1. J

    [TUTORIAL] HOWTO - Proxmox VE 8-x.x Wifi with routed configuration

    I previously wrote up a HOWTO for configuring Proxmox 8-x.x Wifi with SNAT and am now providing a HOWTO for Wifi with a routed configuration. The reason why I ditched the SNAT configuration is because I simply wanted full routing capabilities between VMs/containers hosted with Proxmox over Wifi...
  2. F

    WIfi on proxmox

    Hello i recently discovered proxmox and decided to switch to it and i saw that it was based on debian so install debian wifi drivers for my tp link wifi dongle ( which worked in the past and still work on debian ) but when i try to install them i get that i need to install smth about headers but...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] WIFI dongle setup

    Hi! First of all, I'm new to all this. Now, I want to setup Proxmox VE via a WIFI USB dongle (I know it's not recommended). I have managed to set up my Proxmox and my WIFI dongle. (Took me a while and lots of trial and error.) I can now access the Proxmox UI via another laptop on the same...
  4. J

    [TUTORIAL] HOWTO - Proxmox VE 8-1.2 Wifi w/ SNAT

    This is a HOWTO for configuring Wifi for Proxmox VE 8-1.2 w/ SNAT. I've read a bunch of various writeups but none of them are consistent so hopefully this will be a one-stop shop for people to get Wifi w/ SNAT configured. Hopefully this can be added to the Wiki. Note: This configuration DOES...
  5. L

    Router wia wifi connection

    Hello, I have the project to create HA with 3 hypervisors Proxmox. I want to install CEPH to dot that thing. i also want to install some paquets on my VM. I don't have access to internet via a switch, and my hypervisors doesn't have internal wifi card. I want to create a router on a Zorin VM...
  6. X

    Wifi Setup on Porxmox install

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping if you would be able to help me with the setting up of my WiFi device on proxmox. I have installed proxmox on my USB drive for testing purposes. I tried following online guides, but those required an initial ethernet connection to set up initial Wifi resources and...
  7. W

    Proxmox dorm configuration.

    Hi I just started using proxmox in a old computer i had around. My objective is to have the computer work as an AP with pihole and access to my VM, through a wifi card i have installed, the internet will be provided from another wifi card connected to my universities wifi (no i dont have...
  8. Z

    Can't connect to Web Interface via LAN but can through Wifi

    Hello, I have an install of Proxmox that I have a few VMs running on. I recently relocated my router and switch and have had trouble connecting to the web GUI all day I was able to ping out from the server but couldn't ping into it, until I unplugged my PC from the switch. Now it connects fine...
  9. E

    Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6E AX211 160MHz, REV=0x430 WiFi problem

    Hellow forum proxmox users. I have the following problem with the proxmox pve server configuration: 

iwlwifi Detected Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6E AX211 160MHz, REV=0x430 
iwlwifi WRT: Invalid buffer destination Server OS configuration: proxmox 8.1 uname -r...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Unable to connect to the internet inside VMs with a NAT table.

    I'll preface this by saying yes, I am trying to run it through Wi-Fi. Ethernet is not an option right now, I intend to run a line in a few months, but for now it's just Wi-Fi. I installed wpasupplicant through a usb drive with dpkg and got it set up and working on PVE just fine. I am able to...
  11. J

    Netzwork / Wireless Internet / DHCP don't work

    Hello, i got problems with DHCP, i can't get it running for my vm's everytime i need too set it up manuel ip's and some images that im using for vm can't not easy be setup manuel... I have read a thread of a staff, he said that Monitoring Mode is needed for Wifi Brige, i got that but everytime...
  12. C

    How can I get my wifi network interface in proxmox ? (broadcom BCM4352)

    HI ! I'm setting up a virtualized pfsense router, and I'd like smartphones to be able to connect to it. I have an Asus x79 deluxe motherboard with 2 ethernets and 1 wifi card (model BCM4352). Problem: the interface is not recognized in proxmox, nor is it recognized when I use ip a ...
  13. Z

    Proxmox v8.0 and intel AX210

    Hi there, I've tried to do as much reading up as I could on this before posting. I got the main takeaway that for debian 12 the AX210 was included so some of the issues I read for earlier versions don't apply now. I've struggling to get the interface to work with similar messages from...
  14. F

    No wifi proxmox in HP800 G3 i5-6500 + wifi intel 8265

    Good afternoon. I have mini pc HP 800 G3 intel core i5-6500 + wifi module intel8265 I want it to work only on wifi.. But when I install proxmox I can't configure wifi.. it only works on wired connection for me. When I put the graphical interface in proxmox, I also did not see the device's wifi...
  15. K

    Proxmox WIFI interface in bridge

    Hi! Is it possible to put the wifi interface into the bridge? Ye, I know it`s not the best solution but i cannot use a ethernet cable.
  16. M

    using a proxmox-host as a WLAN-bridge and security

    I use a little NUC with an integrated Wifi-module as a proxmox-host. On the proxmox-host runs a "home assistant"-VM. Because a "shelly EM"-sensor is too far from my Wlan-router, i placed my NUC nearer to the shelly EM, to have a better Wifi-connection from my NUC to the sensor. The NUC is...
  17. M

    Proxmox over WIFI (WLAN)

    Hi, I was trying to configure my proxmox server to connect to the internet via wifi, so I configured my /etc/network/interface like this auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto wlan0 iface wlan0 inet static address gateway bridge-std off bridge-fd 0...
  18. D

    Between Proxmox, OPNSense configuration

    There are 4 Ethernet port on my PC, port1 is the Proxmox VE console page, port2 idle. port3 and port4 for OPNSense. OPNsense uses port3 LAN, port4 WAN. The LAN is connected to the WiFi router, and all the WiFi devices able to access the internet. The problem is that only Proxmox VE cannot...
  19. S

    Wifi connection

    Hello, Please I need some help to connect my proxmox machine to my WiFi. This is my /etc/network/interface content: auto lo iface lo inet loopback # Wireless interface allow-hotplug wlo1 iface wlp1s0 inet static address #IP of my WiFi card gateway
  20. J

    Using Iwd in Proxmox

    Hi, When trying to setup a Wireless Bridge towards my VMs i first am trying to setup a Wifi connection. I found this user friendly wireless deamon written by intel iwd, but I can't get it to work. I follow the simple user guide, but get stuck at the point of connection. This are the networks...


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