1. R

    No internet inside Ubuntu (22.04.1) VM.

    My situation is that im using Oracle VirtualBox to run a Proxmox VE (7.2-1) and inside that Proxmox im running a Ubuntu VM in which i don't have any connection. I've just finished installing ubuntu in the VM when i noticed that no running connection is available. My initial thoughts on this...
  2. G

    Newbie: setting up Intel NUC with PVE and Ubuntu

    I have been using the Unixy underlayer of macOS (Darwin) for many years and I have been running a server based on macOS for the last 20 years. So, I am somewhat technical. I am moving away from this (macOS is no longer reliable enough for this). I am running: nsd/unbound (in a complex setup...
  3. K

    Wireguard in Proxmox LXC Error ( Running on Hetzner)

    Hi, I have been trying to setup Wireguard in an LXC Container on Proxmox using this Guide: Proxmox LXC Wireguard It would seem though I have issue with Proxmox Networking or FIrewall. The port ( as described in the guide and as I have configured, 51820) is not available publicly and the...
  4. 4

    Ubuntu LXC - Can't start AppArmor

    I'm having an issue with Proxmox 7.2 (and also on previous versions); when I create a fresh, privileged Ubuntu container, I cannot get apparmor to load. I've tried with nesting on and off as well. I don't believe I've done anything funky with the hosts at all; but they have all been around for a...
  5. D

    Adding existing hdd´s with media to a plex lxc.

    Hi all, I am fairly new to proxmox, but have set up a small cluster with a couple of vm´s and lxc´s. All of this is installed on a old computer that I use as a server. This computer has 7 disks installed (some are ssds, and some are hdds). 6 of these were used as storage in an ubuntu...
  6. R

    [HELP] Proxmox Linux VM crashing randomly with no logs or way to diagnose. I've tried everything!

    Hey guys, I'm pulling my hair out for over a week already trying to troubleshoot a very weird issue. I'm running Proxmox on a Intel NUC 11 (NUC11ATKPE) with 32GB RAM and 256GB SSD. I have 2 debian VMs: A light one running only AdGuardHome in docker (1 cpu, 1gb ram, 15gb storage) which works...
  7. M

    Vm does not boot up after removing single Gpu from cluster

    Hello; I am new on proxmox I have a cluster running with Proxmox version 7.1-7, Cluster has a Nvidia-RTX3060 and Nvidia-RTX3090 GPU. I have Passthrough both GPU without any problems, and have been working with ubuntu vm's using both separate GPU however recently I had to remove RTX3090 gpu from...
  8. W

    Cloud-Init LUKS VM Setup?

    Hello all, I have seen an understand the benefits of setting up a base image/template with Cloud-Init, so similar VMs can very easily be setup when needed. My question is... can these Cloud-Init template/images can be setup with LUKS encryption without losing any features? Will it still be able...
  9. M

    Resizing of VM Disk does not work

    Hi, I figured a strange bahaviour. Today I wanted to enlarge the disk of a ubuntu VM. I started with adding space via Proxmox GUI. Then I connected to the VM via putty and made the changes with parted. This worked: root@srv-rpx:~# fdisk -l /dev/sda | grep ^/dev...
  10. C

    PBS Client 2.x for Buster/FocalFossa

    Hello, Is there a possibility to update the Proxmox Backup Client for older versions of Debian and Ubuntu? Also, when are the Backup clients for RedHat/Fedora Systems come out? Securing my Fedora-Laptop with PBS-Backups in my NAS would be very useful. Sincerely, Cyagon
  11. D

    Weird performance issues of two disks in Mirror mode - beginner question

    Machine is a reused gaming PC R5 1600 16GB 2133 RAM Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Proxmox installed on a 120GB SATA SSD Disks in questions are two WD Red Plus 4TB (yes CMR variants, wd40efzx) running in Mirror mode. https://i.imgur.com/zlCw5HF.png Drives are assigned to a Ubuntu server VM whose...
  12. C

    Ubuntu Graphic Driver Problems with IGD Passthtough

    Hi all i am working on passthrough my IGD to a vm,and it's well down with the win10 VM guest except freezing sometime. when i change the VM guest to Ubuntu 21.10 ,i can only boot with nomodeset ,so i cannt use the GPU's full power. my ultral target is to run NAS + BlissOS on the PVE system. i...
  13. Y

    Re install OS to recover VM without losing Data

    Hi There. as shown in the attached, The OS wouldn't boot ( ubuntu ) and the only way is to re install the OS, But unfortunately my back wasn't up to date. IF I go to the actual VM, and attache ISO file in order to re install the OS, would that mess up my data ( Hard drive - zfs-local ) ...
  14. R

    esxi ubuntu migration VM wont boot

    Hello Community, i am struggling with a fairly "easy" task which is described pretty often but unfortunately does not seem to work with my setup I am having a Standalone esxi host running a linux ubuntu VM, i would like to migrate the VM to my proxmox Server. I am able to export the ovf & vmdk...
  15. K

    Using Proxmox as NAS for different VMs + Windows Clients

    Hello Everyone, I am new to Proxmox coming from FreeNas. I used FreeNAS as a NAS and shared it with the plugins I had running in FreeNAS, and also was able to access the NAS from my Windows PC to manage the store when sitting at my desktop. This is running on a homebuilt server with 4 internal...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Using Packer to deploy Ubuntu 20.04 to Proxmox

    DISCLAIMER I am not sure if this is even "the right" place for this, but it seems like a great place to start. This mostly relates to the Proxmox API and how VMs are actually created, so if you have any deep knowledge or even just a bright idea I might've missed, shoot it my way :) Problem...
  17. D

    VM keeps shutting down

    Hello, I have PVE 7.1-10, on it I have several VMs, but one in particular keeps shutting down. It is Ubuntu 20.04-3 server, used for Docker. It was part of the same template cloning as other VMs there. The only difference for this machine is that I have 2h period of backing it up. Now VM is...
  18. T

    Random Spikes in bandwidth cause buffering??

  19. R

    Ubuntu Template

    Hallo - ich wollte für die Installation von Nextcloud ein Installationsskript verwenden. Leider crasht das Skript im LXC Template von Ubuntu 20.04, weil im üblichen Verzeichnis /usr/bin einige Befehle fehlen, z.B. "echo". Gemäss meinen Recherchen sind diese Teil von core-utils. Das Paket ist...
  20. M

    Set up three Ubuntu servers all get the same IP

    So earlier today I span up a Ubuntu server, did all I had to do with it, duplicated it twice, since I needed three worker nodes. Strange thing is though is that all three get the same IP even with DHCP active. How do I managed this?


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