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    SSD not reclaiming space after deleting files

    Hi - I have an SSD which is mounted within Proxmox. It contains movie files we use for plex. I logged in via SFTP and cleared out a load of old files. Yet, the hard drive has not reflected that free space. Is there a command I need to run to "free up" the space? Or should I unmount/remount the...
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    Maximal disk allocation

    I am using proxmox to manage my virtual machines. When I create a new VM, I have to allocate some space on the SSD. For instance, I have a 240GB ssd and there is 1 VM using 120GB. Is there a way proxmox can automatically alert me if i try to setup a new 240GB VM on the same disk ?
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    [SOLVED] Adding SSD's to a Host

    I've added two 500 GB SSD's to my lab system: root@pve-0:~# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINTS sda 8:0 0 465.8G 0 disk └─sda1 8:1 0 465.7G 0 part sdb 8:16 0 465.8G 0...
  4. A

    PVE update storage from VM

    I'm looking for solution why PVE doesn't update usage local storage which I use into vm. For example in VM I downloaded file (about 10 GB). In PVE -> local storage -> Summary I see information that total Size is increased about 10 GB but when I removed this file from VM. Summary in local...
  5. I

    Wrong show used storage, after remove files

    I added disk which is mounted to the virtual machine. When I have removed data on this disk from VM, proxmox still remember usage before remove them. Restart proxmox didn't resolve an issue. Below configuration Hard Disk for VM
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    directories issues with 100gb limit and random occupation

    Hello! i have a proxmox installation on a server. In this server, i have put some linked folders and some storages as following: linked: - local network drive mounted on another PC (500gb) - onedrive with 2tb local: - 1 SSD 1TB - 7 HDD 1TB (i made a ZFS pool) - 1 SDcard (512gb) the issue is...
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    VM’s crashing/stopped due to storage/memory limit?

    Newbie question. Am experimenting with 4 equal VM running Ubuntu. Each VM requires 8GB, 4 cores, 250 GB storage - my server has 12 cores, 32 GB (effectively 31.19GB), and 1TB (effectively 940GB). Running 3 VM’s —> CPU usage is low <30%, Memory usage is 85%, Disk usage is low. Running 3 VM’s is...
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    Storage pool shown as full, but its contents are not big enough (newbie)

    Hello all, I am just getting started with Proxmox and I apologise if I am missing something basic. I have one 2TB hard drive for high-io operations. I created a storage pool using just this hard drive. I created one VM to use this storage pool - one disc created using lvmthin. The storage in...
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    ZFS 4 1TB disk Raid 1 - 1TB total storage, not 2TB...

    I just set up a new Proxmox server, which will be more of a remote backup server. It has 4x 1TB drives in a ZFS raid 1 array. I expected around 2TB of storage from this, not 1TB. Do I have a misconfiguration, or am I wrong? zpool status: pool: rpool state: ONLINE config: NAME...
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    VM Backup does not shrink even after deleting large files

    Hello community, I hope you are having a great time I have virtual machines with Windows Server 2022, the backups of the virtual machines were around 12GB. I did a test copying large files to the virtual machine and indeed the size of the backup file grew. I deleted them again and made the...
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    ZFS share

    Hi, I'm trying to mount ZFS pool, called it 'giant' (consists of 3x 12TB hdd) with the existing VM which runs OpenMediaVault, can't assign whole available space to the hard drive. Hardware Hingle mobo, standalone proxmox installation on nvme which means I have 1 proxmox node i my datacenter...
  12. J

    Add disk to rpool ZFS

    Good morning, I want 2 new disk to my raid 1 ZFS rpool, do you know the procedure ? Best regards, Joseph
  13. K

    Possible bug | pve-root beeing "filled up" when downloading files onto ZFS volume (other than pve-root)

    So I ran into a problem with running proxmox VM on my homelab. I've created ZFS with 3 of my 500gb HDD drives. Everything went as planned except I stumbled upon system freezes, crashes, root-pve beeing filled up. (root-pve is installed as LVM) When I was creating Ubuntu mirror using apt-mirror...
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    san storage in proxmox

    hi all , I have proxmox server , this server connected to san storage to get 11TB , my problem is he read 4 disks with same storage , for example #lsblk sdb 8:16 0 12T 0 disk └─sdb1 8:17 0 12T 0 part sdc...
  15. L


    So I am installing proxmox onto a 32gb USB that's in my server and it says on the panel in the local storage there is only 7gb.
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    Host Disk full - no access to GUI - How to safely cleanup /var/tmp and other affected folders

    Hello Everyone, I've searched through forums here for a bit and have determined I am having a space issue on my proxmos host drive. This is not an inodes issue as far as I've determined. These drives are 2x 256 SSDs running in a ZFS pool - ever since I upgraded to a recent proxmox version to...
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    Volume Sizes exceeds the size of thin pool and free space in volume group

    Hello All, I'm doing things on proxmox since a few weeks. So treat me new on these things. Coming to the point, whenever try to create a new LV or try to create a Snap or backup, I get warnings... WARNING: You have not turned on protection against thin pools running out of space...
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    Usable drive space to small and shows different sizes in each menu

    Hello, I got 3 Drives, each 279GiB installed as a raidz1. So the usable drive space should be ~558GiB (2x278GiB), but I am only able to use around 393 GiB. If I look at Storage -> My Storage -> Summary, then I can see that I am using almost 100% of the storage space, but there it says 536...
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    Can't add hardware to existing server

    Dear, We are running a Proxmox server on a HP Z600, their is a card with one M.2 5xx GB connected. And still 3 slots free to add M.2, now i'm trying to put in the second one if i do the storage is not available in Proxmox and my VM's are running on that. How can i resolve this issue? Thanks in...
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    [SOLVED] ZFS Storage blocks 50% more space than needed

    Hello everyone, i have an issue regarding zfs and proxmox storage. I have a 4x 4Tb sata disk as a ZFSZ1 raid installed. Proxmox tells me that 10.24TiB are available. However i cant create a a 10TiB VM Disk for this. To show you were i think the problem might come from i figured out following...


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