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    Feature Idea: Show Rule Disposition on Toggle Spam Info in Quarantine

    I want to explore whether this is a worthy idea before submitting a feature request. When working in the Spam Quarantine interface, one of the goals of an admin is to adjust rules so that entries which should have been allowed or blocked are handled better the next time they arrive. One part of...
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    Tracking center does not read all the mail.log file

    HI, Due to an agressive logrotate we had a rotation a bit to soon in the mail.log file I've unzipped older mail log and put every log in the same mail.log file But pmg only show what was in the rotatef mail.log (ie nothing before 13/06/2023 midnight, I get a "no data in database") Does the...
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    Filter by spam score?

    Hi, is there some way to view the details of emails with a particular spam score in the tracking centre? (or anywhere else?) I can view by action (blocked, quarantined, delivered etc), but thats not the same thing. It would be nice to be able to drill into the spam score report and view the mails.
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    Tracking Center shows logs from a year ago

    Hi, i just updated minor updates via the GUI (already before on v7.2.3). Then i checked my tracking center which mail went through. I saw a mail in the future... I checked if i can go further into the future and i can :) The Mails seem to be from last january: cmd: date shows the correct...
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    Tracking Center not showing every mail

    Hello Friends, our company is new to Proxmox and it's Gateway, but we a fairly impressed by what the software is able to do. We have the PMG active since yesterday evening and first tests look good, but for some reason i couldn't see some emails that has been sent from mobile devices via...
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    Sync tracking center between multiple nodes

    Hello, Is there an official way to sync emails visible in tracking center between all nodes, so I don't have to search for emails in multiple nodes? If this isn't officially supported, is there anyone else that created a solution for this and wants to share it with community? Regards Goran
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    Tracking Center from command line

    Hi everyone, Im using PMG in a production enviroment since january, and im really happy with it. Now im trying to improve (automate if posible) my daily workflow, about monitoring the tracking center, looking for quarentine mails and most important, rejected mails. I have found several spoofing...
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    /#pmgMailTracker Tracking Center: No data in database (Mail Gateway 7.1-1)

    Our tracking center is showing no data in database. When I didn't find the data I sought, I tried searching our top 3 recipients as defined on the dash board. Any idea how to solve this mystery? I have used incognito mode, PMG is quite clear, no data: We are using 1/3 of the disk space...
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    [SOLVED] keine Mails im Tracking Center, seit Neujahr 2022

    Hallo Freunde, ich wünsche euch ein tolles und glückliches neues Jahr. Ich habe aber auch ein Problem festgestellt. Das ganze fing heute an, indem ich in meinem Outlook keine neuen mails mehr gesehen habe seit gestern. Daraufhin habe ich herausgefunden, dass der Transport-Dienst im Mircosoft...
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    Is it possible to exclude some address from the "Tracking Center"?

    Hello, we use an email round trip monitor for our email server, which regularly sends emails to verify the functionality of mail transmission. Unfortunately, this means that the Tracking Center at PMG is full of these emails and makes it difficult to keep track. Is it possible to exclude some...
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    [SOLVED] Show only greylisted mails

    I couldn't test it yet as the tracking center doesn't show any data at the moment, but I understand that it's only possible to *also* show greylisted mails. But I would like to see *only* greylisted mails to get an overview. Is this possible and if so how? Lars
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    [SOLVED] Have Tracking Center parse another log instead of syslog

    Hello, I understand that PMG's Tracking Center fetches its data from the syslog files (/var/log/syslog, /var/log/syslog.1, /var/log/syslog.*.gz). We log all mail related messages to "/var/log/mail.log" on other servers, so I would like to keep it consistent on PMG as well. A possible...
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    How to increase Tracking Center log limit?

    hello, i'm getting lots of spams today (solved already). And now i would like to see incoming/outgoing mails in tracking center but got this "Aborted too many hits" message so i can only see mails from the spam, the tracking stopped and stuck hours ago, can't see newer mail traffic...How can i...
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    Tracking center no successful delivered logs

    Hi all, as per title in the tracking center i am unable to find any successful dlivered messages anymore. It was working fine like 4 months ago but after the latest update it only shows the rejected/bounced emails. Searching into /var/log/syslog the successuflly delivedred emails are logged just...
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    Feature Request: Bounce Rate für ausgehende E-Mails überwachen

    Hi, aktuell kann unter Statistiken › Domain › Ausgehend nur der Traffic und die Anzahl an Mails sowie Viren dargestellt werden. Hier würde ich mir wünschen, dass zusätzlich die Bounce Rate dargestellt wird. Sowohl in Prozent als auch in einer absoluten Zahl je nach definiertem Zeit Filter...
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    Tracking Center - Connection Error

    Hallo zusammen, ich erhalte die folgende Meldung im Tracking Center (Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1-2): Reboot führte leider zu keinem Erfolg. Hat jemand eine Idee? Danke und Gruß Eddie
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    [SOLVED] email filter action object "Block" - no 550 to sender? pmg send 250 O.K.

    Hello, I have create some blacklist entry for a test email address and use the default email filter action object "Block". If I send some email from this blocked address, message is blocked correctly but PMG send 250 O.K. to the sender. But email is blocked and dropped from PMG and I can't...
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    Store tracking center over three months

    Hello guys, I want to store log mail in the tracking center over 3 months. How can I do that because normally mail in the tracking center will be deleted after 7 days? Please help me solve that.
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    [feature] filter by state in the tracking center

    in the tracking center i can filter by sender, receiver, time-span and "filter" (which appears to be some simple text-matcher, without a regex engine). i find that i would also like to filter the results based on the delivery state, e.g. limit the display to entries that are accepted/delivered...


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