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    Windows Server 2019 KVM Credentials Guard Bug

    Hello everyone, For a month and a half I have been looking for a bug that does not allow the September, October (KB5031361) and subsequent updates to be installed on Windows Server 2019, the updates are installed during operation, the machine is restarted so that the Windows update progress...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox reporting wrong ram usage

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my ram usage on Windows server 2019, proxmox reporting the ram usage always over %85 percent and it doesnt report the right value, the vm using less then 2 gb. I have installed all the drivers. Balloning is enabled, Qemu is enabled, I have also tried to...
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    Proxmox Inherit existing Raid10 array

    Hi All, I have a storage system running Windows Server 2019, with a single RAID10 array with about 280TB of storage. It also has a single 1TB SSD for OS. There's an onboard raid controller that presents the entire array as a single disk to the OS. Windows has it formatted as ReFS. I want to...
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    Windows Server 2019 mit "hv-tbflush" bootet in Kernel 5.15.104-1-pve nicht mehr.

    Hallo, nach meinem Update von auf pve-manager/7.4-3/9002ab8a bootete mein Windows Server 2019 nicht mehr. (Hing im Bootscreen fest). Auch ein Hardrest der VM dauerte fast eine Minute bis zur Durchführung. Nach etwas Troubleshooting stellte ich fest, das das Problem nur auftaucht, wenn ich das...
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    Windows Server update causing boot issues with VirtIO SCSI

    Summary: I had to detach Windows Server boot drives in our Server 2012 R2 and 2019 VMs to change their configuration from SCSI to IDE so that Windows Server would no longer get stuck endless booting this morning (spinning circle, no error, no crash, but no progress in the boot process). Windows...
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    [SOLVED] VM High windows server 2019 memory usage

    Hi guys , What's can i do to decrease the memory usage by windows server 2019 vm even in the TASK manager of the machine the memory it normal . NB: quemu agent already installed see attached screens.
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    Terminal Server Windows Server 2019/2022 on Proxmox Virtualiziation

    Does anyone have experience with Terminal Server 2019/2022 on a current Proxmox version? What about the performance and stability of the service? And is it smart to set up a terminal server on Proxmox? thanks in advance
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    Install / Uninstall the VirtIO drivers

    Hi, I have a problem, see if someone can help me, I'm trying to install / uninstall the VirtIO drivers in Windows Server 2019 but I could not, when installing I get the error 0x80070643 MSI, I found a program on the internet to uninstall them but although they no longer appear in the list of...
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    [SOLVED] Huge backup size when backup but small used disk on VM

    Hello I have a simple problem : i have a Windows server 2019 on a VM. Space used on the disk of the VM : 179Go Size of the VM disk : 1.65To When i backup the VM with proxmox, my backup size is 919Go. Why ? I cannot defrag the disk on the VM For information, I use a zpool storage for the disk...
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    Cannot access SharePoint VM from host with masquerading configuration

    Hi experts, I have installed proxmox on my laptop and installed the kde-plasma-desktop environment and plasma-nm. My wifi module (intel 8265) is my primary network device and I have configured my network configuration as Masquerading (Nat) with ip tables as described in...
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    windows server 2019 "Error code: 0x80070570 Windows cannot install required files "

    hello all, for the past two days i have been trying to setup a windows server 2019 vm on proxmox but i keep getting getting the same error "Error code: 0x80070570 Windows cannot install required files " i so far have tried re-downloading os image and virtio driver, disabling and enabling cache...
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    Problem with Windows Server 2019 and viostor

    Goodmorning, i have a big problem with a windows VM. Like every 1 hour the viostor reset the device and all share crash(also the console via proxmox GUI) on the event viewer i see the viostor error event ID 129. I search something on the net but most say is a HDD problem, i checked all the...
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    [SOLVED] Attach disk from another VM

    Hi Proxmox Users, First of all I would say you thanks to all of you for the support and the help you can provide to everybody :) Today I work on Windows Server VM 904, But I did mistake and my windows server restart in loop... because one script restart computer when it's starting... (local...
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    Software Defined Storage Solution

    Hi Guys. I´m thinking of using either TrueNAS or Windows Server with it´s Storage capabilites. I´m not really sure which one to focus to have it as a Storage backend for my proxmox cluster which consist of 5 nodes. Mainly i want to have a very fast storage with high IO. Disks and everything...
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    Windows guest slow after pve 6 to 7 upgrade

    Hi! I've been using PVE for about a year on my DL380G8, it has been running great with a few guests - one of them is a Windows Server 2019 (as a AD DS DC) It worked great so far, but after I upgraded my host to PVE 7 successfully (following the official guide) - the windows guest became...
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    Windows VM shows MUCH less space used than ZFS pool its on

    I created a Windows Server 2019 VM with a 120GB C: drive. After the VM was created I added a 60TB drive and formatted it with NTFS. This 60TB drive is a raw file on a ZFS pool. The issue I'm having is that even though in Windows the D: drive is showing 11TB used and 49TB free when I look at the...
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    VPS > Proxmox (on debian 9) > Windows Server guest crashes during install, tried all possible settings on forums

    Hi everybody, this is my first post. Trying to pull this one off for 2 days.. So i have a proxmox (6.2-14) installed in a debian 9 installation that is running on a VPS. (Contabo) This confoguration doesnt allow to use hardware virtualisation (so no KVM harware virtylisation = yes possible) I...
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    Nvidia P4000 Grafikkarte installieren und auf 2 VM´s durchreichen

    Guten Morgen, zwecks Recherche im Netz bin ich auf Proxmox gelandet und benötige eure Unterstützung. Also vorab die erste VM Maschine läuft erstaunlich schnell und habe das Gefühl schneller als auf Hyper-V. Würde gerne die Nvidia P4000 gerne auf dem Proxmox Server installieren und auf 2 VM...
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    Balooning Setup Questions

    Hey Guys, So i've been reading up on balooning a bit, and I'm a bit confused though. We have Windows servers setup which need to have 120GB RAM but they only use about 40GB currently. So I'd like to clear up this RAM. But I can only find guides for setting up the balooning during install. How...
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    Network Adapter in Windows Server 2019 greyed out

    Hey Guys, we had a Problem with a Network Adapter on a Windows Server 2019 Guest, the Network Adapter wasn't present, instead there was a Network Adapter called "RAS (Dial In) " without connectivity. Inside the Hardware environment of the Windows Server, the Network Adapter was present as...


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