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    lvm filter configured but multipath underlying device still in use

    Hi all, I have three server machines, each connected to a SAS array. One server has two paths, two servers only have one, as my DS3524 only has four SAS ports in total. I'd like to expand its setup in the future to support two paths from each machine, but for the time being I'm setting up each...
  2. G

    [TUTORIAL] MD3200SAS / Proxmox + OCFS2 (Not supported by the Proxmox Team)

    I have received an equipment that was decommissioned a few days ago and I wanted to test Proxmox. Equipment received: (4) R620 Dell Servers. (4) Broadcom / LSI SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 (1) MD3200 SAS (2 Controllers). The first thing I was to make the Proxmox detect the MD3200...
  3. U

    Configuration HBA SAS FlashSystem 5015

    hello gentlemen, I have an SR650 V2 server connected via 2x SAS/HBA cables to each node of an IBM FlashSystem 5015. I do all the storage configuration, making the volumes available to the host (SR650), but it is showing duplicate volumes: What configuration should I perform to recognize in...
  4. A

    SAS Multipath

    Hey evreryone! I was able to get guidance on getting my SAS disks to show up in Proxmox. I have two Dell R350s and a Dell EMC ME4012. Each R350 has two SAS cables connecting to controller A and B. When I look at the disks I see.. So the ME4 3.84 TB and 1.20TB disks show up twice. Same way...
  5. T

    Error creating zfs pool

    Hello, I'm trying to create a zfs zraid-2 with my 8 3TB SAS drives connected directly to my Supermicro X9DR3-LN4F+ Board. I get an Error: In sys log I see this: I can see the disks: but even if i try to init or wipe I get an error: Am I doing something wrong? on S.M.A.R.T. drives look ok...
  6. T

    HP ProLiant dL380 Gen8+9 and SAS Issues Extremly slow PVE 7.0-11

    I have here 2 HP Servers which have the same problems (3 more servers of dL380 with older PV which are working): * SATA and SSD HD are well working * SAS RAID is extremly slow. Backup recover with wmrestore from 30 GB HDD needs 5 hours. Gen8: Smart Array P420i on Gen9: Smart Array P840 ...
  7. F

    Ceph select specific OSD to form a Pool

    Hi there! i'm needing a little help. I have a Proxmox + Ceph cluster with 4 nodes, with the following HDDs in each node 2x 900GB SAS 15.000K 2X 300GB SAS 10.000K 2x 480GB SSD 2x 240GB SSD I need to make a Pool for each class and size of HD, the classes of the HDs know how to separate them, but I...
  8. I

    [SOLVED] ceph mix osd type ssd (sas,nvme(u2),nvme(pcie))

    I asked similar question around a year ago but i did not find it so ill ask it here again. Our system: proxmox cluster based on 6.3-2 10 node, ceph pool based on 24 osds sas3 (4 or 8 TB ) more will be added soon. (split across 3 nodes, 1 more node will be added this week ) we plan to add more...
  9. S

    New install onto a SAS dual path system

    Hello, I'm trying to install the latest PVE onto a host for which ALL disks are dual port SAS units. This system was formerly an Oracle Solaris box hosting ZFS. The dual ported SAS disks seem to confuse the installer. I try to make a raid1 array for the boot system (see images) but I get the...
  10. Y

    Is it possible to manually edit PVE->Disks->SMART settings

    I am hit by this problem: The disks are detected as `/dev/sd*` however SMART works through `/dev/sg*` Is there a way to tell proxmox to use `/dev/sg*` even by manually setting the mapping between devices?
  11. F

    Proxmox won't boot with SATA drives inserted via LSI SAS 3008 IT

    Hi all, Is there something I need to do to make this card work with Proxmox? I have just flashed the firmware on the SAS card to the latest (16.00.10). It's running in IT mode. At the moment, I have inserted 8x SATA drives and if I boot into the SAS configuration utility it sees all the drives...
  12. G

    tape device not seen on host

    Hi, Our proxmox 6.3-3 installation does not detect a qualstar Q24 tape library attached via SAS. According to lspci the controller card is detected and the st module is also loaded but I have no /dev/st* devices. dmesg does not show anything related to the tape drive. #lspci -v 04:00.0 Serial...
  13. I

    ceph qestion, sas3 and nvme on separate bucket

    currently i have one ceph poll consists of mix of sas3 ssds , (different models and sizes , but all in the same performance category ) i thinking of creating another bucket (i dont know if bucket is the right name for what i want to do ) currently we have the default (consists of sas3 ssds)...
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    [SOLVED] proxmox does not see some ssds

    i just added some ssds to grow our ceph, we bought two bulks of sas ssds KPM51RUG7T68 hp branded (works ,integrated into our ceph) ARFX7680S5xnNTRI MZ-ILT7T60 (link for ebay listing for same model) does not recognized, (cannot added to ceph) both connected to 3008lsi on it mode hdd is found...
  15. W

    HP MicroServer Gen8 LSI 9211 HBA Passthrough (Proxmox 6.2)

    Hello all, I’m new around here and new to Proxmox. Fantastic work by all those involved, keep it up! I have been scouring the Internet and in particular this forum and the Proxmox subreddit, but cannot find a definitive answer on how or if PCIe passthrough works on the HP Gen8 MicroServer. I...
  16. W

    Fragen zur Speicheranbindung (SAS)

    Liebe Leute, als Virtualiserungs-Neuling möchte ich gerne Eure Expertise einholen. Worum es geht: ich plane die Anschaffung einiger Hosts und eines Storage und möchte darauf eine Virtualisierungslösung mit Proxmox realisieren. Derzeit steht folgende Konfiguration im Raum: 3x ProLiant DL380...
  17. P

    SAS Controller

    I'm trying to migrate a windows virtual machine (from vmware) to Proxmox. I was able to run the virtual machine on a Virtualbox using a SAS Controller (otherwise I get a blue screen). But in proxmox I can't configure a SAS controller, only ide, sata or SCSI, none of them are working. Is there...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] One more time about Shared SAS Storage and cluster

    Hi, community! Please help me with SAS Storage on my Proxmox 5 Cluster. I have 4 nodes with Proxmox 5. On each node there is a HBA adapter linked with Dell MD3200 storage by one cord. Every node "can see" drive from storage like /dev/sda with correct size and etc. Next I configured cluster: -...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Empfehlung SAS oder SSD mit HBA

    Hallo Bezüglich meinem aktuellen Projekt sieht es nun so aus, dass ich noch über einen Raid Controller von LSI verfüge 9240-4i. Diesen würde ich mal versuchen in IT mode zu flashen und dann 4 HDD's anschliessen. Auf die 4 Platten kommen dann auch die VM's drauf. Parallel dazu hängen dann noch...


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