Expected Timing Buffered Disk Reads for NVMe and SSD Drives


Jul 25, 2020
As I've been working on optimizing my Proxmox setup, I found myself wondering about the expected "Timing buffered disk reads" for NVMe and SSD drives in this environment.

I've been using the hdparm -tT command to measure the read speeds of my storage devices, including both NVMe SSDs and SATA SSDs. However, I've come across varying results and I'm not sure what I should consider as "good" or "expected" read speeds for these drives in a Proxmox environment.

Here's an example of the kind of output I'm getting:

Timing cached reads:   XXXX MB in  2.00 seconds = XXXX.XX MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: YYYY MB in  3.00 seconds = ZZZZ.ZZ MB/sec

I understand that the actual read speeds can depend on several factors, including the specific hardware, storage controller, and workload. However, I would greatly appreciate it if the experienced Proxmox users in this community could share their insights and experiences regarding expected read speeds for NVMe and SSD drives.

For NVMe Drives: What kind of read speeds are you achieving with NVMe SSDs in your Proxmox setups? Are there any specific NVMe models or generations that have shown exceptional performance?

For SSD Drives: How do the read speeds of SATA SSDs compare to NVMe drives in your Proxmox VMs ? Is there a significant difference in real-world performance?

Optimization Tips: Are there any optimizations or tweaks you've applied to your Proxmox configuration that have positively impacted storage read speeds?
I'm using LVM, with VirtIO Block storage and Virtio Single as scsi controller

As I haven't found much info about this specifically here I think sharing your experiences and insights can be incredibly helpful not only to me but to other members of the Proxmox community who might be wondering about storage performance expectations. It can also aid newcomers in making informed decisions about their hardware choices.

The hardware I'm using:

NVME:PCI version of this: https://documents.westerndigital.co...nvme-series/data-sheet-ultrastar-dc-sn200.pdf

SSD: MO000800JWTBR HP G8-G10 800-GB 2.5 SAS 12G MU SSD
Server: ML350 Gen10 HPE, 16GB RAM 1.7ghz CPU 8 core.

My results on NVME and SSD are the same:

 Timing cached reads:   10340 MB in  1.99 seconds = 5206.83 MB/sec
 HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(identify) failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
 Timing buffered disk reads: 3008 MB in  3.00 seconds = 1002.67 MB/sec

Thank you in advance for your contributions, and I look forward to hearing from you. Your expertise and feedback are highly valued.
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