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    Proxmox 7 IPFO with PFSENSE (OVH IP fail over)

    Dear all, Last weeks I've spend many hours/days for searching a solution to my problem: IPFO declaration with PFENSE VM architecture.... As shown in this picture above: OVH MAIN IP/FAILOVER -> VMBR0 --> VMBR1 (WAN) --> PFSENSE (WAN) --> PFSENSE (LAN) --> VMs ... and I don't know/understand how...
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    [SOLVED] LXC Container + OVH Failover IP

    Hi guys I just installed a LXC Container (with Debian 11) and added the generated ovh virtual mac (as always). I've the NAT well configured (lxc container static ip and external ip) but the LXC Container is not reaching the network. What can be the problem? (Using proxmox since always and i...
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    [SOLVED] Basic question regarding OVH's failover IPs

    Hi Sorry for the newbie question... If I set a Proxmox Cluster in OVH with each vm using failover IPs it means I can migrate from/to any node without changing the device assigned to the FO IP from OVH management panel? or do i have to update the device in ovh's panel each time i migrate a vm...
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    How to Configure a Failover IP on Ubuntu 18 server

    HEEELP PLEAAASE GUYS I tried to use many tutoriels to attach a failover ip address to my new VM using this conf but I cannot ping outside the vm even the GATEWAY_IP ( google dns servers) could you help me please network: version: 2 renderer: networkd ethernets: ens18...
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    HA and public ip

    Hi ! I hope you are okay and that COVID19 is not too restrictive for you! I want to create a new HA cluster with proxmox. My goal is to use it in production mode. I am wondering about public ip. For example : If I create a virtualized web server available on the internet with a public ip...
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    Proxmox VE multiple Gateways

    Hi, I want to utilize IPs pointing to my server. Some of them are failover IPs, that are set to my server and can be redirected to other machines in case of dedicated machine failure. What I want to do is setting up IP address and gateway to my second Network Device, but I get default...
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    [SOLVED] Ubuntu LXC container with multiple gateway

    New to Proxmox , I recently installed on a OVH's dedicated server a 5.4-13 (zfs) Proxmox VE. I needed to have one LXC container with 1 unused public IP (IP failover) and 1 LAN IP (for connecting with other LAN-only containers). I used the set up described by OVH (ovh mac address , fail-over IP...
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    Adding failover IP to proxmox vm?

    There may have been a possible answer but the forum was a few years old. What I am trying to do is ip alias additional failover ip's for a vm in proxmox. I can do so in a regular vps but I am not the most familiar with proxmox networking so I need some help. Normally I would just do the ip...
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    Second (and not only) IP on Centos 7 VM (KVM) machine

    I attempt to assign secondary IP address on a CentOS 7 KVM VM. My node is on OVH. I already added an IP (virtual mac etc) on the CentOS 7 VM and it's working fine. I attempted to replicate the same procedure, assign an extra IP but I can't ping it from the outside. Is there a limitation? I mean...
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    IP Failover / Routing via hosted Pfsense configuration

    Hello, I have been using a Proxmox for a while with a very simple network configuration, with only one NIC and one bridge that NAT the traffic to a private VLAN like this: (/etc/network/interfaces of the host) auto eno1 # internet facing interface iface eno1 inet static address...
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    No vmbr0 on proxmox

    Hello, I install proxmox on my server, but I have no vmbr0 (only eth0). Is this normal? I intend to use an ip FO. Sorry for the fault, I'm French. Sincerely, Axel
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    HA Cluster with VMs accessible by public IPs

    Hello, please help me to understand how to setup a HA cluster with VMs that should be accessible from the Internet even after one node fails and it's VMs are migrated and started on another node. There are 3 nodes in a cluster (that should become a HA cluster later): - node01 -- vm01a --...
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    ProxMox, opnsense, ip failover

    Hi guys ! i had a proxmox server with Ip failover 10.x.x.26 (example)and a mac address 56:65:34:54:E5:F0 2 interfaces on proxmox : On Lan enp0s20f1 And One Wan enp0s20f2(ip failover) and bridge : VMBR1, VMBR2 so i créate 2 interfaces on my VM opnsense FW one virt bridged on VMBR1 where i...
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    Failover IP (again)

    Hi there, after endless attempts, I turn to you. auto eth2 iface eth2 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address 1xx.2xx.3xx.4xx netmask gateway 1xx.2xx.3xx.254 broadcast 1xx.2xx.3xx.255 bridge_ports eth2 bridge_stp...
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    Proxmox network configuration for Hetzner Failover IP

    Hello Dear users , I'm trying to configure a hetzner's failover IP in Proxmox VE (4.4) with these configuration: auto vmbr2 iface vmbr2 inet static address <MY-IP> netmask pointopoint <MY-IP> gateway <MY-IP> bridge_ports eth0...


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