1. M

    Need Auto VM Restart When VM CPU Usage Show High

    Hello Proxmox Users, I have some VM with Windows server 2019. I shared low resources for some VM for my pailot Project. My VMs Sometime stucking for CPU Ugase 99%+ or 100% Now, I want to know if is there have anyway for Restart My VM Automatically if this VM CPU usage over 80%? Thanks and...
  2. V

    Proxmox host randomly crashes with message "error: unable to read tail (got 0 bytes)"

    I'm having an issue, where the system would randomly reboot itself and all it's container and the syslog isn't putting out something useful: May 12 12:57:05 pve1 systemd[1]: Started pve-container@1005.service - PVE LXC Container: 1005. May 12 12:57:05 pve1 kernel: EXT4-fs warning (device dm-10)...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Full VM restart to apply HW changes but automatically

    Is there a way to restart the VM automatically such that VM hardware changes get applied? I know there's a reset and reboot option, but both of these don't apply hardware changes. I have a router running as a VM, what I would like is to fully reboot a VM 'automatically' when applying...
  4. F

    Proxmox Booting into template created on Cluster after restart

    Hi everyone, Not sure if it's the way I created the template(more explanation below) or if it's the recent network change I made to my Proxmox cluster that brought everything crashing. A little bit about my setup, I have a server that runs the Proxmox VE with two 1GB ethernet ports. On the...
  5. C

    Server Randomly Rebooting

    Hi i have an cluster with 3 servers and the servers randomly reboot. All servers have 4 nvme ssds 2 with zfs 4 proxmox and 2 whith pcie passthourgh to an vm on every server that build an ceph cluster this is done becourse the ceph cluster is also used for kubernetes which also runs on the...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox restarting regularly since 7.3/7.4 upgrade

    Hi, I'm running the latest proxmox non-commercial distribution (7.4-3) after upgrading a few weeks ago from a 7.2-2 I had been running since June 2022. I had a few challenges doing the upgrade on my ASUS motherboard, having to disable C-states in the BIOS to even enable the machine to reliably...
  7. P

    Proxmox Mystery Random Reboots

    I've had a Proxmox install running rock solid for months and all of a sudden it's randomly rebooting. It can run for 5 minutes or 5 hours. The weird thing is, I've basically u sed up all of the collective posts on the subject and still can't track it down. I'm now at the point where I really...
  8. L

    Connection Error problem

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with my proxmox GUI connection. When I try to access inside the GUI I receive this message "Connection error - Sever offline?". I tried to restart my PC manually and nothing... I also tried to remove all browser history but nothing. How can I resolve this...
  9. T

    Proxmox Updates während laufender virtueller Maschinen

    Hallo Community, mir stellt sich die Frage, ob es ohne Probleme möglich ist, apt update sowie apt upgrade durchzuführen, auch wenn virtuelle Maschinen auf dem System laufen ohne, dass diese gestört werden? Wenn nun aber wirklich Packages bzgl. kvm aktualisiert werden müssen, während...
  10. U

    Random Server Reboot

    Hi All, New to the Proxmox/Homelabbing so bare with me as I try to provide details. Running Prox on a Dell 720XD - couple of VMs, containers, etc. Nothing crazy and things have been stable. Today - randomly, noticed that the game server I was on shutdown. I could not find anything Hardware...
  11. S

    How does restarting a deleted node break a cluster

    Hi, According to: It states the following: Important As mentioned above, it is critical to power off the node before removal, and make sure that it will not power on again (in the existing cluster network) with...
  12. P

    HA starts VM after proper shutdown

    Hi all, i have a 3 node cluster. In my HA section i created a group with all nodes and i added my VMs as resources (in this case VMID 200). If i shutdown the VMID 200 from console/ssh (using "shutdown -h now" or "poweroff") or using "shutdown" from PVE GUI, the VM goes down but after a second HA...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] Proxmox is not accessable with GUI.

    Good Morning Everyone, I'm having a problem with my proxmox here since few weeks and i all over the Google and didnt find anything about this issue, would be glad if anyeone can help. I have 1TB USB attached do my Server and there is a daily backup job running, before few weeks everything...
  14. K

    network interruption after debian network restart

    I have proxmox version 7.1.8. I'm having a problem with the proxmox host ie debian. I have created a subnet within Proxmox. this subnet is and it is connected to the main network as a bridge. When I enter the service networking restart command on Debian, the subnet is completely...
  15. DynFi User

    [SOLVED] Relaunching Ceph installation wizard in GUI

    I have noticed that the CEPH public / private network weren't properly created during the execution of the Ceph installation wizard. Unfortunately reloading the page killed the process and I can't seem to find a way to relaunch the Ceph installation wizard ? Any idea how I could do that, I'd...
  16. R

    Proxmox keeps on restarting

    Greetings. My proxmox 6 host keeps on restarting sporadically. I tried to search the contents from the log file over the internet without any success. Could someone please help me find out the reason behind it? I have attached the log file and would appreciate any pointer on it. Sorry for...
  17. B

    Constant restart

    Hi everyone! A few months ago I have installed Proxmox for the first time and I have to say it's my favourite Hypervisor :) Since I have installed it I'm digging in this forums for an answer on why it is always randomly restarting. Sometimes it restarts after 2 days, other times it lasts 5...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Correct way to restart a node without stopping containers or vm's

    Is there a correct way to restart a node (mostly for applying kernel updates)? I have about 20 virtual machines and containers that should not go down ever unless planned. So I have set the all as HA. When I shutdown a node, the VM's / LXC's shut down instead of migrating to the node next in...
  19. F

    proxmox reboot problems

    Hello, I have problems with proxmox, Random restarts and from these errors: Jan 20 09:38:30 pve kernel: ucsi_ccg 0-0008: failed to reset PPM! Jan 20 09:38:30 pve kernel: ucsi_ccg 0-0008: PPM init failed (-110) I can't understand how to fix it. my configuration is: Intel i9-9900k 32GB RAM...
  20. A

    Restart Query

    Whenever I start my Proxmox Server it ask me to press F1 to Continue and F2 to delete Is there any way to stop this or am I doing anything wrong or the installation went wrong?? Everything is working fine but this is the issue I'm facing everyday when I start my Server. Currently I'm using...


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