1. J

    Wie kann man die Backup Geschwindigkeiten verstehen und verbessern?

    Hallo, wollte Fragen wie die folgenden Proxmox-Backup Task-Logs zu verstehen sind: INFO: pruned 0 backup(s) INFO: Finished Backup of VM 113 (00:00:12) INFO: Backup finished at 2024-02-28 12:28:35 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 114 (qemu) INFO: Backup started at 2024-02-28 12:28:35 INFO: status =...
  2. G

    Bad NFS performance over vlans.

    Good evening, I hope there is someone who can help me in the right direction. I manage my ZFS pools in Proxmox and, where necessary, pass them on to the VMs via NFS. In my proxmox server I use a duo port Intel 10GB network card. I access the proxmox GUI via 1 port and all VMs are assigned to...
  3. G

    PCIe lanes understanding.

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can give me some clarity about PCIe Lanes. Situation with a Mellanox X3 10GB network card. I have a PCIe 4.0x8 slot working on 4 lanes (CPU lanes) The duo Mellanox card uses a 3.0x8 connection. As far as I know 10 Gbps lets you transfer at a rate of 1.25 GB/s...
  4. N

    Very slow download speed on host (NUC12PRO)

    I received my NUC12PRO 2 months ago. Since then everything went well, I had a very good network connection (1500 Mbs donwload connected to ethernet). One day I wake up and notice my download speed was very slow. This has been the case for 1 week now.... Current Speedtest : Download : 50-100...
  5. U

    slow performance between PVE and VM\CT

    after a few month after installation i have degradation in bandwidth between PVE host and VM on windws and CT : 1.after installing and configuring PVE an ct (linux ubuntu ) i test bandwidth with iperf3 an get about 95 Gigabit/s after few monfs i have only 60-70 Gigabits/s ID] Interval...
  6. A

    Azure optimization on proxmox

    Hi, I'm not sure this topic goes in this place but I'm sure it can be useful for sure. Some time ago I installed a virtual machine with azure with windows server 2019. Everything perfect, in fact I made a copy of that machine and imported it into my proxmox that I have for testing. I was...
  7. CH.illig

    [SOLVED] Performance Optimierung / nicht die erwartete Leistung.

    Ich betreibe 2 Cluster, 1X tolles neues wo alles erwartungsgemäss funktioniert, aber einmal ein günstigeres Setup was in der VM aber eine meiner Meinung nach viel zu schlechte Performance abliefert. Einmal die eingesetzte Hardware und Config: Wir hatten das Synology NAS in Verdacht zur...
  8. S

    Does using VIRTIO SINGLE improve backup speed?

    Hi, Just a quick question. Can the speed of snapshots be increased by using paravirtualized hardware? For instance, VIRTIO Single with io-tread performance is better than IDE drives.
  9. S

    Firewall - Internet Speed

    Hey everyone, We have a 10G Internet connection but we are not even reaching 1GB Internet Speed to the firewall installed on proxmox. We have used the Intel1000 as nwetowrk card. Is it possible to get the full Internect connection speed to the firewall?
  10. UdoB

    [SOLVED] How can I specifiy a nominal speed of a kvm virtio NIC?

    Good morning, while expanding monitoring of my PVE systems I am stumbling over a (for me) problematic detail: the reported speed of a virtual NIC is always "10", which means 10 MBit/s. Specifically the host tells me this for any VM: root@pm1:~# cat /sys/class/net/tap110i0/speed 10 Just for...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] PBS benchmark tool - Good TLS speed in local but decreased TLS speed from remote

    Hi there, as the title suggested, I would like to troubleshooting my issue with you. I installed a Proxmox Backup Server on a dedicated hardware: If I run proxmox-backup-client benchmark --repository BackupPVE i have this result: Now, from my main Proxmox server I get this result using...
  12. C

    Limit PBS backup bandwith speed

    Hello, Is there a way to limit the speed at which PBS backups our servers ? I'm asking because it takes all our NIC bandwith which make our VM pretty much unreachable during the backup schedule. I've tried to edit /etc/vzdump.conf but it seems to ignore it when using PBS. Thanks
  13. DynFi User

    PBS to backup CephFS

    I am getting back to these threads : https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/cephfs-content-backed-up-in-proxmox-backup-server.84681/ https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/backup-ceph-fs.85040/ Because none of them have really been answered correctly from my point of view. And none of them has been...
  14. R

    Using proxmox-backup-client to backup 1.8 TB of nextcloud user's files - took 22h !

    Hello dear Proxmox, for our university's institute (law...) i had to build a new server infrastructure for VMs. Since we successfully use proxmox since a couple of years now, of course i built the new infrastructure with proxmox again: Our setup: 2 Proxmox VE nodes with local zfs (uses ssd for...
  15. J

    Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    Hello, I have an internet connection speed problem in my VMs. The Proxmox server has an excellent connection. I installed Centos7 on the vm. Here are the speed test results of the Proxmox and a VM: Proxmox: root@ns5004254:~# ./speedtest-cli Retrieving speedtest.net configuration... Testing...
  16. P

    Openvswitch performance

    Can you please tell me how much the bandwidth drops when switching from the classic network design in Proxmox to openvswitch?
  17. D

    Low backup speed: Proxmox Backup to OMV NAS via NFS

    Hey everyone, I am new to the whole home server topic but I am somehow familiar with the basics I guess. So I am running the following setup: Latest Proxmox and OMV version on both systems. OMV Backup NAS Server: Raspberry Pi 4B + external Raid0 enclosure (2x 2 TB WD Red, no SMR drivex, = 4...
  18. Proxygen

    [SOLVED] Speedtest-cli: Upload Speed is Capped Because the Kernel Uses BBR

    BBR seems to be the reason for upload speeds limited to 4.17Mbps when using speedtest-cli on kernel >= 4.9. See https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/issues/605 Until this is resolved, use iperf to test upload speeds. PS: This is not a tutorial, but it is surely not a question.
  19. K

    Benchmark: ZFS vs mdraid + ext4 + qcow2

    After fighting with ZFS memory hunger, poor performance, and random reboots, I just have replaced it with mdraid (raid1), ext4, and simple qcow2 images for the VMs, stored in the ext4 file system. This setup should be the least efficient because of the multiple layers of abstraction (md and...
  20. J

    Data replication : which Nics to choose

    Hi there, Consider a 3 node setup with each node having 2x 10GB & 6x 1GB Nic. Is it more interesting to speedup replication between the nodes using 10GB interconnects and have the VM's communicate on 1GB (scenario 1) or is it more interesting to speed up VM <—> desktop access (scenario 2) My...


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