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    Restore just 1 disk from VM

    Is it possible to restore just 1 disk out of a VM? For example, I have a Windows Server 2016 VM which separates the data drive E:\ from the C:\ Operating System. Could I just restore the Operating system or just the Data drive from PBS? Sometimes there is an error after Windows Updates and the...
  2. C

    Need help mounting a usb drive on windows 10

    I have a weird situations going on. I have a usb passport drive which is formatted with NTFS and I have connected to my proxmox server. when I do lsblk on proxmox its mounted at "/dev/sdb1". When I configure a VM in the config file, I have entered the below line in my config file. virtio2...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] X99 Extreme4 - GPU Passthrough Windows 10 with Radeon RX570 (Black screen)

    Hello, I have tried all the follwing tutorials and after three weeks I am lost and cannot get my RX570 to work within Windows 10: Tutorials:
  4. D

    ZTE Modem Model MF920U

    I'm trying to use my zte modem to get 4g internet inside my windows VM (on proxmox with windows 10 PRO). If I use the ZTE modem on normal windows its works perfectly. If I use it as usb hardware on VM it cant find any driver compatibale.. but works on ubuntu VM. What can I do ?
  5. F

    Windows VM go unexpectedly offline sometimes

    In two identical proxmox setup (pve-manager/7.2-3) we have several VM "Windows 10 Pro N" (so 64bit). The VM worked fine for months: now some random VM unexpectedly goes offline sometimes: it happens almost all the time at night, in both proxmox hosts The VM are all cloned from an original one...
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    Installed the backup client in Windows Subsystem for Linux v2

    I thought I'd experiment with using the Windows Subsystem for Linux which allows access to windows files at /mnt/c. Steps and output follow, but I am currently stuck with an error: "catalog upload error - channel closed" "Error: stat failed on "DumpStack.log.tmp": EACCES: Permission denied"...
  7. D

    Add existing OS to proxmox VE

    Hi everyone. I have a bare metal Windows 10 installed in a HDD and I'd like to add it to PVE. I wouldn't like to convert the OS to Virtual, because if for any reason my PVE HDD dies, I can still boot the W10 directly. I thought about creating a VM similar to the HDD OS and just replace the HDD...
  8. T

    No Internet over Ipv4

    A few days ago i buyed more Ipv4 Addresses and since then, all my LXC´s and with the old and the LXC´s/on Windoof VM are without Internet. I already checked my DNS Settngs, but i found no errors. If i try to ping or any ipv6 adress/domain i get a respond. But with ipv4 not. I already...
  9. F

    Tips on setting up Windows 10 and Linux VMs

    Hi I'm in the process of re-building VMs. Is they a summery or tips on setting Windows 10 VM for max performance? For example, do I use virtio orIntel E1000 for network device, or use default setting or virtio SCSI for SCSI controller. Any suggestion? Thanks
  10. M

    [PLEASE DELETE] AMD error 182: Pcie passthrough (Windows 10 Pro guest)

    EDIT: my sincere apologies, this issue appears completely unrelated to Proxmox EDIT 2: there were further changes I made (I went back and scoured through "the ultimate beginner's guide to pcie passthrough" found on reddit, following line-by-line) to the vm config before updating to the most...
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    Generelle Konfiguration ProxMox /Windows beim Einsatz von MsSql

    Hallo zusammen, ich möchte gern einen MSsql Server unter Windows betreiben (die Linux Version unterstützt nicht alle Funktionen, die ich brauche). Daher habe ich eine Maschine mit 64 GB Ram, I7 (gen10) und 256 GB SSD (fürs Booten) und ne 5 TB Sata 3 Platte. Raid will ich keins aufsetzen. Die...
  12. J

    MSWX VM refuses to boot or bootloops on cpu change

    There is one ms windows vm which behaves quite peculiar. Changing the CPU away from anything kvm64 (> host) results in an inability to boot. Even a reboot into safe mode use msconfig does not work as per usual. Despite having configured a windows10 .iso to boot from the 'press any key to boot...
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    Verständnisfrage Anfänger / Proxmox / Win10LTSC VM / Zugriff per RDP aus Intranet funktioniert nicht

    Moin zusammen, habe versucht was im Forum zu finden, komme aber nicht weiter. Hardware: Intel NUC I7 10th Gen, 64 GB RAM, 1TB NVME, 2 TB SSD Proxmox installiert: aktuelle Version Ich habe bisher VM´s auf einem Laptop unter Hyper-V erstellt und bearbeitet. VM Windows 10 LTSC erstellt läuft...
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    Windows 10 internet problem

    Hello, I have a server that I purchased on I installed Proxmox + Windows 10 Pro. but Windows 10 does not connect to the internet. I get an error, unknown network. how can i fix this?
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    Windows 10 VM licensing

    Hello everybody. I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I’m wondering if there have been any changes or developments in using a Windows 10 VM on Proxmox alongside Windows Server 2019 Standard. Right now I am trying to find out what is the best method to go about it. I am working with a...
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    Windows VM report incorrect RAM

    Hello, Why ram consumption is different between Windows vm and ram consumption on proxmox nodes? See image
  17. 0

    Windows nimmt disk nicht an.

    Hallo zusammen, ich nutze Proxmox schon sehr lange, und in dieser Zeit hatte ich noch nie ein einziges Problem. Zum Problem: ich bin aktuell dazu gezwungen die Boot Laufwerke und die zweit Laufwerke zu vergrößern, da ich das neue Windows Update (1903) durchführen muss. Das hat eigentlich früher...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 (1809): nested virtualization does not work

    In order to run Docker for Windows, I'm trying to setup nested virtualization for a Windows 10 guest on our up to date 5.3-11 installation. I've followed the wiki describing the required steps and I've searched both the net and the forum, but...
  19. D

    Win10 VM hangs & memory usage reporting seems off.

    I have a Win10 VM moved over from an ESXi install (used clonezilla backup and restore) an I noticed that overnight when I go back to connect via RDP it's non responsive. At the console the screen paints up as expected... but again non responsive. When I for a Reset of the VM it comes up fine...
  20. J

    Clone Windows 10 PRO VM with PVE 5

    Hi, I have created a virtual machine of windows 10 pro that works perfectly. I have cloned this machine with the same parameters and it gives me the error. Any idea where to look for a solution? Thank you very much.


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