1. W

    IPv6 Not working on new Proxmox VE installation

    Hello I am moving VPS's from Virtualizor to Proxmox. On Virutalizor, IPv6 was working perfectly with IPV6. Unfortunately with Proxmox IPv6 is not working on the VPS's The router in the DC is a Mikrotik with IP 2c0f:eb89:1::1/64 assigned to the interface that connects to Proxmox. VPS's have...
  2. R

    Proxmox 8.2.2 reboot after installation fails "System has /dev/tty0 but not /sys/class/tty/tty0/active"

    Hello Community, I installed proxmox on a Strato VPS (KVM). Knowing, that virtual machines will probably not work but only containers - which is acceptable for me at the current state of the project. 1. I followed the instructions from...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] 1 vps with 2 network interfaces on the same subnet

    Hello , I have a vps on proxmox node. this vps has one network interface and it works without any problem. when I add another netwrok interface to the vps and after configuring the new network interface from the guest system (rockylinux) to be on the same network subnet. - I can not ping that...
  4. M

    Proxmox für andere bereitstellen

    Hallo, leider weis ich es nicht genau wie ich es erklären soll. Ich möchte sozusagen einen Vserver erstellen und der User kann sich dann seinen vm ( buchen ) und dieser wird dann zur Verfügung gestellt. Habe sowas mal schon im Netz entdeckt aber leider nicht notiert. Beispiel währe von...
  5. I

    12€ Hyperconverged ProxMox 7 Cloud Cluster with 1TB storage

    Hi community, i have created a hyperconverged ProxMox Cloud Cluster as an experimental project. features: using 1blu.de compute nodes: 1 Euro / month using 1blu.de storage node 1 TB: 9 Euro / month using LAN based on Vodafone Cable Internet IPV6 DS-LITE (VF NetBox) the ProxMox cluster uses...
  6. T

    Proxmox Backup Server on VPS - Security

    Hey guys, anyone has experience about running Proxmox Backup Server on Public VPS. Planning to synchronize the local backups to a VPS. How is it about security? Thanks in Advance Eddie
  7. T

    WHMCS installed in VM on Proxmox Host

    Hi, Just a question, currently we run our WHMCS installation in a Proxmox VM running DirectAdmin. Before when WHMCS was hosted on a totally different server the Proxmox VPS Module could just connect to the Proxmox host. But currently that the WHMCS installation is in a VM on the Proxmox host I...
  8. S

    Need help to migrate my VPS

    Dear Experts, hope you are doing good. I am using VPS from one vendor which is based on Proxmox. Now I got the dedicated Server and installed proxmox on it. Could you please guide me how I will migrate my VPS from my vendor to my own Proxmox Server Any help will be highly appreciated...
  9. T

    Most Performance on a VPS-VM witout Intel_KVM - for Obversium Monitoring

    Hey Guys n Lads, Like the Topic sais, I'd like to know how I would get out the most performance when I disable the KVM hardware virtualization on a VM. I normally only work with containers, but I would like to install https://www.observium.org/ on my machine an that seems to be impossible...
  10. J

    Hetzner Networking Setup

    Hi everyone, a bit of a noob here so I wanted to ask before getting deep into things. From my search, there are multiple 'solutions' to having just 1 ip, however all of the things I've found here and tried I didn't manage to get internet access on my CTs/VMs. So here are my questions and I'd...
  11. H

    Setup Proxmox Clustered VM network multiple public IP

    Hello, my setup is 3 node cluster (hosted on OVH): (each server own datacenter, separate network, unique public IP) Node1(Master): Public ip range - 10 (10IPS) GW DNS Node2(Slave2): Public ip range - 10 (10IPS) GW DNS
  12. M

    Enterprise repo: licensing

    Please note: This is not a question of money, but a question of freedom in terms of licensing. I'm investigating to use Proxmox VE for our hosting business (e.g. selling VPS). Since our company only uses software that is released under a FLOSS software license without exception, I stumbled over...
  13. J

    Need Help with Clones of VPS

    Hi, I need help with cloning/replication of a VPS from within proxmox. Is it as simple as right clicking on any vps on our dedicated server, clicking clone and then filling in the information requested? Please look at the screen shot. Specifically, what do I enter in the blank places or...
  14. J

    Help for create Cloud

    I want to create cloud vps and searching in google "HA" is this for create cloud? what need for do it? 2 or 3 nodes? i want more info, guide, ect.. Thanks
  15. J

    Proxmox external VM / CT access

    I've just begun the setup of proxmox for our none profit educational VPS service. However, the problem we're facing is a lack of IPv4 addresses available to us. Is it possible to route a sub-domain to the host servers IP address and then get that forwarded to the individual containers...
  16. Z

    proxmox vps hosting

    Hi. I'm new to proxmox. I want to offer vps hosting. I am using debian 8 + proxmox. I want to know If I can open the ports for all of my vm/containers so that my customers can ssh into their vm/containers. I want all vm/containers to be able to use the ports needed for a server. ex: 10...


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