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    qcow2 Windows 10 File won't boot

    Hello all, I am very new to proxmox. I Took an acronis .tibx of my physical system I'd like to virtualize. Converted the tib to a VHDX, then converted the VHDX with Starwind V2V to a .qcow2 I uploaded it to my Proxmox server and used {qm importdisk} command to add as a disk to my VM ID 100 No...
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    Windows VM GPU passthrough bootloop/bluescreen fix

    This is a write-up based on aggregation of several great posts I found online over the course of 4 days. You can find numerous instructions for GPU passthrough basics for all versions of Proxmox, I won't go into that here. This is just the last step in the process, to fix what has probably...
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    GPU Passthrough Results are Laggy (Win10 VM)

    I am running Proxmox 8.2.2 with GPU passthrough to a Windows 10 VM passing my NVIDIA Asus ROG 3060Ti 8GB graphics card. I followed this guide on proxmox forum and everything worked wonderfully. However, when I ran a game, like Sims 4, I noticed significant lag and delay. I also noticed moving...
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    Throttled Performance After Set Amount of Time

    So I'm running into a bit of a strange issue that I can't seem to find an answer for anywhere. I currently have two Windows 10 VMs that I pass a Nvidia Tesla P100 through to using the vgpu unlock to create two 8GB profiles for each VM. The end goal is to have these two vms set up for cloud...
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    [NEED HELP] Windows 10 VM internal error

    I created a new windows 10 VM for the game with a 2060 SUPER in EGPU (Connect in thunderbolt 3) in passthrough, I can update the card drivers, I was able to play minecraft for 20 min but now I have the vm that goes into "Internal error" on proxmox IOMMU groups : in an IOMMU group I have both...
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    GPU Pass through problems

    Dear all, My purpose is to set up a Windows Server 2019 VM and using the NVIDIA GPU. Proxmox 8.1 boots on a ZFS Mirror My hardware Motherboard Z590 PRO4 GPU NVIDIA Corporation TU116 [GeForce GTX 1650] BIOS settings adjustments (listed), ensures that PVE doesn't use my NVIDIA GPU but the...
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    Proxmox GPU Passthrough ohne Passthrough Einstellungen

    Hi, vielleicht kann mir hier jemand die Frage beantworten. Ich nutze seit ein paar Jahren Proxmox für ein paar kleinere Webserver für mich zuhause und eine Windows VM mit GPU Passthrough. Vor ein paar Tagen hab ich meine CPU(Ryzen 3600 zu 5700G) und mein Mainboard upgegraded und musste daraufhin...
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    GPU Passthrough Error 43

    Hello, I followed and completed these 2 guides: (went with w10 instead, few issues I ended up googling for answers so my end configs aren't exactly the same but I will post whatever info requested)...
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    VM crashes/reboots when installing GPU drivers

    I tried to passthrough my GPU to a Windows 10 VM so I can use it for gaming. The GPU shows in device manger with error code 43 and when I try to install the Nvidia drivers approximatly where the screen would go black for a sec on a normal PC RDP loses connection and after it reconnects 10...
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    My Windows machines fail to boot

    Hey folks, My Windows Virtual machines fail to boot; the time of failure appears to be random; but it is consistent across Windows distros (2019 - 10 - 2012). Currently I'm trying to troubleshoot a Windows server 2019 instance. The error that I'm encountering across the different distros is as...
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    Intel nuc12wshi5 IGPU Passtrough Windows 10

    I am trying to get my iGPU working in an windows 10 VM but after i install intel's latest driver for the iGPU the VM starts giving BSOD's (igdkmdn64.sys). I have seen some forum posts that said the iGPU is not supported yet, is this still the case? I have followed this guide for the iGPU...
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    I want to use RDP to connect to Windows VM running on a Proxmox server.

    How may I use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a Windows VM hosted on Proxmox VE? I have the Windows VM hosted on a Proxmox server. The network configuration, as far as I can tell, goes like this: WAN ----> WiFi Router/Switch ----> Switch to NIC #1 (enp0s25) on server ----> enp0s25 to...
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    windows 10 vs pve cpu utilization

    Hi All, I have several Win10 guests and even though the all show idle (~2%) cpu utilization, the proxmox host is showing 15-20% for the kvm process running these machines. I do not see this problem with Win7 or Win2012 hosts. I've tried to find answers, and this seems to be a pretty common...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 VM and Single Drive Passthrough

    This is my first post here so please be gentle. I'm very new to Proxmox. I was a TrueNAS fanboy, but have decided to switch to Proxmox because of how well it handles containers and VMs. So, I have a Dell Poweredge R720 with the H310 controller in IT mode. In a nutshell, I have four WD red 4TB...
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    PCI-E and VR Passthrough (Windows 10 VM)

    Trying to pass through a Vive HMD with a windows VM and GPU passthrough as shown in this link, for whatever reason I'm getting the Vive USB port coming up as Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed) and I'm not sure how to fix this. Additionally I have tried this a few times already and...
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    USB 4g/LTE passthrough

    Hi there, I love proxmox but I have quite a specific usecase which is causing me some trouble. I am not an IT professional by any means so please bear with me. My hardware: 1) 40 Intel NUCS (4 in cluster so far) 2) 48 port unmanaged switch 3) A lot of Huawei USB 4g/LTE dongles. (E3372h-607)...
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    Running Sweet Home 3D on Windows 10 VM

    I am new to promox and recently setup is up the PVE with a ryzen 9 5950x CPU ( which does not have a graphics capability) and a NViDIA GEForce GT710 graphics card. I have created a windows 10 VM and when attempting to run a 3D modelling software - Sweet Home 3D, I get an error ". . . fatal error...
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    [SOLVED] VMs not shutting down through GUI

    Proxmox 7.1-7 AMD Epyc 7402 Gigabyte MZ72-HBO Various Win10 Pro and Arch Linux VMs that are not responding to shutdown from the GUI. Arch Linux machines have qemu-geust-agent installed. Syslog: Jan 08 16:21:28 central pvedaemon[1516470]: <root@pam> end task...
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    [PLEASE DELETE] AMD error 182: Pcie passthrough (Windows 10 Pro guest)

    EDIT: my sincere apologies, this issue appears completely unrelated to Proxmox EDIT 2: there were further changes I made (I went back and scoured through "the ultimate beginner's guide to pcie passthrough" found on reddit, following line-by-line) to the vm config before updating to the most...
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    Windows 10 VM Best Configuration?

    Hi guys I'm creating this thread to ask you all what are the best configuration i can use to create a Windows 10 VM. I've tested several different configurations, but i want to know what are your opinions. My Proxmox 7 Machine Hardware Cpu: Intel i9900k Board: Asus Prime z390-A Ram: 128GB SSD...


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