1. J

    Node Memory Usage Broken? Reports VM as Always Using Entire Allocated Memory.

    I currently have an Ubuntu and a Windows 11 VM running on my Promox node. The node has 24gb of RAM, and I have allocated 12gb to the Windows VM. I set up ballooning on both Proxmox and inside the VM, and the reported memory usage in the VM Summary matches Windows Task Manager as expected...
  2. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers and Performance of Windows on Proxmox - Continued

    Hello All, Here's another technote in the Windows on Proxmox series. In Part 4, we quantify and compare IOPS, bandwidth, and latency across all storage controllers and AIO modes under ideal conditions (i.e., "unloaded"), utilizing Windows 2022 running on Proxmox with iSCSI shared block storage...
  3. R

    New version of VirtIO drivers: virtio-win-0.1.248-1

    I installed the new version of the drivers yesterday and I have encountered TWO major problems. Tested with W10 Pro LTSC The first is that when installing it, the graphics card driver configuration is lost and then you have to install it manually. You have to go to the device manager and...
  4. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Storage Controller Efficiency Data for Bandwidth-Constrained Workloads on Shared iSCSI Storage

    Greetings everyone, Good news! We've managed to carve out some time to compile the latest data set for our ongoing exploration of Windows 2022 server on Proxmox. Part 3: Computational Efficiency of Storage Controller Configurations under Constrained Bandwidth Workloads Expanding upon the...
  5. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers, Compatibility, and Efficiency Metrics with Windows on Proxmox

    Hey everyone, Given the recent developments with VMware/Broadcom, we've noticed a surge in inquiries related to running Windows on Proxmox. To assist those transitioning away from VMware, we've thoroughly examined Windows Server 2022 storage controller compatibility, native driver support...
  6. Y

    Redhat VirtIO developers would like to coordinate with Proxmox devs re: "[vioscsi] Reset to device ... system unresponsive"

    vrozenfe_at_redhat_dot_com (Vadim Rozenfeld) with Redhat would like to connect with Proxmox developers regarding a particular point of pain that Proxmox users seem to be having with their IO drivers:
  7. H

    Expected Timing Buffered Disk Reads for NVMe and SSD Drives

    As I've been working on optimizing my Proxmox setup, I found myself wondering about the expected "Timing buffered disk reads" for NVMe and SSD drives in this environment. I've been using the hdparm -tT command to measure the read speeds of my storage devices, including both NVMe SSDs and SATA...
  8. L

    Desperately trying to share storage from Promox host (ZFS)

    I have the storage on my proxmox host using ZFS (not even sure if that a good idea? It's a M.2 SSD 2TB mostly for Plex) -- should I use another filesystem ? on the host I can access the file at /Storage using SSH. I have Plex runing on one LXC and connected with "pct set 100 --mp0...
  9. C

    Need help mounting a usb drive on windows 10

    I have a weird situations going on. I have a usb passport drive which is formatted with NTFS and I have connected to my proxmox server. when I do lsblk on proxmox its mounted at "/dev/sdb1". When I configure a VM in the config file, I have entered the below line in my config file. virtio2...
  10. J

    P2V Win Srv 2016 not booting on Proxmox

    Hello everyone, It's a couple days I'm struggling with a Windows Server 2016 migration. Here what I've done: Installed VirtIO drivers on the phisical srv (even if probably it's useless) Exported a qcow2 image with Starwind P2V Converter Imported the qcow2 on proxmox and created a vm with...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] new virtiofsd in Proxmox VE 8 appears broken

    Does anyone have a working example of a host virtiofsd command line, and a VMID.conf arg: line, that works with the "new" virtiofsd in proxmox 8? I tried the arg: line I used from a pve7.4 VM (which worked fine once virtiofsd was running in 7.x) but it does not appear to work with version 8. I...
  12. F

    virtio-net multiqueue vCPU sockets and cores

    Hi, I've just started using multiqueue configuration and encounter the following problem. My hardware is a R710 with 16 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz (2 Sockets) Proxmox just updated to 8.0.3 I have 4 Vms right now: two Win Server 2016 and two Win 10, configured with 2 sockets 4...
  13. X

    [SOLVED] Proxmox on interserver unidentified network

    I installed windows 10 . install most of the driversand now my problem is that it says i really don't know how to fix i read all about the other solutions here on the forum but nothing helped please help
  14. R

    Windows VM doesn't have valid IP

    Can you please help me whats wrong with windows VM i created on proxmox? it's showed no valid ip on network and no internet. I already install all virtio drivers and qemu agent. already created linux bridge on vmbr0. But i confuse why VM assigned different ip address on ipv4 instead of vmbr0 i...
  15. E

    VirtIO Drivers Baked Into Windows ISO

    First off I would like thank the staff at Proxmox, they have done an amazing job in creating this virtualization and without them I would not be able to explore these options. I am curious as to why this is happening and hopefully someone can point me to the right direction. I installed a fresh...
  16. F

    IPv6 problem on VM Windows with VirtIO (paravirtualized) network adapter

    Hello, I have a problem on several VMs running with Windows (Windows Server 2022 or Windows 10) regarding IPv6 connectivity in my Proxmox VE 7.3.4. Indeed, on each VM I have a network device in model VirtIO (paravirtualized). The guest agent (virtio-win-0.1.173-2) is installed on Windows...
  17. aPollO

    VirtIO Block still first choice for disk performance?

    Hi Guys, is VirtIO Block (nicht VirtIO SCSI) still the best choice for performance? I'm talking about a 4 node cluster with around 200 guests on a ceph storage. Cheers,
  18. S

    [SOLVED] VM High windows server 2019 memory usage

    Hi guys , What's can i do to decrease the memory usage by windows server 2019 vm even in the TASK manager of the machine the memory it normal . NB: quemu agent already installed see attached screens.
  19. M

    Network packet loss in high traffic VMs

    Situation: we're running KVM VMs based on Debian/bullseye on Proxmox/PVE with 10GB NICs, but experience packet loss with the virtio-net interfaces under high network traffic situations (RTP/UDP). This underlying problem also exists on VMware clusters. VMware provides a solution for that: one...
  20. UdoB

    [SOLVED] How can I specifiy a nominal speed of a kvm virtio NIC?

    Good morning, while expanding monitoring of my PVE systems I am stumbling over a (for me) problematic detail: the reported speed of a virtual NIC is always "10", which means 10 MBit/s. Specifically the host tells me this for any VM: root@pm1:~# cat /sys/class/net/tap110i0/speed 10 Just for...


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