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    [TUTORIAL] Update Samsung consumer SSD/NVME firmware in Proxmox

    This is a short tutorial how to update the firmware of Samsung's consumer SSD/NVME drives in Proxmox. !! CAUTION !! Upgrading firmwares is always a risk! Before proceeding, make sure - to backup your VMs which are located on the target drive(s) - stop all your VMs/LXCs which are located on...
  2. F

    SSD sata-sas models for RAID

    Hello, I would like to do a RAID5 with 4 2TB SSDs in SATA or SAS. Do you have any “enterprise”/”server” models to recommend? I saw the Samsung PM883 model but I don't know if it is the best choice and if it is still relevant Thanks
  3. S

    Is it possible to restore a cloned drive in a VM?

    I want to clone my current SSD (Ubuntu) to an external HDD, then install Proxmox on the SSD, then create a VM in Proxmox with the cloned drive transferring the clone to the VM. Is this possible with Proxmox? I'm new to Proxmox, still learning.
  4. B

    Setup help (easy on SSD health)

    Hey, I looked around a lot before but I'm still quite confused. I have an HP EliteDesk I wanna use for a bit of data backup (probably TrueNAS or OpenMediaVault), photo storage, self-hosted music and maybe Jellyfin. For that I bought two 2TB NVMe drives. Now, I'm guessing I want to run this in a...
  5. R

    What is the impact of PVE hard disk wearout 100%?

    What is the impact of PVE hard disk wearout 100%? How is the wearout value calculated and is there any basis for it?
  6. B

    How much space for a PBS machine?

    Let's say I have a Proxmox system with a 8 TB VM (to store all my data, e.g. photos, videos, music etc.) on a 8 TB SSD How much storage would a backup server need to back that VM up? Would another 8 TB SSD suffice? Or do the backups require even more space? (I don't need to keep multiple...
  7. M

    No data after passing SSD through VM on another Proxmox instance

    Hello everyone, I am struggling with some two-disks configuration for VM using Proxmox. I have a nettop PC that has two disks slots, in each the nvme SSD is connected. Proxmox is running on that nettop, installed on first drive. I have one VM on which Ubuntu is running an application. The first...
  8. R

    Smartctl Offline_Uncorrectable in SSD

    Hello ! I am receiving a lot of email about Offline_Uncorrectable in my SSD, in different servers and multiple devices. The following warning/error was logged by the smartd daemon: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], 16 Offline uncorrectable sectors Device info: HFS1T9G32FEH-BA10A...
  9. D

    Clone the boot SSD in cluster mode

    Hi, I've seen few threads about cloning the boot disks to another disk/SSD, some used clonezilla (which, as of this moment, still having problems cloning the Proxmox boot SSD), some use dd. My problem is a bit different: I have a cluster of 3 nodes (prox,prox2,prox3, I've created the cluster...
  10. G

    Any easy way to spindown ?

    Hi, i'd like to know if there i any way to use spindown easily in proxmox ? I'm running a vm with TrueNAS and i gave him basically all my disk and the whole server at best consume 80w wich is quite a lot and i really want to try my best to drop down the consumption. But after seeing some article...
  11. G

    Proxmox with WD Blue SN570 1TB NVMe SSD randomly causes I/O errors

    I'm a little bit lost again, I've set up a ThinkCentre Tiny M900 with a WD SN570 NVMe SSD and installed Proxmox. It uses to run without any problems for days, sometimes for weeks and suddenly the LXCs are malfunctioning, the host system as well. SSH access is not possible anymore, nor is the...
  12. A

    Proxmox unable detect NVMe drive

    Hey all, I repurposed one of my windows machines into a proxmox box, but it never recognized the 512GB NVMe drive. And it doesn't seem to even be aware of the fact that the NVMe drive exists. lspci and lsblk return no mentions of any NVMe slot/drive, but the UEFI can see the NVMe, and I can even...
  13. A

    Hilfe benötigt - Proxmox-Server nach SSD-Umzug ohne Internetverbindung

    Hallo Community, ich stehe vor einem Problem und hoffe auf eure Unterstützung. Ich habe kürzlich eine SSD in meinen Laptop eingebaut, auf der ein Proxmox-Server installiert war. Alles funktionierte einwandfrei, bis ich die SSD in einen anderen PC eingebaut habe. Seitdem habe ich keine...
  14. N

    Keine Netzwerkverbindung mehr nach Umzug auf größere SSD

    Hallo, ich habe Proxmox aktuell auf einem Intel NUC laufen, allerdings ist die interne SSD nur 128 GB groß und wird bereits fast komplett ausgereizt. Deswegen möchte ich stattdessen eine SSD mit 256 GB, die ich noch herumliegen habe, benutzen. Dazu klone ich die 128-SSD mittels Clonezilla...
  15. B

    How to install Proxmox to SSD and mirror?

    I have some used server hardware I'm looking to acquire for new homelab Proxmox hosts. The only issue is that there are no hardware raid controllers in these machines. The servers however have room for two SSD's internally. I would like to install Promxox onto an SSD on Sata I and then mirror...
  16. P

    SSD wear

    Hi, I've been reading about others facing a similar issue but I wanted to share mine and see if there is any solution to it. I could not find a solution that I would understand or implement so far... Sorry if it's obvious but please help! I run proxmox for a while now. In Aug 2022 I bought two...
  17. I

    2U 4 nodes 24 drives suggestions

    Hello guys, I got this new server and each node has 6 Drives, and I will have one NVME for the OS installation. Should I use ceph or ZFS? What raid do you guys suggest in case of ZFS. Each drive is 1TB SAS enterprise SSD.
  18. O

    Enterprise M.2 VM storage options

    As I have watched how my Firecuda 530 drives get burned through (7% wear currently, accumulated in 18 months) I have started the process of finding alternatives. It is easy to find U.3 and U.2 drives for my needs, but I'd rather stay with M.2 (reasoning below). E1.S would also be an option if...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] zfs pool problems

    for my VMs and CTs I use a zfs pool of Samsung Evo SSDs. I've been running this one for a few years now. but today I found out that I can't create new VMs or CTs on this pool. Moving to this pool is also no longer possible. I get the following message: cannot share...
  20. W

    100 times write amplification using ZFS

    Sorry for reposting as last one got "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly." I'm running proxmox on 2 NVME 512GB sticks with zfs raid1 pool (ashift=12). I have written a small script that will measure number of writes per hour (in MB) using smartctl command (src: Github). I have a...


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