1. S

    qm importdisk generates a 1000 GiB vmdk file from a 60GiB vmdk

    Good morning everyone! We are trying to migrate a 60 GiB vmdk Virtual Machine to Proxmox 8.0.3, but "qm import" is generating a 1000 GiB vmdk file root@pve:~# qm importdisk 103 /mnt/pve/Synology/vmfile.vmdk DISK_SDK --format vmdk importing disk '/mnt/pve/Synology/vmfile.vmdk' to VM 103 ...
  2. V

    qcow2 sizing issue

    Hello all, I have a few questions regarding qcow2 images sizes because right now I am really confuzed... Let me describe a bit about a situation I deal with. I have 1.4 TB array with contains just one single VM with 3 separated qcow2 images: # ls -lah -rw-r----- 1 root root 17G jun 14 10:44...
  3. M

    Virtual disk usage

    Problem: Currently, we're unable to get an overview in Proxmox about the virtual disk usage. You will only get the total disk size (200GB), on the VM overview page: Even... when going to the storage location and click on "VM DIsks", it will only give me the total size: Solution: When I'm...
  4. C

    How setup the size of local directory (pve-root) to have more than 100G

    Can I set the size of the local directory (pve-root) during the installation process? I want more than 100G to run all my VM
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Disk usage different than VM usage

    This vm 109 has a 480GB disk and the lvs command returns saying that it is using 51.52% (247.3 GB). But when I access the vm and run a df -h it says it's only 87gb. Why is this happening? root@pve:~# ./discos df -h ######################## Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted...
  6. itNGO

    Mail nach Größe filtern.

    Hallo zusammen, ein Kunde möchte alle E-Mails deren Anhänge größer als X sind in der Quarantäne sammeln. Ist so etwas konfigurierbar? Besten Dank!
  7. A

    Ceph min_size for large clusters

    Hi guys! I’ve a dilema with medium to big size clusters between 5 and 15 nodes. Working with ceph replica 3 and default min_size 2 if I have a two node failure the service will be interrupted but two node failure in a 15 node cluster is not difficult at all. How dangerous do you think it is to...
  8. M

    Smaller size OSD - bigger VM, what happening? Ceph OSD, replication settings.

    Hi! Please help me understand for be clear: Example for sure, all works fine, Ceph health OK, VMs are stored in Ceph, by default only node1 running a VMs: node1: 1000 GB OSD (1 HDD) node2: 1000 GB OSD (1 HDD) node3: 1000 GB OSD (1 HDD) node4: 500 GB OSD (1 HDD) node5: 500 GB + 500 GB OSD (2...
  9. A

    USED STORAGE : 99%

    so I just found out that I'm pretty much out of space on my File-server. (as shown in the attached snapshots) is there any way to extend that File server's storage ? ps : Zfs-loacl seems to have some decent amount of Gigs , is possible to use that ? pls Help Thanks all !
  10. G

    CephFS: How to create with different size?

    When creating a regular (RBD) Ceph pool, there are options in both the GUI and in pveceph to determine the size (replication count) and the min. size (online replicas for read) of the pool. However, when creating a CephFS pool, neither the GUI, not pveceph provides an option to create one with a...
  11. D

    different size of NFS storage

    Hi I just mount a NFS server on ubuntu 18.04 to create an NFS storage for my backup The free size for backup is 6.4 T When mount this NFS share, the size on proxmox for this mount point is 21G ... What's wrong ? Is ther some parameters to use in the export file on the NFS server ? On the NFS...
  12. W

    Thin provisioned VM backup size

    Hello to the community, I was following this thread to find the solution to the problem, but I got different behaviour. My guest VM is using 13GB on /dev/sda1, here's the configuration bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 1 ide2: none,media=cdrom lock: backup memory: 4096 name: pippo001 net0...
  13. A

    Increase local-lvm storage size

    Hey, I'm kinda new to Proxmox, so hopefully you can help me out with my problem. I have a storage with a size of 185GB called "local-lvm (proxmox)". It has reached its limit, so now I want to increase the size. Using "lsblk" in shell I could see, that I have 279GB available on that device. sdb...
  14. E

    Backup Size

    Hello, My VM total size is 400 GB and I only use 8-9 GB but the backup size is 63 GB. A few days ago, while only a maximum of 5 GB, right now 63GB and I don't understand this.. I have read all previous writes but could not reach the solution This is Proxmox: root@prox:~# df -h Filesystem...
  15. R

    Shrink LXC Container

    Hi Everyone, My LXC Container have 1000 GB but I only need 150 GB. How can I shrink the storage? I used this pct resize 101 rootfs 150 unable to shrink disk size Can anyone explain me how can I shrink the LXC Container to only 150 GB. Best regards and thanks for help, Oliver
  16. R

    Proxmox 4.2 cache problem with RAM

    Hi, I have a cache problem in proxmox. See attached screenshot! the cache size continues to increase. the problem is the cache will no cleanup automatically. and the problem is, if the ram space is full the proxmox system swap on the hdd. any idea why proxmox have so much cache size and will...
  17. V

    Compress RAW image to free up space on host

    Dear community, I have a few VMs which were initially created with QEMU2, later migrated to RAW due to performance reasons. These are running normal EXT4 filesystems (no LVM) with 800GB allocated in size. The file systems are only in use by 10-20%, however, on the host the total storage of...
  18. G

    LXC disk size vs. disk usage MISMATCH

    Looks like the actual disk size inside an LXC container is smaller than reported, because our containers are routinely getting full before hitting the specified disk size. For example in this container there is a 2GB difference between available disk space and disk size. root@lxc:/# du -chs *...


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