Proxmox VE multiple Gateways


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Jan 30, 2020

I want to utilize IPs pointing to my server.
Some of them are failover IPs, that are set to my server and can be redirected to other machines in case of dedicated machine failure.

What I want to do is setting up IP address and gateway to my second Network Device, but I get default gateway error (as attached)

What I do have:
- Linux bridge vmbr0 for my main ip with gateway

What I want to add:
- Linux bridge vmbrX for my failover IP with different gateway

Thanks for help



Proxmox Staff Member
Staff member
Jun 3, 2019
There can be only one default gateway.

In most setups a failover is done on the router that is placed in front of Proxmox VE. I don't know a way of how to achieve failover in that way set up directly on Proxmox VE.

Maybe someone else has an idea or an actual working setup.


New Member
Jun 12, 2018
The advantages of a dual gateway setup on the OS level (Proxmox) for 'redundancy' is at best questionable. As @aaron said, usually you achieve failover / redundancy on the router level, which is way more suitable.

@dqq please provide more details about your setup here:

- Provider (//hosting company) (!)
- Do you want to use these additional IPs for a router / VM on Proxmox or Proxmox itself
- are all IPs GWs in the same subnet


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