1. F

    Container to template on ZFS (and linstor - drbd)

    I have Proxmox 8.2 running CT's and VM's on Linstor - DRBD shared storage with underlying ZFS. I can create snaptshots without any problems. In fact PBS uses it to backup running containers. As far as i know snapshots is a prerequisite for converting CT's to a template ? I created a Debian 12...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Ceph. Clone Templates Between nodes

    Hello community, My first post here. I have been searching on the subject and the posts I have seen on the forum and by search engines on the subject have not finished me clarify my doubt. To put in context. I have 3 PVE Nodes in Cluster with CEPH as backend storage for the VMs. In the ceph...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] automating with bpg/proxmox; How to find URL and checksum of LXC images?

    Howdy, folks. I'm trying to populate my proxmox servers' LXC templates with the bpg/proxmox Terraform provider. Pulling from Debian's site, that would look something like this: resource "proxmox_virtual_environment_download_file" "debian-12-amd64-lxc" { content_type = "vztmpl"...
  4. F

    No output for RockyLinux Generic Cloud Image Template

    Hi, Here is the template I created for RockyLinux Cloud Image: Rocky-9-GenericCloud-Base.latest.x86_64.qcow2 agent: 1 boot: order=ide2;scsi1;net0;scsi0 cipassword: test ciuser: my_user cores: 4 ide2: none,media=cdrom ipconfig0: ip=dhcp memory: 2048 meta: creation-qemu=7.1.0,ctime=1676200961...
  5. H

    VM templates? ISO repository?

    Hello, there is already user-friendly system for downloading and deployment of CT templates. Why don't we have such thing for VMs as well? I can imagine two levels of this. 1.) Some list of commonly used ISOs that proxmox would allow me to dowload without having to lookup the URL. (eg. Debian...
  6. G

    How to add templates or ISO to Proxmox available templates

    Is there a way to submit for inclusion in the default list of templates and ISOs - repo- for all PM installs? I'd like to know where we can request or simply link to official releases and upload or ask to include in the list various ISO and Templates... I see almalinux-8 is added now - but I...
  7. Z

    [SOLVED] Can't fetch recent CT templates

    I'm having an issue downloading templates with VE 7.0-11, and I hope someone could offer some advice on what might be wrong. I think it may be related to zst compression, but I'm not sure. Apt is updated/upgraded, and zstd/stable and libzstd1/stable were installed already. When trying to...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] template creation with Packer: boot options menu appears on some cluster and not other

    Hello, We are in the process of installing and configuring 4 clusters of 3 nodes and automating templates creation using Packer. We have a strange behaviour where for some clusters Packer template creation works fine and for others we are faced with a bug during the boot process. First, some...
  9. A

    What is `/var/lib/vz/template/qemu` for?

    Hello, My question is pretty simple, what is `/var/lib/vz/template/qemu` for? I know that `/var/lib/vz/template/iso` is meant to hold the ISOs that you can see from the Web GUI, but what is the qemu for? Is it meant to hold special files? Can I use it to try and compile new images from...
  10. W

    CT container template Kernel compatibily.

    Hello everyone, I have just tried to run wordpress container debian 11 in PVE 5, but the container crashs. I don't know if there is a guide line about Kernel Compatibility between template proxmox and PVE. Thanks!
  11. S

    [SOLVED] LXC Template für PMG 7.0

    Hallo zusammen, aktuell betreibe ich noch einen PMG mit der Version 6.4. Jetzt ist ja schon geraume Zeit die PMG 7.0 draußen. Ein Update innerhalb des LXC kommt mir irgendwie nicht in die Tüte. Würde also gerne den PMG mit Version 7.0 als LXC neu aufsetzen und dann einfach das Configbackup...
  12. C

    Cluster Templates ( NFS )

    Hello We are having an issue with templates. We use NFS to store KVM templates however it appears that eac node in our cluster requires a separate templates to be 'housed' there. Is it possible to have KVM templates living on NFS on one node and each cluster node be able to deploy from that...
  13. G

    When will the debian 11 template be available?

    I am using Proxmox 6.4 and would like to install LXC debian 11 but this template is not yet available. It says that Debian 11 can be installed manually. I downloaded this rootfs and created lxc. LXC works, but I had to install some basic packages, e.g. nano, openssh etc. When Proxmox adds a...
  14. Z

    Linked Clones Unavailable to VMs!

    Hello, Are you able to create a LINKED CLONE from a VM? I find so much information about how to do it, yet I am not able to. After a great deal of frustration switching from a Directory storage to LVM-Thin, based on this Proxmox guide: VM Templates and Clones; I still did not have any...
  15. M

    download failed

    Hello, can you help me with this error, when installing a virtual machine from a template I get this error: () Task viewer: Download OutputStatus Stop starting template download from: http://download.proxmox.com/images/system/centos-8-default_20201210_amd64.tar.xz target file...
  16. D

    regenerate cloud init image using ansible

    Hi, I want to deploy from a Proxmox Host a VM that is convertet to a template to clone other VMs out of these. the Templating role works fine but if i clone the template with ansible, starting the VM and want to sign in the preset login combi don´t work, but if i click on the "Regenerate Image"...
  17. C

    Ubuntu template configuration?

    Hi, I'm wondering how you create the Ubuntu templates that you make available. We have a number of developers that are still using Virtual Box (yes, I know...) and installing a virtual machine with a minimal Ubuntu server installation results in many more packages than what's in the Ubuntu...
  18. S

    Proxmox cloud-init kvm template creation for hostbill automation - need help

    Hello! I am trying to to create a CentOS 7 template for my proxmox setup which I want to use with Hostbill for automated creation of VMs I tried everything but nothing works.. VM creates and online but can't login Right now I can create VM and they are online sucessfully But I can't login using...
  19. Z

    Email Template Variables

    I'm building a custom email template and that process is clear from searching within the forum. However, what other variables are there to work with or any additional documentation? For example, can the lifetime value be used to inform users when their spam will be deleted? Thank you
  20. T

    LXC Container - Errors / Warnings - ubuntu / debian

    I tried out the LXC containers recently. First I tried the debian template (debian-10-standard_10.7-1_amd64.tar.gz), downloaded via PVE Web GUI, created a new container via PVE Web GUI, set my hostname (debian) and password, for the network chose DHCP and left everything as default. However...


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