1. after daily backup fails Node is not usable

    Hi, we have a 4 node cluster with ceph configured and running for years. Recently starting with around 6.2-6 we got problems that our smb backups regular failing (ZSTD/Snaptshot). Same situation with 6.2-12. Likely its due a network failure, but why this happens no idea - nothing obvious were...
  2. Backups fails - SEGFAULT tokio-runtime-w

    Hi, all my backups of size larger than (about) 1Gb fails. Here is a sample task log: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 124 --node vmh3 --mode snapshot --remove 0 --storage pbs-primary INFO: Starting Backup of VM 124 (lxc) INFO: Backup started at 2020-10-09 09:13:52 INFO: status = running...
  3. grin

    container backup is slow

    On my Large container the pbs takes 25 hours now. The same contaner with backuppc (incremental, rsync) takes about 90 minutes. Backing up a VM image is fast. (Non-incremental backuppc take 12 - 40 hours.) It seems pbs could use a feature where files with old atime/mtime would be skipped.
  4. [SOLVED] Backup fails with "exceeded allowed number of file entries"

    Hi, I've been testing pbs for a while now and I'm backing up production vm's and lxc containers to really test pbs in our environment. One container has been giving errors regarding a file entries limit. This seems to be limited to pbs. I just upgraded to pbs 9.0 (client and server) but had...
  5. Help opening the .raw file

    Hello friends, I have a problem with my proxmox, when doing an update I had a power outage, at that moment when starting the system one of the vms stopped starting, doing disk analysis, I'm using linux ubuntu, I have 16 tb of file in a .raw file, would anyone have a solution on how I can open it...
  6. backup failure exit code 2

    proxmox 6.2-12 any idea? INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 140 --storage vqfiler1-lxc --remove 0 --node pve-srv1 --compress zstd --mode snapshot INFO: Starting Backup of VM 140 (lxc) INFO: Backup started at 2020-10-02 15:37:29 INFO: status = running INFO: CT Name: grid-master INFO...
  7. lxc bavkup slow ( how i can check what limit the backup speed?)

    i have lxc containers hostes on ceph storage (with speed over 5GBs ) when making backup using zstd the speed is between 20-90MBs the storage i am writing to store the backup have read/write speed around 1GB proxmox 6.2.12
  8. [SOLVED] lxc backup error when ZSTD selected

    on some hosts the ZSTD backup compression is not working? any idea why ? this is the error? Parameter verification failed. (400) compress: value 'zstd' does not have a value in the enumeration '0, 1, gzip, lzo' solution: upgrade proxmox to latest version on all nodes.
  9. Proxmox Backup: Backup-NAS nicht erreichbar

    Hallo, ich betreibe aktuell Proxmox 6.2-1 mit 3 Nodes. Alle Nodes sind identisch ausgerüstet und beherbergen Ceph. Ich habe eine Backup-NAS eingebunden. Wenn ich nun bei einem der 3 Nodes auf das Backup Storage gehe und dort auf Content, erhalte ich folgende Fehlermeldung: storage...
  10. Backup Server Roadmap wiki page: question

    Proxmox Backup Server (PBS): so are bullets (for features) listed in the 'Roadmap' section below specifically NOT yet implemented?
  11. pxar file browser

    Hi, Thanks for this product, its a big improvement over vzdump when it comes to saving space. I viewed the video posted to the top of the forum here, and he references a pxar file browser, where you can download individual files from the backup. I can't see this button available in my pbs web...
  12. Snapshots, templates, clones, backups: how do they all compare?

    PVE newbie here. 1. How does the following wiki page apply to LXC Containers? 2. There's no mention of "snapshots" in the above wiki page, even though PVE 6.2-11 seems to feature snapshot feature prominently over "template." Is this above...
  13. Design - Replication and backups

    I am setting up a tiny cluster - I only need more than one machine to provide fault tolerance (will be using 3 for quorum / simpler upgrade and maintenance cycles). Given that I have 3 physical hosts which is very redundant, I'm not planning on mutliple PSU's/NICs/RAID. To provide resillience...
  14. High I/O delay during backups on ZFS

    Hi, I am encountering some problems making backups on many servers running ZFS. The PVE cluster is made of 4 nodes, every node have a ZFS mirror pool on 2 NVMe SSD drives and a full backup is made once per week at 00:30 on different days per each node: Every time a backup is started I see...
  15. VZDUMP nfs backup question - There is a max backup limit..

    i have a scheduled backup. on a nfs VZDUMP backup file that configured for 2 backups. the script files withe the following reason :ERROR: Backup of VM 112 failed - There is a max backup limit of (2) enforced by the target storage or the vzdump parameters. Either increase the limit or delete...
  16. Backup datastore on NAS

    Hi, I want to backup the PBS datastore ( located in '/datastore' ) every day on my NAS (Synology) in case of hardware failure. Do i need more that rsync the '/datastore' and '/etc/proxmox-backup' folders on my NAS to accomplish this ? Thank you.
  17. Migrate proxmox os to annother hard with dfferent size and raid configuration

    Hi I want migrate my proxmox os from raid 0 hard to another hard with raid 5 , i cant find any solution in your documentationn , what is best safe way for migrate os to another hard thanks
  18. grin

    Backup progress percent or bar or else?

    Would it be good to have some progress bar for running backups? Right now I've got a CT showing "created new dynamic index 2" for 20+ hours....
  19. [SOLVED] LVM Partition als Backupstorage verwenden

    Hallo, ich habe eine Partition (sda3), die bei Proxmox unter Disks -> LVM als newdrive angezeigt wird. Ich würde gerne diesen Storage als Storage für Backups verwenden, was muss ich genau machen? Ein Directory mit dem newdrive lässt sich leider nicht erstellen. Danke im Voraus!
  20. Backup schlägt fehl, permission Denied

    Hallo, ich möchte auf meinem Proxmox ein Backup einrichten. Das Backup soll zu meiner NAS übertragen werden. 1. Ich habe auf meiner NAS NFS aktiviert und den Proxmox Host über eine IP-Adresse zugelassen. Der User hat auch Admin Rechte. 2. Auf dem Proxmox habe ich ein neues Storage über...


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