1. C

    KODI on LXC accessing media shared from Ubuntu VM has long delay on each new media play

    PVE pve-manager/8.1.4/ec5affc9e41f1d79 (running kernel: 6.5.11-8-pve) VM - Ubuntu 22.04 - contains the shared media, managed with docker Sonarr. LXC - KODI 19.4 ( - video out put on HDMI to TV. Installed with bash -c "$(wget -qLO -...
  2. P

    Issue connecting to CIFS share

    Having some issues creating a CIFS share to use as a backup location for Proxmox. I'm relatively new to all of this, but trying to learn as much as I can. I have a SSD attached to my router which I use as a NAS/Plex storage, and I want to use the Backups folder on that drive to upload Proxmox...
  3. C

    Samba Share as Storage - Permission Problem

    Good evening (dependeing, where you are...)! I´m struggling with a Samba Share. Setup: 2TB-USB-Harddrive connected to Home-Server with Proxmox (Virtual Environment 8.0.4). Mounted and shared with Samba. Config: /etc/samba/smb.conf [usb1prox] Comment = Toshiba 2TB Share Path = /media/usb1...
  4. G

    Samba auto mount issues

    Hello everyone! I am having some weird issues with auto mounting samba when a container is restarted via node restart. The required auto mount command "// /mnt cifs username=user,password=verysectedpassword 0 0" is added in /etc/fstab. Whenever, I restart the contained...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] Mount NFS share with no Proxmox content (just a share available on all nodes)

    Hi there, I'm trying to mount one NFS share at Datacenter level to have available on all my nodes but I don't want this share to play a specific role from a Proxmox standpoint. It contains data that I would like to have on all nodes for some of CT to roam around. The UI does seem to let me do...
  6. R

    Sharing Proxmox external HDD on home network

    Hi all, Quite new to Linux and Proxmox especially. I have a PVE on an old macbook in a cupboard with a Plex LXC, and have successfully mounted my external hard drive (USB into the machine running Proxmox) and passed it through to the Plex container. Plex reads the HDD fine and has generated my...
  7. L

    Shared folder from proxmox host to VM and CT

    I'm new to proxmox, I created a ZFS drive which is accesible on Proxmox at /Storage I wanted to make it accesible do the VM while remain accesible to the host and other CTs, I managed once, but I had to remove the VM and start over since I can't figure out how... anyway I managed to do the same...
  8. B

    cannot backup to nas: EPERM: Operation not permitted

    Hi, i have a new installed PBS with attached a NAS storage, mounted to a local mountpoint (speed of backup is not relevant in this case). The NAS is mounted with full rw rights as smb share. After start a Backup from a client on the cluster, i get these error: ERROR: VM 117 qmp command...
  9. F

    VM & Host shared drive

    Is there a technique to share a an ext4 drive between the host and a VM?
  10. F

    Truenas NFS to proxmox backup server

    mounted the share in fstab and did mount-a in truenas i configured an nfs share But everytime i go to add a datastore and add the absolute path to /mnt/ProxMoxSharea it will not back to it. Even though that path is mounted on the backup server.
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Problem with samba server in a container

    Hi everyone, I want to use Proxmox for my home server and first tried to setup a samba server in a container, just to get started. The Problem is that the samba server is not reachable. It is shown on the network, but I get an error when I try to connect. The container itself is online. I used...
  12. G

    VM Internal Disk (ATA) Errors (NFS Share disconnecting?)

    Hey everyone, I have some of my VM Disks on my Unraid NAS on a NFS share, connected via a 10Gbit link; Now, after some time, i started noticing ATA Errors coming up in my Nextcloud VM. It has 2 Disks, one for data and one for the OS. While the VM itself runs fine, the disk for the data...
  13. J

    Passthrough a ZFS dataset to LXC to create a Samba File share

    Hello, I am creating a SMB Server for my office. I have ZFS Pool which is shared by VMS and File share I am planning to deploy. I want to keep the proxmox as a hypervisor and not host SAMBA from it. The other option is LXC with turnkey file server which creates a single large file which is...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Help With Setting Up Storage For Access In LXCs and Networked Machines

    Hi everyone, new to Proxmox and Linux as a whole. Over the last week or so, I've been trying to setup my storage (among other things). While I've been largely successful at setting up the rest of my server, setting up my storage the way I want has been a huge challenge. What I want is: All 5...
  15. M

    unpriviledged container idmap

    Hey I downloaded the turnkey file-server, then bound mounted some zfs storage, I cannot write to the storage, (nobody,nogroup) I followed this guide: but it didn't work ! (I try to run sleep from the container and it get 101005 uid in...
  16. M

    Ideal containers count for a lot of services. Recommend me please CPU+RAM settings for containers!

    Hi everyone My hardware + software for work 0-24 all day as home server: CPU i7-4790K, 32GB RAM but if not needed all, I can use with only 16GB too. HDD: 2x 1TB HDD (Seagate Enterprise Capacity, ST1000NM0008) with software raid Latest Debian + software raid + latest Proxmox install, all works...
  17. A

    Unable to activate storage - cifs mount dies randomly

    Hello, I've been running into this issue recently where my cifs mount for "backup" randomly goes offline. The icon in the GUI has a question mark and I start seeing entries like this in the log: Oct 11 11:41:05 vmh01 pvestatd[1371]: unable to activate storage 'backup' - directory...
  18. A

    Cluster: Best storage type for VM Templates

    Hello all, I need to know what's the best solution for creating an storage for Nodes of a Cluster to access a shared storage for cloning Templates to get less network transfers. My Scenario is that I have a cluster with 4 nodes. every nodes need a place for storage VM Templates to upon...
  19. N

    [SOLVED] Kann NFS Share nicht mounten

    Hallo Zusammen Nach langem Suchen über Google und im Forum bin ich leider zu keinem Ergebnis gekommen. Ich habe auf einer Node einen NFS Server installiert und zwei Partitionen unter /mnt/backup und /mnt/isos für die Dementsprechenden Zwecke erstellt und Freigegeben. Die Shares werden auch...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] TASK ERROR: migration aborted

    2018-09-07 16:53:51 ERROR: migration aborted (duration 00:00:00): volume 'local:iso/Win10_Pro_1511_English_x64_july_2016.iso' does not exist TASK ERROR: migration aborted The ISO exist on the target node. The VMs were moved from node that went offline. HA was set up to that is normal. But I want...


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