's became unresponsive. After rebooting I tried...
  13. A

    unknown node status when vm backup job

    Help, has anyone encountered a similar problem, a cluster of 3 nodes, one random node freezes, with a VM backup task, restarting networking.service helps and the node comes to life, the VM comes to life after unlocking qm, but the network on the VM does not work if you migrate VM to another...
  14. G

    Proxmox + PBS security issues

    Scenario: - One machine with proxmox - Second machine with PBS VMs on proxmox machine are DELETED, all the VM data is wiped. After that, the proxmox machine is physically compromised. What to expect: no data leak Whan actually happens: - PBS encryption key is available in /etc/pve on the...
  15. V

    What is the method to utilize efficient ZFS daily snapshots to keep a backup of containers and vms?

    I would like to keep ZFS-based backups / snapshots in daily (1 month weekly), weekly (5 weeks), and monthly (6 months) intervals on servers so as to be able to readily rollback if need arises. How is this accomplished in an automated fashion so as to both accomplish this and purge older...
  16. B

    Linux Completely hung on Proxmox VM Backup to NAS

    Feb 29 22:00 Backup of a VM to NFS share (hosted by FreeNAS Scale VM on a different Proxmox host) caused the whole computer (BeeLink GTR7Pro AMD Ryzen 9 7940 HS) running the latest promox to hang up. I was on vacation when this occurred. Came back home on Mar 03, the computer was powered on...
  17. M

    Backup Job - Error" tmpdir ... does not exist

    Hi, For the last couple of months I am experiencing this issue where my /tmp/backup directory keeps being deleted which prevents my Backup Job from successfully completing. I am recreating it manually but then it gets deleted over and over again. Any clue why it is happening and how to fix it...
  18. S

    Backup von externer SSD per FTP runterladen

    Hallo, ich wollte anhand dieses Tutorials die Backupdateien mit Filezilla herunterladen. Allerdings ist das Verzeichnis /var/lib/vz/dump leer. Wahrscheinlich, weil die Backups bei mir auf eine externe SSD gespeichert werden. Nun die Frage, wie komme ich an die Dateien?
  19. V

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Add usign DNS doesn't work

    I can add my backup storage using it's public IP (I only allow my PVEs public outbound IPs and I use namespaces) but when I try to do it using DNS it doesnt work. Am I doing something wrong or is it by design? if it's by design, is there a way to circumvent it?
  20. S

    best way to automatically sync backups to USB disk when it connects

    Hi, I'm testing proxmox for a couple of months now and i'm very happy. At the moment I have 3 disks, 2 internal and 1 usb-hdd. I already set the backup job to backup the VM's from internal disk 1 to disk 2. Now I want "something" to copy the backup-files from disk 2 to the usb-hdd when I...


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