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  1. T

    ISSUE - PVE 8.1.4 - Radeon 6800XT passtrough to Windows 7 guest

    Hi everyone, I spent the last 6 days and night trying to get a GPU passtrough to work. I'm hoping someone has an ace up their sleve to save me some more agony. Issue: Error 43 in device manager When I add x-vga=1 the VM fails to boot crashing/freezing on Windows boot logo I tried connecting...
  2. D

    No internet in Win7 x32

    Please help. I did it like here (Masquerading) i have only one public IP. Proxmox version 6.4-1. $ cat /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto ens3 iface ens3 inet static address XXX.XXX.XXX.171/24 gateway...
  3. F

    How to install qemu guest-agent on windows7? including ver7600&7601(sp1) and also vista

    hi all, just install win7 successfully on pve 8.0.4, but i cant install guest agent(use virtio-win-0.1.240.iso), already enable the qemu ga option on web gui(u may check the pic1 below), the error information should be" verify that you have sufficient privileges to start the system services "...
  4. S

    Change screen orientation from Landscape to portarait

    Hi, i have a vm with windows 7 installed and I wanted to change the screen orientation to portrait, but when i go to screen resolutions options I don't have the screen orientation one
  5. R

    Unknown device in Win7 VM

    Hi, since I upgraded my proxmox server to 5.3 and after installed a new Win7 VM, I'm facing with an issue. In the devices manager, a new uknown device appeared and for which there is no drivers found in the virtio driver iso. It seems this new device (qemuvgid) is linked to a PVE new feature ...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] GPU passthrough Windows 7 - Error Code 12

    Seperated Thread from After Upgrade to newst Version passthrough is not working on windows 7 guests with hostpci Windows 10 works. hostpci0: 1a:00.0,x-vga=on is not working with Windows 7 I get always error...
  7. aPollO

    TRIM in Windows 7 Gästen

    Guten Tag Zusammen, ich habe vor kurzem die Einstellung bei allen meinen Windows Gästen geändert. Jetzt laufen alle mit SCSI Controller VirtIO SCSI und die Festplatten logischerweise an scsi0 mit der Option discard.Auf allen VMs sind die aktuellen Spice-Tools mit dem Qemu Agent installiert...
  8. N

    Windows 7 Install Error

    When I tried to install Windows 7 the Drive does not show up. I have tried to convert the harddrive to mbr and clean it to see if it worked. I also have loaded the VertIO ISO Drivers and the Driver was detected but the drive still did not show up. KVM Virtualization is Enabled. The SCSI...
  9. M

    Multi-GPU Passthrough To One VM

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to passthrough two PCIe GPU's (Radeon HD 7970's) to a Windows 7 VM. I've been successful in getting one of the Radeon HD 7970's to passthrough but the second one shows this issue in the Windows 7 Device Manager: This device cannot find enough free resources that it...
  10. P

    Windows 7 VM Crashing Unresponsive

    A Windows 7 Pro VM running on PVE 3.4 keeps crashing at random times of the day, but about once a week. It will not respond to a PVE shutdown command, and sometimes not respond to a stop. Worst case scenario, I have to SSH in, unlock it, stop and start. What can I use in Windows or in the PVE...
  11. E

    Windows7 lässt sich nicht installieren oder starten

    Hallo Ich versuche gerade in meiner Proxmox 4.3-12 Maschine Windows7 zu virtualisieren. Weg1 - Verwende fertiges Images: Dieses Image läuft sonst auf jedem Rechner oder jeder VM. Hatte damit nie Probleme. Aber in Proxmox bekomme ich beim Boot einen BSOD - egal ob normaler Start oder...
  12. U

    Win7 64bit guest, works with kvm64 cpu mode, crashes physical host with "host" cpu mode

    Hello, We created a VM for Windows 7 64bit. We didn't notice that we had the VM in kvm64 default mode until everything was fully installed and running. (We usually use "host" mode, because 3 of our nodes have the same specifications.) Now, if I shut down the Windows 7 guest, and configure it to...
  13. J

    Windows 7 64 bits signed VirtIO drivers

    Hello again! as im going to build a proxmox ve 4.2 for a productive enviroment in a couple of days and started doing tests in order to smooth the transition from virtualbox in a old cpu, the first thing i need running in the new computer is a windows 64bits VM for a little MS SQL server...
  14. A

    Win7 Setup hangs in Proxmox VE 4.2

    Hello, I have to install Windows 7 on Proxmox Virtual Environment 4.2-4/2660193c, installed on Debian Jessie, following the instructions in . Uploaded known-good Win7 ISO (that works fine with VirtualBox and real hardware) to...
  15. E

    Windows 7 guest video driver problem

    Hello! I use Proxmox last version 4.2-2 on Debian-84-jessie-64-minimal on Hetzner server. I created two virtual machines on Windows 8.1 (32-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit). In Win 8.1 successful installed Bluestacks, but failure installation in Win 7! I think problem in driver video card. In...


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