1. E

    [SOLVED] SPICE on pve 7.4.16 (Intel X5670 ) and 8.0.4 (AMD 6376)

    Hi, I hope i'am in the good place to post :) I'am trying Proxmox since 2 months before migrating my existing VMs from ESXI to Pve. I have 2 servers: one Intel on Pve 7.4.16 -> 24 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz (2 Sockets) and one AMD on Pve 8.0.4 -> 64 x AMD Opteron(tm)...
  2. taich

    Spice virt-viewer

    I recently installed proxmox 8 with a windows 10 VM where I installed the https://www.spice-space.org/download/windows/spice-guest-tools/spice-guest-tools-latest.exe Now I want to connect to this Windows 10 VM from my local Windows 10 via Spice. Therefore I was looking for something like a...
  3. T

    Direct USB passthrough is slow, but using SPICE is fast

    Hello, I want to pass a USB device to a VM (namely a USB TV tuner for a TV server). When I do it directly by adding a USB device to the VM with the vendor/device ID, it seems as if the device is sometimes slow to respond. However, when I add a SPICE USB channel, change the display to SPICE...
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Can't get copy paste between Windows 11 host & VM to work even in SPICE

    Hello! I created a VM and installed the Win11 ISO on it, connected from a Win11 computer and used SPICE to connect. Preferences for SPICE window show Shared Clipboard as being enabled, yet still zero copy paste functionality in either direction Is there some other things I must do elsewhere...
  5. V

    Best resolution configurability AND performance options for Windows 10+ guests?

    Is there a guide to getting the "best" graphical performance along with highly customizable resolutions from a non-passthrough virtual machine guest of Windows 10 and higher in Proxmox? It seems like the gist is to install the SPICE latest drivers from...
  6. K

    Audio delay when making a call

    Hello, I am looking for some advice, we are a small-ish call center using promox to allow users to connect externally using spice and access our telephony server which is completely closed off from external connection. When connecting and making a call from our LAN there is virtually no delay...
  7. L

    Aktuelle Version mit WinXP

    Hallo zusammen, ich baue gerade ein Proxmox Testsystem zusammen, um ggfs. von meinem Ubuntu-Server mit Virtualbox auf Proxmox umzusteigen. Im Prinzip sollen ein paar Linux-Systeme laufen, sowie eine ganze Reihe von abgekapselten Windows-Systemen mit Programmen, die für sich alleine laufen...
  8. N

    Windows doesn't load after going to sleep

    I would like to setup my geust machine (Windoes 11) to sleep after some time. It helps to save energy. However, after going to sleep, it doesn't log in anymore via consoles or RDP. I use SPICE on Proxmox 7.3-4
  9. M

    Can't start vms with audio device(SPICE) in pve 7.3 cluster

    After upgraded my pve cluster from 7.2 to 7.3 recently, I found that vms with audio device(SPICE) can't start. error log WARN: no efidisk configured! Using temporary efivars disk. audio: Could not init `spice' audio driver TASK ERROR: start failed: QEMU exited with code 1 The package versions...
  10. C

    SPICE TLS certificates

    Im using my own TLS certificate in PVE WebUI. But how can I setup How can I setup my custom TLS certificates in the SPICE protocol used by Proxmox PVE?
  11. O

    Windows VM w/ SPICE crashes on Sleep

    Hello, Looking for advice on where to post bug report. I find that my Windows VMs crash regularly if I enable the SPICE display. I tracked this down to the fact that enabling the SPICE display also enables the computer to go to sleep, and sleeping was causing crashing. Was happening on all my...
  12. B

    Copying from vm to client does not work (spice)

    Copying documents to a vm via spice works, but there is no going back. I tried it on both windows 10 and linux mint The connection goes through spice. Clients running Windows 10 and 11 Installed Guest Tools on the vm itself, does not help
  13. N

    Using SPICE in a cluster "Unable to connect to the graphic server"

    Hi There!, I have two PVE nodes (P1 and P2), When I'm logged in on P1 node, and try to access a VM on P2 node with virt-viewer I get "Unable to connect to the graphic server C:\Users\user\Downloads\9_NoK9Fd.vv" error message, Nodes are on different networks, but they have a 10G Ethernet...
  14. K

    Is there anyway to remote VM with multi monitor on MacBook(Except SPICE)

    Hi all Recently my MacBook’s ssd cracked suddenly and loss all the SPICE ( Virt-viewer) setting. Therefore I tried to install it with Homebrew (same as my previous MacBook setup). However this time fail with many error such as missing gtk2 (already installed). After that, I am trying to...
  15. K

    Plans for SPICE

    It is with great regret that we saw RedHat deprecate the amazing SPICE protocol. Since we use SPICE a lot with our Proxmox instance, we are worried that Proxmox might remove SPICE from a future version. How does Proxmox intend to treat SPICE in the next years? If SPICE support is going to be...
  16. J

    Spice Enhancement - Video Streaming - No Channel Listed

    Does the Video Streaming option under Spice Enhancement create the spice channel required? I have tried enabling this option in Proxmox with both a Ubuntu and Fedora guest but neither one have an additional channel show under /dev/virtio-ports/ like I have had in the past when enabling under...
  17. M

    Spice/QXL bug when using dual monitor setting with Ubuntu 22.04

    Hello, I came across a weird bug when using Spice with configured dual monitor and 32MB of graphics memory (probably also reproducible with other multi monitor settings, but I'm using this one and cannot test more monitors). In my VMs I'm using Lubuntu and Xubuntu and with version 22.04 I...
  18. VictorSTS

    Kernel segfault on host while using spice display in Linux VM

    Hello, I'm having a serious issue with a couple of Linux VMs (Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop, Linux Mint 20.1). They both have spice display: agent: 1,fstrim_cloned_disks=1 audio0: device=ich9-intel-hda,driver=spice boot: order=scsi0;ide2 cores: 4 cpu...
  19. S

    How to connect to VM using SPICE on Windows 10

    So I am not really a fan of using NoVNC in the browser as there are quite a few missing features in my opinion like a shared clipboard. So I looked into SPICE and found that it could work better. So I changed the display of one of my VMs to SPICE and tried downloading virt-manager on my Windows...
  20. L

    WITHOUT CABLE PLUGGING INTO GRAPHICS CARD, how can I apply a remote desktop access to VM with gpu passthroughed?

    I've passthroughed AMD R5 230 OEM to VM with the guide of archlinux passthrough tutorial and Proxmox passthrough tutorial. When I installed GPU driver, I could get output in monitor if I directly plug HDMI cable into graphics card. Below is my VM conf: bios: ovmf boot: order=scsi0;net0 cores: 8...


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