1. J

    How to remove subscription widget ?

    Hello, i am new in the plataform I need help removing the subscription widget from the data center summary. I don't have a subscription, but I don't want the subscription widget to appear.
  2. S

    Proxmox Updates - Newbie Questions

    Hello all, I am coming from the VMware world so apologies for what are probably newbie questions. Now that Broadcom has terminated the free ESXi hypervisor I have built a Proxmox server, so I can migrate my home lab vms over. My first question deals with the Proxmox subscription service. In...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Subscription key ckeck fails: "Connection error - Timeout."

    Hello, my subscription key ckeck fails with "Connection error - Timeout.". In the beginning this worked but not since 2023-08-10. The subscription is valid until 2024-07-30. Where can I check for a more detailed error log? Thanks!
  4. W

    [SOLVED] Change to free account

    Hi. I would like to change my account to a free subscription of the Proxmox Mail Gateway, if that's still an existent option. How could I proceed with it? Also, I cannot access my Customer Portal anymore on the website, the password does not seem to work, and the recovery e-mail does not...
  5. U

    "invalid: subscription information too old" and "Connection error 596: Broken pipe"

    Hi, one of our nodes feels unhappy about its subscription state and displays "invalid: subscription information too old" in the node's subscription page: When I click "Check", a popup opens and displays "Connection error 596: Broken pipe". Nothing conclusive in the logs, maybe anyone else...
  6. K

    Supporting Proxmox but perhaps not with an existing support subscription

    I wonder how popular a lower priced subscription would be and whether Proxmox would consider such a thing? I've been using the non-enterprise version for years and I know that many will simply say "just buy a years support subscription". I'd really like to see the option to donate a nominal...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] What feature is missing in PVE 7.4 without subscription?

    If I navigate to pricing page, I can see even the community version provides a “complete feature-set”, but the advertisement claim that the free version is only lacking the enterprise repo and the support. This brought me to the question: what else is missing if unpaid? I’m evaluating whether to...
  8. K

    I've purchased a COMMUNITY subscription...

    Hi everyone, I've purchased a COMMUNITY subscription to show some support. It's great software after all :) However, as I now have access to the Enterprise repository, would this be recommended in a 3-server cluster where the others are on the Free subscriptions? Would this cause some issues...
  9. enoch85

    My subscription status doesn't show?

    Don't know if this is the correct way to contact the staff, but became a subscribed customer (Community) the other day, but still I don't get a badge next to my nick here in the forum. Do I need to do anything for that? Thanks!
  10. T

    Error checking subscription after update

    Hello all, after updating our cluster to 7.2-11, the subscription key can no longer be fetched on some servers. Status invalid: subscription information too old When trying to check the subscription key again, the following error message appears. The servers are behind a proxy. No changes...
  11. P

    How to Buy & Install license subscription 2 CPU Socket

    I have 6 server spec 2 cpu socket per 1 server i want 3 year how to buy how to install
  12. J

    license vs subscription: costs/benefits for amateur beginner home-lab?

    so, i have heard of proxmox a lot lately, and have been looking into it. then i come across this video and i don't like annoying popups. also, i don't mind supporting projects like this. so i venture over to the pricing page and i'm a little confused. it looks like it's $100 USD/year to remove...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Newbie Questions

    Greetings, I am very new to PROXMOX, did my first install last week. I am very sorry if my questions are posted in the wrong place but I cannot seem to find the answers trawling through the site. My first question is, I understand that PROXMOX is released under the free license agreement, why...
  14. C

    Buy subscription first or install Proxmox VE?

    Hi, I would like to ask whether should I install with the Proxmox VE 7.1 ISO Installer first or should I purchase the subscription first? Is there better version of installer in Enterprise Repository?
  15. A

    Proxmox subscription change

    Hello, we bye the new subscription key for proxmo VE. Its version Proxmox VE Community Subscription 4 CPUs/year. i input the key to subscription menu in VT1(2 socets) and VT2(2 socets) . Early we have a activated licenses keys in this VTs, and next due date is today. NOW i see in VT1- status...
  16. A

    Proxmox end subscryption

    Hello! Now we have a Proxmox VE Community in out host. Next due date is 2021-08-13, but... Our software license provider does not have time to deliver the key until 08.13. What happens after 8.13? we need to change the pve update repository until we get the key? will there be any problems with...
  17. G

    Proxmox Enterprise Subscription

    How many servers can I activate with the enterprise subscription?
  18. R

    How many CPU sockets? (needed for subscription)

    Hey, happy (new) user of proxmox in my home-server. Really nice piece of software! I want to support you by buying a subscription, but I have a question here. I don't know how many CPU sockets I have :). Here is some information: # lscpu Architecture: x86_64 CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit...
  19. F

    Add CPU to existing subscription

    Hi all, I've just today added a second CPU to my server after only a couple of months. I purchased a subscription for 1x CPU but I need to update this to 2x CPU. Looks like I can't edit the existing subscription to add the second CPU. There are options to purchase 1x CPU subscription again but...
  20. K

    Upgrading subscription

    Hi there, I've currently got 2 Proxmox hosts in a cluster, one of these has the community subscription and the other the basic subscription. Is it possible to upgrade the community subscription to the basic subscription without buying a new subscription?


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