1. LXC template for Fedora 30.

    Will there be an LXC template for Fedora 30 soon? It was just released and Fedora 28 is now end-of-life.
  2. Base template on SSD drive - how good is the performance improvement?

    Actually the subject says it all... I have a server with ZFS where I have 2xSSDs in mirror where proxmox installation, L2ARC and ZIL reside. Then a bunch of 10k HDDs in a pool where the VMs are running. On a different forum thread I have read that a) using linked clones does not affect...
  3. [SOLVED] Customize config template to determine if greylisting is enabled

    Hey, all. Just rolled a Proxmox Mail Gateway to replace my Mailborder gateway I've been using (they aren't developing an up-to-date version fast enough before the OS I use for it End of Lifes), and Proxmox gives me about the same functionality with less restrictions for less (FREE in some...
  4. Provisioning windows VMs

    Hi, I've succesfully built some nice Windows templates, but depending on role I want to install and preconfigure some software on each linked clone during first run. Typically people use Vagrant and packer for this - any idea what is the simplest way to do this without polluting my proxmox...
  5. cloud-init and disable_root

    I have been playing with cloud-init support in PVE and am loving it ... however, one of the things I want to disable on certain VMS (for good or for bad, please don't lecture on security) is to enable the root user to be able to ssh into the VMs (at least while we're building them and scp'ing...
  6. Convert templates back to regular VMs

    I converted a windows virtual machine to a template, but want to add more updates. Is there a way to convert it back to a regular VM? In Vmware that is permitted.
  7. Ansible Playbook to Provision from a Template Examples?

    Hey, I am new to Proxmox VE and although I have some experience with Ansible, I am still a newbie. I recently blew away my installation of ESXi from my Dell T5500 because I want to learn more about provisioning boxes etc via Ansible (and ESXi doesn't support templates with out vCenter etc). I...
  8. LXC template for Centos 7.4 minimal or Nethserver 7.4

    Where can we download or how can we create newer LXC templates for Centos 7.4 minimal. When I run # pveam available | grep -i centos system centos-6-default_20161207_amd64.tar.xz system centos-7-default_20171212_amd64.tar.xz I only see centos 7 default. I need Centos 7...
  9. Use of container templates in offline environment

    Hello, I would first like to thank the Proxmox team for their excellent software. I have a particular use-case of PVE, and I hope this is the correct place to address my issue. I work for a company where we use PVE in an offline environment due to security concerns. We have adopted the use of...
  10. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 16.04 Template for Proxmox 4.1

    Hi, Is there any Ubuntu 16.04 Template for Proxmox 4.1 available? or is there a release date for this new template? i would like to use new Ubuntu 16.04 short term. it would be nice to have a template for ubuntu 16.04 in short time. Maybe someone can help me. Best regards, Olli


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