1. W

    100 times write amplification using ZFS

    Sorry for reposting as last one got "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly." I'm running proxmox on 2 NVME 512GB sticks with zfs raid1 pool (ashift=12). I have written a small script that will measure number of writes per hour (in MB) using smartctl command (src: Github). I have a...
  2. T

    Proxmox - install second ssd

    Hello, I have a quick question. My Proxmox is running on an Intel NUC11 with an internal 1TB SSD. Now I would like to add an additional external SSD (via USB) that is available for data VM/LXC overlapping. Data from Frigate, Nextcloud, Ovm, etc. What is the right way to integrate this new SSD?
  3. A

    [SOLVED] mount: /mnt/sda: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'.

    Hallo, ich habe mir leider meinen Proxmox Server beim rumprobieren zerschossen. Daher musste ich Proxmox leider neu installieren. Glücklicherweise, waren alle wichtigen Daten auf einer zweiten Festplatte die in das System ein gebunden war. Auf der SSD hatten drei VMs einen zusätzlichen...
  4. U

    SATA SSD is not recognized lsblk

    Hi, i have a test server with 2 M.2 256GB. The proxmox is installed on these SSDs. There are also 4x 1TB SSD SATA disks which i can't access by proxmox v8. lsblk gives me the following output: sda 8:0 0 223.6G 0 disk ├─sda1 8:1 0 1007K 0 part ├─sda2 8:2 0 1G 0...
  5. K

    decent hardware(enterprise), but vm windows still feels a bit slugish? - how to verify proper performance?

    Hi all, i'm all to new proxmox so bare with me with my very limited knowlegde. I have recently installed proxmox 8 on my server dell r730 cpu: 2x 2680v4 xeon (14 core/28 threads each) 320gb ecc ram root disk, 1 disk zfs - Intel D3-S4610 Series - model: SSDSC2KG480G8 ( purely for proxmox ) 1x...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Really High SSD Wearout - Samsung 990 PRO

    Hello everyone, Some months ago I set up a Intel NUC 13 (i5 13th gen, 64 GB) as homelab to run 9 little VMs. The SSD i mounted is a 2TB Samsung 990 PRO. Space used on the SSD is 107 GB out of 1.84TB and the vms are 8 Debian and 1 Ubuntu doing really little things (web servers which are used...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Disk Error?

    Hello, I use a MiniPC as a proxmox backup server. I have a 2.5 inch 128GB SSD connected via a USB3.0 adapter. The operating system is installed on it. And I have an 8TB USB hard drive connected for the backups. I know this is not the best solution, but it has worked for me for over a year...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Disk Problem?

    Hello, I use a MiniPC as a proxmox backup server. I have a 2.5 inch 128GB SSD connected via a USB3.0 adapter. The operating system is installed on it. And I have an 8TB USB hard drive connected for the backups. I know this is not the best solution, but it has worked for me for over a year...
  9. M

    Vm error for truenas

    Hi This is my first experience with proxmox.. I intend to install truenas and win 11 as vm inside proxmox.. I installed truenas and then searched for ssd drive.. But it wasn't available. So I tried option Add - > pci device and selected samsung Evo 980 ssd... I got some error so by...
  10. A

    Hard disk

    Hi Team is there a linux command that wouls show me what brand/kind of HDD/SSD is intalled on the cluster root@pve2:~# df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on udev 65679396 0 65679396 0% /dev tmpfs...
  11. P

    Proxmox Backup Setup

    Hello, We currently hosting several Proxmox VE hosts in our datacenter all on Enterprise SSD's. What we want to achieve is to setup another bare-metal server with Proxmox PBS installation and an direct connect with an 1gbit cable between the Proxmox VE servers and the Proxmox Backup Server. I...
  12. H

    Expected Timing Buffered Disk Reads for NVMe and SSD Drives

    As I've been working on optimizing my Proxmox setup, I found myself wondering about the expected "Timing buffered disk reads" for NVMe and SSD drives in this environment. I've been using the hdparm -tT command to measure the read speeds of my storage devices, including both NVMe SSDs and SATA...
  13. H

    Need Help Optimizing NVMe SSD Performance on Proxmox

    I have a setup that I believe should be capable of much higher read speeds than what I am currently achieving, and I'm hoping the community can help me troubleshoot and get the most out of my hardware. Here are the details of my setup: Hardware: HP ML350 Gen10 CPU: Xeon 3106 1.7GHz (single...
  14. S

    SSD and file system

    I just got a Dell Optiplex 7050 with 7th gen Intel I5 and 500 GB SATA hdd. Will add 4x16 GB RAM and a 2TB SSD. Plan to use this for some Docker/LXC for development/testing and VMs for Plex, GitHub runner, as well as various Unix and Windows VMs(on demand for development and testing). Though...
  15. A

    Odd Storage issue- More storage that I actually have installed

    Good Evening Proxmox Support, I have a 1 TB Samsung 970 SSD and a 2 TB Samsung 870 SSD. I Freshly reinstalled Proxmox VE 8 (Graphical) and setup the drives as ZFS (RAID0). After the install was finished it says the total amount of space that my ZFS Storage pool is 5.7 TiB. now, I am...
  16. I

    passing trim from virtual computer to host block device

    Hi! I think everything runs smooth but i would like to get confirmation if it is really ok. Setup has flash devices (actually nvme samsung and kioxia) and they are directly running on pcie (i.e. without some kind of raid controller etc although raid controller setup + nvme seems to be rare case...
  17. L

    Replacing 1TB SSDs with 2TB SSDs ZFS Pool

    Hi, I din't find a lot of Information on the exact practice on how to do it. I have a Server with only 6 SSD Slots (2 for the Boot Disk, 4 for the Storage Disk) I have 4x 1TB SSD inside a Raid 10 ZFS Pool, and I want to upgrade those to 2TB, if possible without Downtime? My current procedure...
  18. G

    SSD Storage ZFS advice

    Hello, I'm relativly new to ZFS and I've read and search for a direct answer but got very confused with ZFS storage types in proxmox and not knowing the path to proceed. I have the following drives and datastores to create and would like to know your opinions and advices on the ZFS storage...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] No hard disk found

    Hi, I'm trying to install Proxmox VE 8.0-2 on an old laptop (Dell XPS 15 9560). I can start the installation but then I get a "No hard disk found" error. I know there is no issue with the hard disk as I just booted Windows 10 from it. So the hdd works just fine, but maybe the fact that Windows...
  20. H

    Installation nicht möglich: Unable to create data thin-pool

    Moin, Ich möchte Proxmox 8.0 installieren und habe mir dafür die ISO auf der Website runtergeladen und einen Boot-Stick mithilfe von Rufus kreiert. Nachdem ich mich durch die Einstellungen geklickt habe, startet die Installation und endet sehr zeitnah mit der Meldung: “Unable to create data...


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