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    Neuer Server für Windows Server 2019 VMs

    Hallo zusammen, erst einmal möchte ich mich für dieses tolle Forum bedanken! Ich habe in der Vergangenheit schon viel durch lesen der Threads selbst lösen können. Nun stehe ich vor der Herausforderung, zwei Windows Server 2019 VMs (einer davon ist der DC der andere RDS), auf neue Hardware zu...
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    balloon failed in windows server 2025

    Hi, everyone. I am using windows server 2025(like windows 11) as as VM in PVE. I installed virtio-win-gt-x64 and wirtio-win-guest-tools. But the balloon still dont work. I have 512G memory in host and set "16G min, 128G max and balloon on" to VM. The VM always use 128G after start. I type "info...
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    After the backup, the VM freezes

    After the backup, the virtual machine freezes, as I understand from the backup log in the proxmox veto, the backup occurs as standard and without errors, after the end the guest agent gives a signal about loading the vm and it starts to load, but freezes at the moment of initial loading (black...
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    Problem to add converted disk

    Hi I have convert from HyperV a Windows Server 2022 to ProxMox in RAW. I have 2 disks. We called them DiskA and DiskB. DiskA is contains boot disk and DiskB cointans data. Its working with only DiskA But when I added DiskB want the windows do not start. I'm using: SCSI Controller...
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    No boot baremetal windows to qcow2 converstion

    So Im trying to do the whole convert an existing baremetal windows installation to a KVM. I have been following this tutorial: I just had to use different file locations because my PVE storage was too small for 240gb...
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    Windows Server 2019 mit "hv-tbflush" bootet in Kernel 5.15.104-1-pve nicht mehr.

    Hallo, nach meinem Update von auf pve-manager/7.4-3/9002ab8a bootete mein Windows Server 2019 nicht mehr. (Hing im Bootscreen fest). Auch ein Hardrest der VM dauerte fast eine Minute bis zur Durchführung. Nach etwas Troubleshooting stellte ich fest, das das Problem nur auftaucht, wenn ich das...
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    storage best practices

    hi I have a msi z690 unify with 64 gigs of ram 2 2.5 gig intel Nic wifi 6e intel nvme card intel 12900k Nvidia 8600gts 2 nvme 500 gig 4 sata 2tb spinning drives Asus sata bluray drive. also have a 250 gig wd black drive enterprise use to be my windows boot drive what is best way to setup my...
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    0xC1900101 - 0x20017 ERROR in the SAFE_OS phase

    While upgrading WIndows Servers I get 0xC1900101 - 0x20017 ERROR in the SAFE_OS phase when running on scsi0 but works great if using sata0. is there an solution to this? Can I change from scsi0 to sata0 while upgrading the o/s or can I somehow load the scsi0-drivers while upgrading ... I...
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    [SOLVED] Reduce raw disk size

    Hi, I did not pay attention that the size of the disks is in GiB and Increased the disk to 32768 GiB (the correct would be 32 GiB) and now I have a Windows disk with 35.32 TB. Is there any way to reduce it? The partition is a 512 GB local-lvm. EDIT: SOLVED I folllow this guide...
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    BIOS settings for Fujitsu ROK Windows Server

    Hello I bought Fujitsu TX1330 M4 server hardware and Windows Server 2022 Essentials (ROK for Fujitsu only). When installing directly on hardware the setup reads BIOS and install goes on. But on Proxmox there is a message that Fujitsu hardware is required and it stops. I was trying to add some...
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    Windows server 2019 Critical structure corruption, nested virtualization

    I'm using Proxmox 6.4 with 5.11 kernel for a Windows server virtual machine that runs a particular software that uses Virtualbox. The nested virtualization works fine, the problem is that after a while (about 40 min) I get a BSOD with the message "critical structure corruption". I installed all...
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    PCie USB card impossible to screw into the VM, how do I fix it?

    Good morning, I bought a PCie USB card to use it in passthrough with my Windows Server 2019 VM, but now I have always errre with code 10 (in the card properties) and this happened after I received a system update, can it be solved? Could it be that it is being kept busy by proxmox and this...
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    Antivirus for Windows Server VM

    Good morning, I am thinking of installing 3 vm windows server (2012 and 2019) per host. Which antivirus solution do you recommend? I saw Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent but I hesitate with Kaspersky Security for Windows Server. Your advice is welcome? Best regards, Joseph
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    PROXMOX VE6 -> Windows Server 2019 -> Cryptocard USB [OMNIKEY 6121]

    At the beginning I wanted to clarify that the problem only appears after updating the Windows Server problem appears. via RDP sent from a connected USB server is visible on another computer. but from the hook directly to the proxmox server, the virtual machine cannot see. conf is just the way he...
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    LVM degraded jn Proxmox 5.4

    Hello All. I have a problem with guest windows machines at my cluster. Over time, they gradually become unusable. It is necessary SFC to apply periodically. But in the end restore from backup. This can happen within a year of the virtual machine's life. This happens on NFS or Ceph disks the same...
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    event monitor window

    Hi, I installed the latest version of PVE ZFS with in a zvol windows 2019 server. I notice that each time I start or restart I have the power-on event monitor window. Do you have this problem? pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 5.4-1 (running kernel: 4.15.18-14-pve) pve-manager: 5.4-6 (running...
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    [TUTORIAL] Fix For Slow Startup/Boot on Windows Server VMs

    Hello, Pardon me, as I am sure this is common knowledge for many PVE users. For me, it took many frustrating hours to find the fix, so I will document it here as I have not seen this particular problem/solution laid out explicitly elsewhere. This video from the PVE team documents the fix but...
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    Windows Server Setup VIRTIO or SCSI ?

    What is the best setup for Windows Server 2012 R2/2016 using NVMe SSD ? Is VIRTIO or SCSI the way to go ? I installed both to test and I cannot tell a difference, So I just want to ask is there any difference ? It also looks like the random (16.0) Read speeds are really slow for both ...


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