1. R

    Proxmox install - ZFS on NVME, RAID1 does it make sense ?

    Hello everyone I been testing ZFS on NVME Drives. Installed proxmox on 2 NVME drives: They are SN: 7VQ09JY9 7VQ09H02 Filesystem: ZFS Raid 1 (mirroring) Reboot to installed proxmox and check: zpool status -L pool: rpool state: ONLINE config: NAME STATE READ WRITE...
  2. A

    Proxmox unable detect NVMe drive

    Hey all, I repurposed one of my windows machines into a proxmox box, but it never recognized the 512GB NVMe drive. And it doesn't seem to even be aware of the fact that the NVMe drive exists. lspci and lsblk return no mentions of any NVMe slot/drive, but the UEFI can see the NVMe, and I can even...
  3. M

    Upgrading Dell R720 with 2x NVMe drives that are on PCIe cards

    Hi Everyone. I recently purchased 2x NVMe drives that are on PCIe cards. I was running Proxmox on an SSD that I had mounted to the dell using the DVD drive Sata Connection using a caddy. I wanted to ensure there was some redundancy on the Proxmox and system drives and opted to get 2x PCIE...
  4. Y

    Ceph - 4 Node NVME Cluster Recommendations

    I need to build a 4 node Ceph cluster and I need an effective capacity of 30TB. Each node is configured like this: Supermicro 2U Storage Server 24 x NVME, X11DPU, Dual 1600W 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6240 18 Core 2.6Ghz Processor 768G Ram 2x 100G Network 6 x Samsung PM9A3 3.84TB PCIe 4.0 2.5...
  5. F

    can't clean 4TB SSD

    Hi, I have the following two NVME's: lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINTS nvme1n1 259:0 0 931.5G 0 disk ├─nvme1n1p1 259:1 0 1007K 0 part ├─nvme1n1p2 259:2 0 1G 0 part /boot/efi...
  6. S

    Proxmox 8.1 | Linux 6.5.11-6 | Strange NVMe error prevents boot.

    Hello everyone, I've run into an issue on my Lenovo m720q tiny, where proxmox fails to reboot. I've had the machine running for over a month, when overnight it randomly decided to stop working. It was unresponsive to ssh and when I plugged in a monitor I was met with a completely frozen session...
  7. A

    Updated from proxmox 7 to 8 PCI errors ensue

    went from kernel 5.15 to 6.2 and now when ever my truenas vm tryed to load the nvme drive 0000:03:00.0 i now get vfio-pci and pcieport errors. the drive is on a pci bifurcation card. any help would be appreciated specs i5-11400 in a z490i aorus ultra 64gb ram the drive in question is an Intel...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Can't identify two identical nvme drives for PCIe passthrough

    I've got two identical NVMe drives (same model, same capacity) in my system. One drive I use for PVE storage. The other I'd like to passthrough to a vm. When I go into the settings of the vm, Idk which drive to select, because Idk which one is which. On the disks overview on the node, the...
  9. F

    I have one server with two NVME drives. What is the best practice on making them a shared storage between Proxmox servers?

    Hello dear Proxmox forum members, I am planning to create two Proxmox servers, server1 (low spec) and server2 (high spec), both OS on ssd drives. On server2, I will install two 1TB NVME drives. These drives I want to unite them and make them available as a shared storage between the two...
  10. T

    How can I make all disks in my rpool bootable?

    Currently my `rpool` consists of 1x SATA SSD, and 2x NVMe SSDs. I'd like to remove the SATA disk but neither of the NVMe disks are bootable, either when changing settings in the BIOS of my ASRock X470D4U, or when manually selecting the NVMe disks from the F11 boot menu. Neither of the NVMe...
  11. J

    NVMe allocation for new homelab

    Guys, I'm brand new to proxmox since I'm retiring my 2013 Synology and creating a new homelab. My objective is to have a quite reliable system for the next 10 years, running trueNAS and quite a few VMs and LXCs. I'm using a 7950x on a miniITX X670E-I Asus Strix. I'll use 2x onboard 2TB NVMe...
  12. C

    How to best setup disk in VM for fast access?

    I can't seem to find a concrete answer for this issue, I see a lot of people commenting on poor disk speed inside VM but I'm not seeing any real ways to get it sorted. I have a storage pool setup using NVME disks, using fio to benchmark with the following command fio --ioengine=libaio...
  13. O

    Passthrough nvme - issue?

    Hey there, I've got a few questions / issues regarding a nvme ssd passed through in a VM. The server has 2 nvmes - one as LVM storage for VM disks, another (Seagate BarraCuda Q5 ZP10000CV30001) passed in a VM. The VM is Windows 11, installed directly onto that nvme as ovmf Q35 ***without*** an...
  14. H

    (beginner) NVMe drive setup: will I be stupid?

    Hey there! I'm starting to upgrade my home server and want to start using proxmox to seperate my concerns, those being: - Photo backup using immich - DDNS & nginx web server - Paperless & Obsidian - Home Assistant AFAIK, its quite important to start out with the correct number of drives; as I...
  15. S

    Linux AER errors on NVME (seemingly related to overheating)

    {1}[Hardware Error]: Hardware error from APEI Generic Hardware Error Source: 514 {1}[Hardware Error]: It has been corrected by h/w and requires no further action {1}[Hardware Error]: event severity: corrected {1}[Hardware Error]: Error 0, type: corrected {1}[Hardware Error]: fru_text...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] NVME Passthrough - Write Protected

    My goal is to have a Virtual Gaming machine running in Proxmox with a dedicated GPU and NVME drive to ensure performance. I understand the limitations and view this as a learning project mostly. I currently have my GPU in my VM with passthrough. It seems to be working just fine and even handles...
  17. K

    decent hardware(enterprise), but vm windows still feels a bit slugish? - how to verify proper performance?

    Hi all, i'm all to new proxmox so bare with me with my very limited knowlegde. I have recently installed proxmox 8 on my server dell r730 cpu: 2x 2680v4 xeon (14 core/28 threads each) 320gb ecc ram root disk, 1 disk zfs - Intel D3-S4610 Series - model: SSDSC2KG480G8 ( purely for proxmox ) 1x...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Fresh Install : AER: Error of this Agent is reported first

    Hello everyone, After my first installation of promox I have this Warning: "nvme 0000:01:00.0: AER: Error of this Agent is reported first" My computer Model: HP Z640 Processor: Intel Xeon 1640 V4 RAM: 4*16GB DDR4 2400 MHz ECC NVME: PCIe Samsung MZVKW512HMJP-000H1-HP I have 2 other computers...
  19. S

    NVME drive not showing up anymore

    Hi, Since today my NVME drive is not showing up in Proxmox anymore. This happened after I added a NVIDIA Quadro P620, but I'm not sure if this is the cause. I created a single disk ZFS pool for VM disks and containers, called 'Storage'. Everything worked for a long period of time. Since today...
  20. A

    8.0.2 Installer not seeing both installed NVME drives

    Using one of the Aliexpress Intel N305 fanless units. Can install PVE on one of the drives and the system will boot and function as expected. I would like to do the whole install as a Z1 raid in case one of the nvme drives were to go bad, but the installer only ever sees one drive at a time...


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