1. K

    Upgrading subscription

    Hi there, I've currently got 2 Proxmox hosts in a cluster, one of these has the community subscription and the other the basic subscription. Is it possible to upgrade the community subscription to the basic subscription without buying a new subscription?
  2. J

    PVE subscription: monetary credit when upgrading from lower to higher plan?

    PVE subscription: can one get monetary credit when upgrading from lower to higher plan? eg: if I use a Standard Plan for 3 months and wanted to upgrade to a Premium Plan on the same PVE server (with one socket), would I get credited for the €398 (and pay only €796 - 398 = €398 for the upgrade)...
  3. B

    subscription validation && Benifits

    HI, I keep getting error that my subscription cannot be validated. Does anyone know what ports/domains/IPs i need to allow for validation to happen ? Once i have validation i should be able to use the business repository, im not sure how to reach this, does anyone have link where to start...
  4. L

    No-Subscription license - No valid subscription message

    I changed my license model to "No-Subscription" and applied the changes as per the Proxmox VE No-Subscription Repository guide. However, this does not remove the no invalid subscription reminder message. Is it possible to permanently remove the message or must I purchase a subscription?
  5. M

    Proxmox Subscription ?

    Hallo, zum Testen habe wir uns ein Cluster aus Alt-Systems erstellt und nutzt diesen mit non-subscription. Da wir nun doch sehr zufrieden mit der Lösung sind würden wir diese gerne auch auf neueren System nutzen, hierfür würden wir auch gerne eine Subscription erwerben. Unserer Frage ist nun...
  6. P

    Proxmox VE Enterprise repos: why/needed?

    Hello, I'm quite new to ProxMox and of course didn't read anything, just installed the whole thing and had hard time to bring everything running, after switching from FreeNAS :) . Now, after a few quite critical almost-showstoppers (like corrupted VMs, cutting me off with bond-config, cron.d...
  7. R

    Subscription failure

    I have a 3 node cluster. Suddenly today, 2 of the 3 nodes show no subscription but the renewal dates for the 2 are September and November of this year. What's going on?
  8. S

    OpenGL vendor: llvmpipe, instead of Nvidia GC

    I have a issue when i try to install my GPU i followed step by step the tutorial --> but now i confronting a issue i have disabled disaplay is set to none and when i type $ glxinfo|egrep "OpenGL vendor|OpenGL...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Subscription key update via command line?

    Hi, in which file of proxmox I have to provide a new subscription key when I want to do this via command line?
  10. M

    Enterprise repo: licensing

    Please note: This is not a question of money, but a question of freedom in terms of licensing. I'm investigating to use Proxmox VE for our hosting business (e.g. selling VPS). Since our company only uses software that is released under a FLOSS software license without exception, I stumbled over...
  11. D

    Cluster Requirements

    I'm looking at the subscription requirements for the cluster. Whats not clear to me is if I can use the free open source version with no support contract and have an unsupported (community supported) cluster with multiple nodes, or do I need to have the "community 99 euro" support plan in order...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Keine Updates ohne Subscription?

    Hallo Forum, mir ist der Zusammenhang von Subscrition und der Erhalt von Updates - also die Aktualisierung meiner Laufzeitumgebung - nicht ganz klar. Erhalte ich für meine "freie" Installation auch Bugfixes ohne eine laufende Subscription? Danke und Grüße Tobias
  13. S

    Update free version to subscription

    Hi, I built a cluster with proxmox and after testing I now want to use it for production. Now my question is, if I am using it in the free version first until I get the subscription key, will there be any problems updating the servers afterwards? Do you recommend waiting for subscriptions to...
  14. aPollO

    [SOLVED] Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file after Upgrade from nun-sub to sub

    Hi, today i upgraded from no-subscription to a subscription. After i added the subscription key and activated the enterprise repository in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pve-enterprise.list (commted in the line) i get this error. W: Failed to fetch...
  15. S

    Just added subscription, any other steps?

    Hello, I just purchased a subscription and was previously using the no subscription repository. Are there any steps I need to do besides changing to the enterprise repository? I did a apt-get update/upgrade and noticed there was no packages which needed upgraded/installed and am just wondering...
  16. M

    Ceph Jewel: documentation error or subscription problem?

    Hello everyone, right now we are in the process of evaluating Proxmox with Ceph storage in a small cluster (6-8 hosts). We did our test install according to the Wiki, specifically this page: However, the pveceph tool on the latest install ISO...
  17. Z

    Upgraded to Subscription, apt-get update not working

    Hi, I have installed the latest Proxmox via apt-get like so: Then I bought a subscription key and successfully entered it in the web gui. 1.) I'd like to be able to upgrade all the distribution packages via apt-get update &&...
  18. stefws

    [SOLVED] One node failed to obtain it's subscription

    Found one of our nodes had not gotten its subscription right. How would I force it to recheck or reinitialize it?


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