1. M

    [SOLVED] Fresh Install : AER: Error of this Agent is reported first

    Hello everyone, After my first installation of promox I have this Warning: "nvme 0000:01:00.0: AER: Error of this Agent is reported first" My computer Model: HP Z640 Processor: Intel Xeon 1640 V4 RAM: 4*16GB DDR4 2400 MHz ECC NVME: PCIe Samsung MZVKW512HMJP-000H1-HP I have 2 other computers...
  2. S

    NVME drive not showing up anymore

    Hi, Since today my NVME drive is not showing up in Proxmox anymore. This happened after I added a NVIDIA Quadro P620, but I'm not sure if this is the cause. I created a single disk ZFS pool for VM disks and containers, called 'Storage'. Everything worked for a long period of time. Since today...
  3. A

    8.0.2 Installer not seeing both installed NVME drives

    Using one of the Aliexpress Intel N305 fanless units. Can install PVE on one of the drives and the system will boot and function as expected. I would like to do the whole install as a Z1 raid in case one of the nvme drives were to go bad, but the installer only ever sees one drive at a time...
  4. H

    Expected Timing Buffered Disk Reads for NVMe and SSD Drives

    As I've been working on optimizing my Proxmox setup, I found myself wondering about the expected "Timing buffered disk reads" for NVMe and SSD drives in this environment. I've been using the hdparm -tT command to measure the read speeds of my storage devices, including both NVMe SSDs and SATA...
  5. H

    Need Help Optimizing NVMe SSD Performance on Proxmox

    I have a setup that I believe should be capable of much higher read speeds than what I am currently achieving, and I'm hoping the community can help me troubleshoot and get the most out of my hardware. Here are the details of my setup: Hardware: HP ML350 Gen10 CPU: Xeon 3106 1.7GHz (single...
  6. L

    Issues with M.2 NVME ssd

    Hello, I recently added a NVIDIA Quadro P400 as a 2nd GPU to my Proxmox Node for plex transcoding and PiKVM. My Hardware thus consists of ASRock x570 Steel Legend AMD Ryzen 7 5800x NVIDIA RTX 3060 NVIDIA Quadro P400 2x M.2 Samsung 980 Pro 1TB PCIE 4.0 ssd 2x sata 3 ssd's a bunch of sata hdd's...
  7. I

    passing trim from virtual computer to host block device

    Hi! I think everything runs smooth but i would like to get confirmation if it is really ok. Setup has flash devices (actually nvme samsung and kioxia) and they are directly running on pcie (i.e. without some kind of raid controller etc although raid controller setup + nvme seems to be rare case...
  8. H

    NVMe emulation for guests

    Hi folks! I recently read about the advantage of NVMe over VirtIO in terms of storage performance. How about implementing NVMe emulation in Proxmox VE since QEMU already supports it?
  9. C

    Unable to unmount zfs NVME Dell Server

    Hey guys, i run into an issue with Proxmox on a Dell Poweredge R6615. I have 2x4TB Nvme Drives and 2x6TB Nvme Drives. Hardware Raid is disabled. I boot Proxmox and choose the 2x4TB Nvme as Raid 1 ZFS. When i start the Installation i get the error Message Unable to umount zfs, it can't create the...
  10. E

    [SOLVED] No hard disk found

    Hi, I'm trying to install Proxmox VE 8.0-2 on an old laptop (Dell XPS 15 9560). I can start the installation but then I get a "No hard disk found" error. I know there is no issue with the hard disk as I just booted Windows 10 from it. So the hdd works just fine, but maybe the fact that Windows...
  11. G

    OSD Crashing

    Hi guys, Would appreciate some assistance on this as this is quite an urgent issue. This morning when I woke up, received a call from our client and it seems like 2 NVME OSDs on their site crashed without any apparent reason. Other non NVME OSDs are running normally without any issues. Issue...
  12. M

    Salvage broken zfs rpool?

    Hello Together, first of my Hardware configuration: Mainboard: ASRock X570 Pro4 CPU: Ryzen 5750G GPU: Intel A380 RAM: 128GB 3200MHz ECC UDIMM NIC: X540-T2 SSD: 2x 980 Pro Samung 2TB for rpool 3x10TB & 3x18TB for HDD-pool Last weekend I installed Proxmox Backup Server inside a LXC with a bind...
  13. M

    ZFS Mirror & Enterprise Grade NVMe - Poor performance

    Hi, I recently installed Proxmox VE on a new server and I'm getting performance issues with disks on a ZFS pool. Proxmox: 7.4-3 CPU: AMD EPYC 9354P RAM: 512GB NVME: 4*1.6TB Dell Ent NVMe PM1735a The ZFS pool looks like that: root@pve-1-1:~# zpool list NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CKPOINT...
  14. D

    PVE 8 Samsung NVMe issues

    Hello, I did an upgrade to PVE 8 and after that I started receiving errors on all NVMe drives I have in cluster (3 node cluster). There are informations of my NVMes (6 same disks - 2 per node) # smartctl -a /dev/nvme0n1 smartctl 7.3 2022-02-28 r5338 [x86_64-linux-6.2.16-4-pve] (local build)...
  15. G

    Proxmox 8 freeze and error message

    Hi all, I have a strange behavior on my Proxmox VE. The whole system freeze after some time of "idle", meaning I do not interact with it, but my VMs are still running. Sometimes after 1 hour sometimes after 24 hours. I am not really able to find the issue in the logs most probably because I...
  16. A

    Ceph based HCI doesn't 'like' single drive nodes?

    I've been using a HCI cluster in my home lab built from really small and low-power devices, mostly because they've become potent enough to host these various 24x7 services I've been accumulating. I've used Mini-ITX Atoms and NUCs and am currently trying to transition a HCI cluster made from...
  17. N

    Partially NVMe passthrough with same vendor id

    Hello there! I have freshly installed PVE 8.0 on lab server, trying to run some performance tests for different storage backends. Server configuration (if matters): Xeon W-2145 on Supermicro X11SRA-RF with pair of NVMe Micron 7300 Pro 1.92tb each. nvme0n1 used as LVM PV with PVE installed +...
  18. N

    Proxmox 7.4 on DELL BOSS-N1 RAID1

    Hello to the Proxmox community, We are currently in the hardware selection phase for a new 3-node cluster. It will be DELL PE 7615 but there are several options regarding the drives. Does anyone in the community have experience installing Proxmox 7.4 or 8 on a BOSS -N1 card with two NVMe M.2...
  19. S

    Beginner Seeking Advice: Optimizing NVMe Performance in Proxmox for VMs

    Hello Proxmox community, I hope you all are doing well. I'm writing to seek your advice and guidance on an issue that's been giving me a bit of a challenge. I've just started exploring Proxmox, and while it's been an exciting journey so far, I could really use your collective wisdom on a...
  20. J

    PVE fresh install help please for a newbie

    Hi - Taking the Proxmox plunge very soon and dont want to make any bad initial decisions. I have (2) unused Intel servers and my objectives are: Home server lab, Virtualization playground, Home Assistant, NFS using TrueNAS, DNS&Ad blocking, Windows VM testing. I currently have an all-Unifi...


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